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Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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The Brand You 50 Summary

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The Brand You 50 SummaryFifty Ways to Transform Yourself from an ‘Employee’ into a Brand That Shouts Distinction, Commitment, and Passion!

Not many books share the versatility of “The Brand You 50”. This masterpiece offers Fifty Unique Ways or methods to transform your self-destructive Mindset.

The transition from an “Employee” Into A Brand is a difficult journey – Tom has the key solution to this challenge!

Who Should Read “The Brand You 50”? And Why?

Don’t neglect any details; people love to see a fact-filled presentation or any other proposal. Beat the underdog status and become the leading figure! Don’t impose any restrictions on yourself; this book will help you grow and develop as an individual.

Technology and the Internet are the most prominent external key-elements. The internal ones refer to your mindset, do you allow yourself to be happy? Given these points, we promote this beautiful book, and recommends it to all people across the world, because of the message it carries.  

About Tom Peters

Tom PetersTom Peters was born on November 7th, 1942 in Baltimore, Maryland. He is an American-born author, former marine, management consultant, etc. During his career, he wrote many books like: A Passion for Excellence (with Nancy Austin); In Search of Excellence, Thriving on Chaos, Design, The Pursuit of Wow!, Liberation Management and others.

“The Brand You 50 Summary”

Not so long ago, your daily routine was nothing more than a meaningless experience. Surrounded by an obscurity led to unconsciously creating a no-turning-back situation where you weren’t able to confront “the labor way”.

Working in a hostile environment without the ability to stand up, express your point of view and look over the top edge of your cubicle – is a sign that transformation must be an imperative.

Don’t bargain with your freedom and creativity, let those two drive you forward. Survival today, means no integrity tomorrow. In the hope of creating a society that will rather live than survive – Tom Peters wrote this book.

The host of any game creates the rules, why let someone else be in full command of your life? Govern your time and play the game your way. Conducting a change takes time, effort and courage but what do you have to lose?

From the early 80s, syndicate and other non-governmental organizations established a new set of employment rules. The players remained, but the “sport” evolved and continued in the same fashion until this day.

The pressure falls on the advance-technology, globalization and perhaps the biggest culprit – The Internet. Regardless of where you live, what is your status, financial capabilities, etc; the marketplace gives the same amount of opportunities to everyone. Motivated by the technological advancement many companies have exploited young minds to gain insights on how to improve their businesses.

For 99% of the people, this sounds like a pretty good deal, but that’s not the case with Tom. You don’t need to sell your ideas, nor knowledge; stand firm and establish an enduring career in any industry. Futurologists predict that by the end of this 2030s, the vast majority of today’s jobs will suffer massive changes, adopting an inflexible attitude is like signing a “financial death sentence”.

Tom Peters unselfishly shares a set of methods or strategies that will put “the conventional you” in retirement. He strikes again guided by a segment of his trilogy which uncovers the changing nature of work. It’s more than a to-do-list, its smooth flow and easy-readability don’t obstruct the expression of the main point that reveals the globalization insecurity and workplace instability.

As an illustration, the author presents fifty ways to confront these phenomena. This requires more than just reading or scanning, interpreting the situation is a necessity followed by fully committing to the transformation.

Move forward amicably, let your heart absorb the material, let your mind motivate itself, and you be the one pulling strings. Roughly, all it takes is a one-on-one war on boredom, you versus everything that stops you from becoming the next Brand.

The 50 interrelated concepts convey a unique value; each examines the impact that external and internal factors have on your self-esteem.

Before you know it, you’ll turn 40,50 years old, without making it on your own. No one underestimates your reputation or professional skills but challenges your happiness in the workplace. The elimination of White-collar jobs it’s a process without brakes because globalization impacts every aspect of our lives.

To avoid scams and job insecurity, a person needs to overcome the need for being dependent. Independence doesn’t often refer to having a lot of money; it’s more like a sign of your life-control. Nonetheless, GetNugget tirelessly stimulates qualified workers and associates to seek for a job that matches their skills.

Exploiting your full potential must be your no.1 priority. Fortunately, you have plenty of chances to confront the risk-aversiveness. Underperformers share their views about their achievement, according to them, the lack of quality they produce is a result of depression.

Key Lessons from “The Brand You 50”

1.      Start promoting yourself now
2.      Create value, using what the world provides you
3.      See the visible signs of failure

Start promoting yourself now

Use several measurement techniques to evaluate your personal brand success. Start by – assessing your abilities and environment possibilities.

People need to have at least basic understanding of your services, so the next step should be to create a small ad which will reflect the passion of the business.

Create value, using what the world provides you

The world gives you the tools to create value, don’t complain and sing a different tune.

According to many business experts, the ability to cope with uncertainties represents the difference between success and failure.

See the visible signs of failure

Corporate leaders often neglect these unproductive symptoms and do nothing about them.

That aside, you as a separate individual should boldly resist the idea of being “captured” by the company. If you ever encounter such a situation, act wisely and confront these occurrences.

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“The Brand You 50” Quotes

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Our Critical Review

According to many experts, marketing is taking the leading role in company’s success. In our opinion “The Brand You 50” is designed to convert even the greatest skeptics into motivational leaders.

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