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The Rules of Work Summary

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The Rules of Work SummaryLearn “The Rules of Work” and use them to your advantage.

About Richard Templar

Richard TemplarRichard Templar is an author that writes non-fiction books on business topics.

“The Rules of Work Summary”

There are rules in every organization, in every workplace.

People who follow the rules, and play the game to gain advantage are called Rule Players.

If you want to be a rule player yourself, do not worry – the rules are easy to learn and easy to follow. Below we will give you a quick overview of them.

  • “Walk Your Talk”

Do your job well. This is the first and the essential rule because if you are not doing a good job, following the other rules will do nothing for you.

If you want to get ahead, you need to find a way to do a better job – and be noticed.

Show initiative (just don’t overdo it) and give ideas that you are sure that would work. Keep learning and growing.

  • “Know that You’re Being Judged at All Times”

Be prepared for it. People judge the way others dress, the cars others drive, how others talk and behave, etc.

So, if you accept that judgments are inescapable, you can work on yourself to create a positive judgment from the environment.


  • “Dress well.”
  • “No limp fish: develop the perfect handshake.”
  • “Exude confidence and energy.”
  • “Develop a style that gets noticed.”
  • “Have a Plan”

If you do not know where you are going, you will stray.

Rule Players know their path to their success. How can you plot it?

  • “Know what you want a long term.”
  • “Study the promotion system.”
  • “Identify key times and events.”
  • “Look for opportunities.”
  • “If You Cannot Say Anything Nice – Shut Up”
  • “Don’t gossip.”
  • “Don’t bitch.”
  • “Compliment people sincerely.”
  • “Don’t curse”
  • “Only speak sensitively”
  • “Look After Yourself”

As you get closer to your success, you will notice that others may start to envy you.

Protect yourself from negative influences. Keep your values and ethical standards high.

  • “Blend In”

Blending in does not mean following the crowd. It means standing out while fitting in in the environment.

  • “Act One Step Ahead”

As we said, fitting in does not mean that you do not need to stand out. Leaders are different from the ordinary.

  • Know The System

Get to know your company’s systems and processes, and take advantage of that knowledge. Identify which actions are part of your company’s culture and who are the people who really count.

That way, you will know how to stand out, and who should notice you.

Key Lessons from “The Rules of Work”

1.      The Secret to Becoming a Good Worker
2.      How to Fit In
3.      How to Stand Out

The Secret to Becoming a Good Worker

    • “Never stand still.”
    • Engage in constant “secret learning.”
    • “Carve out a niche for yourself.”
    • “Enjoy what you are doing.”
  • “Never let anyone know how hard you work.”

How to Fit In

    • Learn your organization’s values
    • Use industry jargon
    • Learn when executives and managers “hang out.”
    • Learn and follow your company’s protocols
    • Never disapprove or speak ill of a colleague
  • Understand your company’s hierarchy

How to Stand Out

    • “Dress one step ahead.”
    • “Talk one step ahead.”
    • “Walk the walk.”
    • “Get people to assume you already made the step.”
  • “Cultivate diplomacy.”

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“The Rules of Work” Quotes

Efficiency is doing the job right, effectiveness is doing the right job. Click To Tweet These rules are simple and effective, safe and practical. They are your 100 steps to building confidence and creating a new and more powerful you. Click To Tweet Make each day as conscientious as an interview day. Click To Tweet You can say what you want when you get home, or in the car on your own. But at work you don’t curse. Click To Tweet You may choose what job you want. Now you can choose to dress like that job. Then you will get that job. Click To Tweet

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