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Spiritual Growth Summary – Sanaya Roman

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Spiritual Growth PDFBeing Your Higher Self

Have you ever felt that you’re not living up to your potential?

It’s time to release it!

Sanaya Roman’s “Spiritual Growth” offers many tips on how you can become your higher self.

And, thus, a more mature, more joyful, and more alive person!

Who Should Read “Spiritual Growth”? And Why?

“Spiritual Growth” – as its blurb claims – is written in the tradition of the great spiritual masterpieces of the ancient world.

In other words, it’s a book which explores timeless problems and tries to reach enduring conclusions.

It’s also practical, since it includes a series of meditations which can help you reach a higher state of your existences.

So, if you are into meditation and yoga, New Age spiritualism and religion in general – read “Spiritual Growth” and see how much it succeeds in realizing its objective.

Sanaya RomanAbout Sanaya Roman

Sanaya Roman considers herself merely a medium for Orin, “a wise and gentle spirit teacher” she has been channeling for many years.

Through Sanaya, Orin has created over 200 audio lessons, and written four books: “Spiritual Growth,” “Living With Joy,” “Personal Power Through Awareness,” and “Soul Love.”

Orin has also co-authored with DuBen (a spirit supposedly channeled through Duane Parker) two more books: “Creating Money,” and “Opening to Channel.”

The books have sold almost 3 million copies worldwide and have been so far translated into no less than 24 languages.

Visit https://www.orindaben.com for more information.

“Spiritual Growth PDF Summary”

“Spiritual Growth” is the third book in Sanaya Roman’s/Orin’s “Earth Life” series – and, quite possibly, the most famous of the six.

It’s, more or less, an entirely practical book, since it’s basically a list of teachings and techniques whose aim is to help you reach a higher self in your everyday life, in addition to aiding you while you create a vision of your higher future purpose.

The book is divided into three parts, each of which contains seven chapters.

(The last time !)

Part 1: Reaching Upward

The goal of the first part of “Spiritual Growth” is to teach you how you can move from your self to the Self of the Universe.

The basic premise is that you are not just the person living inside of your body.

You are much more than that.

And you can have everything you want.

Every time you use your imagination you are breaking the shackles of your limited being, letting go the ghost entrapped in the shell of your body and your senses.

The more expansive your imagination, the more expansive the future reality you can create for yourself.



You can transcend your present by connecting with the Universal Mind and by linking your inner self with the higher will of the Universe and the plan of humanity’s evolution.

Thus, you’ll open yourself to the miracles of the universe, and even learn to create some miracles yourself – out of pure light!

Don’t accept your current circumstances as the best you’ll ever have. Don’t believe people when they tell you something is impossible to create. When you know how to create with energy and light anything is possible.

Part 2: Opening Inward

You are a creature of energy much more than you are a creature of muscles and bodily fluids.

Open your heart chakra and increase your vibratory rate, so that you can both give and receive more energy from the higher planes of existence.

That way, you’ll be able to easily accept all changes – good and bad – and experience peace at all times.

People who have aligned their emotions with their souls are capable of meeting both heartbreaks and joys with the same calmness.

Because they’ve learned that in order to feel good, they have to allow themselves to feel that way:

People who have abundance, loving relationships, and happiness are not more deserving or better than you. They simply allow more good things into their life.

Some of them are even capable of changing the frequencies and experience their existence in some parallel universe.

You can choose your own reality if you want to.

You just have to be open-minded.

Part 3: Expanding Outward

Finally, once you open to your innermost being and find none other than God there, you’ll experience something you’ve never thought possible before.

Namely, you’ll see the world as it is – a stream of energies of love and kindness – and not as we are condemned to see it – a material heap of mass and chaos breeding sorrow and pain.

Once you do this, you’ll be able to attract only those things which will serve a higher good.

And even become transparent – so that bad energy can merely pass through you as if you’re non-existent.

Key Lessons from “Spiritual Growth”

1.      Reach Upward: Unite with the Universe
2.      Open Inward: Connect with Yourself
3.      Expand Outward: Become More Than You Are

Reach Upward: Unite with the Universe

No matter how solitary you feel on this planet, you are actually never alone.

You are part of an energetic field, a thought in the Universal Mind.

And you think of yourself as an individual, a being separated from the Universe, only because of your own ego and the artificial limitations you set for yourself.

Stop doing that!

Connect with the Universal Mind and see the bigger picture!

Thoughts can move mountains – literally!

The only thing you should do is learn how to think – and how to set yourself a goal which the Universe will conspire in helping you achieve it.

Open Inward: Connect with Yourself

The Universe is perfect.

Even the bad things which happen to you – happen for a reason, for a higher good.

If you open inward and connect with yourself, you’ll be able to calm your emotions and finally realize that you are not thrown within a reality – you can actually choose the one you want to.

Allow yourself to be happy – and, you’ll see, you will be.

Expand Outward: Become More Than You Are

Learn how to expand your spirit outward and burst through the confines of your body.

It – and basically everything you perceive with your senses – is an illusion, a veil behind which all things are connected and you are much more than the person currently reading this sentence.

If so, why should you act as if some things affect you, and others don’t?

You are all – and everything is you.

Stop taking things personally – in fact, stop taking all things personally – because you are a part of a much larger being.

And you are perfect.

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“Spiritual Growth Quotes”

Imagine you already have whatever you want and thank your higher self in advance for bringing it to you. Click To Tweet

The only differences between people who think they are creative and people who think they are not are their beliefs about their creativity. Start telling yourself that you are a creative person. Click To Tweet

Take time to daydream, fantasize, relax, and think about what you want to create. Practice thinking in new, unlimited ways. Click To Tweet

Light is not yet distributed evenly over the planet; it is coming most strongly to those places you call ‘power spots’. Click To Tweet

The most important aspect of these new energies is the opportunity they offer for joy, growth, and aliveness. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Just like “A Course in Miracles,” “Spiritual Growth” purports to be written by someone who is not actually from this world – a spirit-teacher called Orin.

There are, usually, two ways to look at books of this kind: either dismiss them as an oddity or take them very seriously and start idolizing every word within them.

We recommend a third one: read them as works of fiction which may help you adopt a completely different outlook on your life and living in general.

If they don’t – then it’s all but irrelevant who wrote them: evidently, God doesn’t speak all languages. If they do – well, once again, it’s beside the point to talk about the author: obviously, the objective was reached even without the supernatural element.

We sincerely believe that people may profit profoundly if they reading religious books this very same way.

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