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The Charisma Myth PDF

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The Charisma Myth PDFHow Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

Aristotle claimed – and many modern politicians are fully aware of it – that what you say is much less important than who you are. In other words, if you’re charismatic enough, you can probably get away with everything.

Olivia Fox Cabane is here to teach you all about “The Charisma Myth.”

About Olivia Fox Cabane

Olivia Fox CabaneOlivia Fox Cabane is a French-American author. She is a regular columnist for “Fast Company” and has previously written for both “Forbes” and “The Huffington Post”. Cabane was the youngest person in history to have been appointed Foreign Trade Advisor to the French Government.

She has authored, with Judah Pollack, one more book, “The Net and the Butterfly.”

“The Charisma Myth Summary”

Let’s face it: charisma matters!

So much, in fact, that It’s almost frightening to think about it! Just take people such as Ted Bundy into consideration: he was able to use his charisma to woo more than 30 women to death. And, even so, women still asked him to marry them while he was on trial!

But, then again, everything has a dark side. The point is how to use the power of charisma for your own benefit.

Obviously, before anything else, you have to understand what it is.

And according to Olivia Fox Cabane and her bestselling book “The Charisma Myth”, charisma is a mixture of three components: presence, power, and warmth. And it’s not something you’re born with – but something you can learn it.

Even though many people think that the opposite is true, it’s pretty easy to disprove a theory of innate charisma. For one thing, even the most charismatic people aren’t charismatic 24/7! So, obviously, they are doing something which makes them charismatic at will.

Take Marylin Monroe, for example.

Once she was able to ride the subway without people noticing her. And the moment she went out on the streets – everybody was once again amazed by her.

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