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The Advantage Summary – Available in PDF

The Advantage SummaryWhy Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business

“The Advantage” takes an in-depth look at the reasons for the problems organizations face, and paves the path to a healthy corporate culture with useful and workable advice.

About Patrick Lencioni

Patrick LencioniPatrick Lencioni is a bestselling author and president of The Table Group consultancy.

“The Advantage Summary”

Most managers and company executives are stuck in their comfort zones, and constantly work on “strategy, marketing, finance, and technology.”

However, they forget one important thing: all of these areas are of no importance when an organization is unhealthy.

The problem with organizational health that leaders have is that its benefits are very hard to quantify, so it is much easier for them to focus on measurable results.

Not to mention that to “cure” your company you will need to go through a lot of uncomfortable interactions and no one wants to deal with emotions.

However, no matter how solid the company’s strategy is, it cannot make up for unhealthy corporate culture.

The difference between healthy and unhealthy companies is that the latter find it hard to respond to opportunities and recover from mistakes and issues. Healthy companies, on the other hand, grow and improve and capitalize on the expertise of their staff.

So, what are the disciplines that healthy firms practice?

Discipline 1: “Build a Cohesive Leadership Team”

By definition, a leadership team is a ”small group of people who are collectively responsible for achieving a common objective for their organization.”

The word “team” is used all the time, so maybe you feel that it has little meaning, but you cannot underestimate the importance of teamwork. Teams are stronger than their members individually are – since they combine all their solo abilities in a cohesive circle.

Discipline 2: “Create Clarity”

Confusion and misdirection can be prevented, if employees know not only where the company is headed but also what they have to do to take it there.

Discipline 3: “Overcommunicate Clarity”

Clarification of the organizational goals and values is not enough.

People fully understand information when they hear it more times, from different sources. So, communicate the messages you wish your employees to comprehend repeatedly.

Discipline 4: “Reinforce Clarity”

Practice what you preach and incorporate the organization’s values and objectives into every aspect of your company’s operations and processes.

The easiest way to start reinforcing them is using them with hiring and orientation and expanding from there.

Key Lessons from “The Advantage PDF”

1.      Behavioral Principles which are Fundamental to Effective Teamwork
2.      Six Questions Leaders Need to Answer to Spur Cooperative Action
3.      Four Types of Meeting Vital for Maintaining Progress in the Right Direction

Behavioral Principles which are Fundamental to Effective Teamwork

    • “Building trust.”
    • “Mastering conflict.”
    • “Achieving commitment.”
    • “Embracing accountability.”
  • “Focusing on results.”

Six Questions Leaders Need to Answer to Spur Cooperative Action

    • “Why do we exist?”
    • “How do we behave?”
    • “What do we do?”
    • “How will we succeed?”
    • “What is most important, right now?”
  • “Who must do what?”

Four Types of Meeting Vital for Maintaining Progress in the Right Direction

    • “Daily check-in.”
    • “Weekly staff meetings.”
    • “Ad hoc topic meetings.”
  • “Quarterly reviews.”

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“The Advantage Quotes”

If people don’t weigh in, they can’t buy in. Click To Tweet The fear of conflict is almost always a sign of problems. Click To Tweet When there is trust, conflict becomes nothing but the pursuit of truth, an attempt to find the best possible answer. Click To Tweet Executives must put the needs of the higher team ahead of the needs of their departments. Click To Tweet No one on a cohesive team can say, Well, I did my job. Our failure isn’t my fault. Click To Tweet

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