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The Code of the Extraordinary Mind Summary

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The Code of the Extraordinary Mind Summary10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed on Your Own Terms

If you’re not winning in life – you’re probably living in accordance with the wrong rules. Vishen Lakhiani claims that he has developed the ultimate cheat sheet.

Or, in other words: “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.”

About Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen LakhianiVishen Lakhiani is a Malaysian-born entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author. He is the founder of three successful companies, Blinklist, Dealmates, and Mindvalley, a learning company with more than half a million students worldwide.

“The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” is Lakhiani’s only book so far. More at http://www.vishenlakhiani.com/.

“The Code of the Extraordinary Mind Summary”

As stated in the subtitle of Vishen Lakhiani’s book, the code of the extraordinary mind is, in fact, a set of 10 unconventional laws; which, of course, if followed, can redefine your whole life.

It all starts with understanding where you are. Or, as Lakhiani would say, understanding your culturescape. The culturescape is what Freud would call your superego: the rules and the norms which shape how you should act and feel.

So, law #1: transcend the culturescape!

Understand which of the truths you’ve been thought are absolute – because most of those you know are relative. And can be changed.

Which brings us to the second law: question the brules!

A brule is, basically, a BS-rule. The four main examples: the college brule (i.e. “have good grades and you’ll succeed”), be loyal to your culture brule (i.e. “marry within your ethnicity”), be loyal to your religion (“be pious”) and the hard work brule (“work from 9 to 5 and you’ll succeed”)

Lakhiani has broken all of these rules and has succeeded.

Hence: brules.

The second part of “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” is the Awakening process. And it consists of three laws.

Law #3: Practice Consciousness Engineering.

It’s as simple as this: you’re probably using Windows 7 or 10 right now on at least i3 Intel processor, aren’t you? Well, update your beliefs and habits the same way you update your computer hardware and software!

Next, law #4: rewrite your models of reality.

Or, in other words, rewrite the book on self-confidence. Replace those beliefs which disempower you and start thinking positively.

Law #5: upgrade your systems for living.

Systems for living is, basically, another word for habits and daily routines. High performers know which habits are the best for them – and work to master them.

Now, you’re ready for the third phase: recoding yourself. This one consists of three laws once again.

The sixth law is bend reality.

And the idea behind it is that you’re living in the now, while working for the future. People are usually unhappy because they confuse the present and the future. Don’t ever do that: you have more than you think already, even as you’re reading this sentence!

Law #7: live in blissipline.

Blissipline is short for “discipline of bliss.” And it is something you can achieve via three simple steps: gratitude, forgiveness, and giving.

Law #8: create a vision for your future.

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s only by having a vision for the future that you can actually understand what you are supposed to do in the present. And its creation starts with three simple questions: “1. What experiences do you want to have in this lifetime?” “2. How do you want to grow?” and “3. How do you want to contribute?”

Now, you’re ready for the four and final step: becoming extraordinary! And to do that, you need to practice the two final laws.

Law #9: be unfuckwithable.

Lakhiani’s definition of his word: “When you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself. Nothing anyone says or does bothers you and no negativity can touch you.” And you can get to this place by establishing self-fueled goals and realizing that you are enough.

The final law is “embrace your quest.”

And we believe that that’s self-evident.

Key Lessons from “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind”

1.      Transcend the Culturescape You’re Born Into
2.      Awake to Your Inner Power and Recode Yourself
3.      Become Extraordinary

Transcend the Culturescape You’re Born Into

The culturescape is the set of norms and beliefs you’re born and raised with. Most of them are not true at all. In fact, most of them are brules, i.e. BS-rules.

In other words: you don’t need to get good grades in college to succeed. And it’s even better if you marry outside your ethnicity. Religion is not essential; if you need it – you can choose it. Finally – if you work hard, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Awake to Your Inner Power and Recode Yourself

The Awakening starts with consciousness engineering. Or, in other words, updating your norms to the current state of affairs. Then, you need to rewrite your models of reality (your beliefs) and upgrade your systems of living (your habits).

Now, you’re prepared for a recoding. First, bend reality by living in the present and working for the future – instead of vice versa. Then, develop the bliss discipline – or the blissipline. Finally, create a vision for the future which makes sense of your present.

Become Extraordinary

In order to be extraordinary, you need to adhere to two simple laws: “to be unfuckwithable” and “to embrace your quest”. The former is about getting rid of your fears and anxieties through self-fueled goals. And the latter – about knowing where you’re going from the start.

And enjoying the journey throughout its full length.

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“The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” Quotes

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Click To Tweet If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking. (Via Buckminster Fuller) Click To Tweet Have big goals—but don’t tie your happiness to your goals. You must be happy before you attain them. Click To Tweet Let’s celebrate our extraordinary ability to evolve emotionally, mentally, spiritually throughout life, taking on new ideas, thoughts, philosophies, and ways of being and living. Click To Tweet Your beliefs can influence both you and the people around you. What you expect, you get. Click To Tweet

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