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The Happiness Project Summary

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The Happiness Project pdfOr, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have Mor…

What more can be said, except that happiness is something that we all have set our eyes on.

In this amazing classic, you’ll get introduced to practical techniques that will undoubtedly provoke a reaction from within and hopefully lead to a change.

Who Should Read “The Happiness Project”? And Why?

Every once in a while, we are left in the dirt and pushed down, without any rope in hand to pull us back in.  

The Happiness Project” understands your sufferings and aspirations that are usually not on the same wavelength and gives you a tested blueprint that will help you reach the sky.

As such, it has no limitations, and it is advisable to all people from divergent backgrounds.

About Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen RubinGretchen Rubin is a renowned blogger, who intended to become a lawyer.

Over the years, she wrote the biographies of Sir. Winston Churchill, and John F. Kennedy.

“The Happiness Project PDF Summary”

Ever since we became aware of our existence, the humankind started questioning the universe and the purpose of life. Happiness is still not “regulated,” and the Greek philosophers tackled its impact with an intention in mind to find higher meaning.

The real question is – How to find it?

With no time to spare, Gretchen Rubin conducted in-depth research and consolidated various tips, insights, and ideas from renowned and hailed philosophers.

Intellectuals often neglect happiness, as merely a temporary “thing,” which has no real value and effect.

Many would disagree that happiness and luck are not concepts that we should take into account.

However, if you prefer to create a mix of elements which improve or reduce the quality of life, you need to adopt a broader approach and face many obstacles.

In reality, people cling to success only if the circumstances work in their favor. Being happy is still a never-ending process that varies on a case-to-case basis.

Gretchen Rubin used her expertise, and personal experience to develop a formula, which can measure success on all levels.

In no time, Rubin outlined all those factors that soured her mood and implemented a resolution in order to keep calm and focus on important things.

Embracing the “Do It Now” mentality will give you satisfaction and amusement, regardless of other irrelevant factors.

This positive vibe can only be accepted by those who understand the destructive power of procrastination.

Don’t make excuses and erase those tasks that are causing a troubled mind. Just get them out of the way, so that new energy can rise to the surface. In the end, Rubin came to a conclusion that each step brings you closer to happiness or vice versa.

The path you take depends on your mindset and the formula by which you fulfill the personal and professional assignments on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s move inland, and find out what are the fundamental factors, when it comes to self-satisfaction.

First things first, if there’s negative energy arising from your actions, you’ll never reach the desired destination.

Physical and mental endurance must take the initiative, regarding happiness. Wait for the right attitude to kick in, and you’ll be marching towards certain victory.

Rubin discover various facts that are presented in a nutshell – For instance, happier people have better relationships and more harmonious relations with other figures.

Their success from within radiates new energy and spirit which generates trust at the workplace and among the business partners.

Rubin’s vision was linked to the discovery of marital harmony and happiness based on various insights deriving from successful marriages.

She, on numerous occasions, declared that freedom of choice is vital for keeping the rhythm and maintaining a good dialogue between the two parties.

Don’t advocate for changing your partner and accept his/her will and beliefs.

Many adults argue that not having a child can become the main threat to happiness. Nevertheless, even though they play a huge role in our lives, we must rekindle the childish moments within us, in order to fully foster their creativity and peacefulness.

Getting along with your kids can give you the edge even in your professional endeavors, so don’t neglect this strategy too quickly.

Happy on the inside, productive on the outside – a simple, yet highly effective formula.

What’s more vital?

We cannot go without friendship, and social links will not only build trust but also improve the quality of your life.

Having fun and sharing your thoughts with others, is proven to be a stress-relief approach that is bearing fruits.

It’s been said that happiness is in the little things and it sure is. When pursuing a goal, make sure to stay awake and enjoy every little bit of it.

Don’t wait the final resolution, because that way you’ll miss everything that unfolds spontaneously.

In truth, “fun” can be interpreted in millions of unique ways, so clinging to one method is not advisable.

Make sure to stay open and adopt a guilty-free attitude towards life and enjoy your hobbies while you are making your way to the top.

Key Lessons from “The Happiness Project

1.      New plans, new hopes
2.      Think about your friends and family
3.      Design a strategy that works for you

New plans, new hopes

Setting sight on a new goal is a critical and everlasting process, and one of the few reliable factors of happiness.

However, don’t get carried away by its significance, instead, having fun while you are on the right track is the ticket to long-term prosperity and inner blissfulness.

Think about your friends and family

Even though we hate to admit, we often forget about the importance of spending quality time with our friends and family due to self-made reasons.

Rubin as a former “member” of the club, shares valuable insights and thus causes a mind-shift, to promote a socially filled life.

Design a strategy that works for you

As simple as that, Rubin came to an understanding that emotional outbursts and momentary reactions are normal.

Being happy has nothing to do with volatile mood swings, but with the long-term strategy you live by.

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“The Happiness Project” Quotes

One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself. Click To Tweet It's about living in the moment and appreciating the smallest things. Surrounding yourself with the things that inspire you and letting go of the obsessions that want to take over your mind. It is a daily struggle sometimes and hard work… Click To Tweet When I thought about why I was sometimes reluctant to push myself, I realized that it was because I was afraid of failure - but in order to have more success, I needed to be willing to accept more failure. Click To Tweet Studies show that aggressively expressing anger doesn't relieve anger but amplifies it. On the other hand, not expressing anger often allows it to disappear without leaving ugly traces. Click To Tweet There are no do overs and some things just aren't going to happen. It is a little sad but you just have to embrace what is. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

We all need a pat on the shoulder when things get rough.  

This book serves a higher purpose and tries to evoke a response from the audience especially in stressful situations.

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