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Breakfast with Socrates Summary

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Breakfast with Socrates SummaryThe Philosophy of Everyday Life

Philosophy has no beginnings and no endings.

It started even before we were aware of it, and continues to provide guidance for the people.

We briefly present the ideas of the greatest philosophers and give you something to think about.

Who Should Read “Breakfast with Socrates”? And Why?

As soon as we started living in groups, we began our process of evolution. Some prominent figures stood up and shared their ideas to set right what’s was evidently wrong.

Breakfast with Socrates” is an inspiring, and informative book, that is convenient for all open-minded persons.

About Robert Rowland Smith

Robert Rowland SmithRobert Rowland Smith is a valuable member of the Independent and London Evening Standard and an ex-Oxford Philosophy Fellow.

Smith is a philosophy enthusiast that currently lives in London and lectures ordinary people to apply modern-philosophical concepts in everyday situations.

“Breakfast with Socrates Summary”

Philosophy covers a wide range of ideas such as: How to find my place in this world? Am I a good parent and so forth. The out-of-box thinking mentality shaped our society and brought wisdom into an ignorant world.

Unlike other scientific branches, philosophy is not based on facts, and the one amazed by it will find strength and happiness – from unreliable abstract energies. Surely, first, you have to develop an open perspective and be eager to look for big questions that will satisfy your appetite for knowledge.

Once you become a part of the new consciousness, your inner-self will start reflecting wisdom and real knowledge.

Clearly, understanding consciousness is not a straightforward matter and requires something extraordinary on your part.

How can a person be absolutely confident in its methods? – To know whether you are still sleeping or not, all you have to do is analyze the life force moving through you.

Dreamers have an intention, to twist reality in order to make it more suitable for their mental circle. Awaken individuals see the world as it is; transcending tranquility and peace.

In the 17th century, a renowned French philosopher known by the name of René Descartes was restless, in terms of seeking out new mysteries and digging for more in-depth wisdom.

His intentions were pure, and he didn’t rely on facts, instead – doubts were his starting point for every theory.

Sigmund Freud appeared on the grand stage at the beginning of the 20th century. As a neurologist expert, he was ahead of its time, conducting psychoanalysis, as a method of studying the depths of the human brain.

Based on his findings, Freud asserted that an average human brain is composed of different forces, which struggle for supremacy.

The ego is a reflex “organ” that is mainly concerned with the superficial assets of human life. Living life in a routine, best describes its influence.

The world is a demanding place, and sometimes we are on pins and needles trying to satisfy others. If you can recall such behavior, then you have a good understanding of the next layer called Superego.

Showing appreciation, speaking with kindness, or following some basic behavior rules, represent this segment.

Freud described our morning routine as an illustration of the struggle between these two.

Nietzsche despised the collective mindset and stimulated free ideas that will improve anyone’s rank and lead you to self-satisfaction.

His fellow philosopher and Karl Marx later materialized and remodeled these insights to inflict a new meaning to the word.

Marx’s ideas were put to the test in some states in the 20th century.

Karl Marx had a counterpart on the other end. While he believed that the system is designed so that wealthier will increase their wealth, Weber implied that – We all have equal chances of gaining capital, it’s just a matter of will-power and sacrifice.  

To drive this point one step further, Weber used a phrase: Work both hard and simple, and sooner or later you will become rich and earn your respect.

People’s habit of passing judgment based on gender is not entirely eradicated.

Trying to establish and forge healthy relationship is complicated if you persistently continue to attribute some of the misunderstandings to maleness and femaleness.

If you take men to be angry and dominant, and women emotional and explosive, then you need proper schooling. You have to abandon such shallow thinking if you have an intention to grow.

Why is it so difficult for us to treat one another with respect? Perhaps, there is still some societal stigma attached, but that’s no valid excuse.

French feminists started this movement, asking more openness, openness, tolerance, and empathy among partners.

Key Lessons from “Breakfast with Socrates

1.      Buddhist’s secret to calmness
2.      Karl Marx’s intentions
3.      German philosophy

Buddhist’s secret to calmness

After a long day and exhausting day, who wouldn’t want a bath? In fact, you can improve the atmosphere by adding candles, flowers, and a little bit of instrumental music. That’s pretty much everyone’s perfect ending.

Buddhist ideology has nothing to do with momentary relaxation. The real efforts are pointed at achieving real peace that doesn’t go away – depending on the situation.

Karl Marx’s intentions

After years of observation and collecting of evidence, Marx ultimately formed a judgment – that an average worker has little choice but to remain poor.

His words were not well-received by the elite, however, he later even declared that the oppressed workforce is nothing shorter than a modern-slavery system.

German philosophy

Your current status act as an indicator of your importance in the society or does it? A German philosopher known for its contradictory views remained sober and critical throughout its life.

The 19th-century theorist, Friedrich Nietzsche challenged the community with several mind-blowing questions “What if I had a chance to give this life another turn? – Is this life worth living”?

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“Breakfast with Socrates” Quotes

Let's remember you can still go shopping without buying, because where buying is a matter of need, shopping is a question of want. Click To Tweet Given that Socrates was effectively assassinated by poison, you might think twice before accepting his invitation to breakfast. Click To Tweet Let’s remember you can still go shopping without buying, because where buying is a matter of need, shopping is a question of want. Click To Tweet Where cleverness satisfies itself with winning arguments in the abstract, wisdom is a practical art, aimed at making deft judgments in the midst of everyday complications. Click To Tweet There is a holiness in rest. Why? Only rest affords the time for contemplation. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Yet again, we are facing a crossroad.

Don’t panic; philosophy doesn’t give you hard facts to hold on to, instead – it offers a new set of appropriate solutions that are odd to many people.

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