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Mindsight Summary

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Mindsight SummaryThe New Science of Personal Transformation

Traumas experienced during childhood can last forever.

So, what can we do to feel more at ease?

“Mindsight” has the answer.

Who Should Read “Mindsight” and Why?

“Mindsight” explains the readers the connections between our brains and bodies, and the way past experiences affect present behavior.

We recommend it to everyone who wants to feel more connected to their true self: young people who are going through the phase of self-discovery, adults who cannot find an explanation to their feisty temper, as well as those who would like to improve their relationships, by becoming more receptive.

About Daniel Siegel

Daniel SiegelDr. Daniel Siegel is an author, a writer of many scientific articles and a contributor to several books. He holds a medical degree from Harvard University and teaches psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine.

“Mindsight Summary”

Life is not easy.

And people who allow their emotions to rule their actions, make their lives even harder for themselves.

Many people, after experiencing traumatic events, have a problem finding their place back in society or finding their way back to their true selves.

Past events can haunt us until old age, affecting our perception of the world and our mental health.

Fortunately, there is a cure.

Mindsight is a set of psychological steps we can take to comprehend and mold our inner selves, the way it would be best for our wellbeing. It helps people understand the link between their minds and bodies, and learn how to control their emotions.

Meditation is an example of practicing mindsight since it makes us aware of our thoughts and breathing.

However, mindsight is much more than just a meditation you can do when you have the time to be alone and reflect. Instead, it is a tool that will help you deal with things when they get overwhelming.

How does it work?

Well, imagine that big crowds make you nervous and irritated: you cannot stand all that yelling, pushing around and people not minding where they stand or walk.

However, you have to understand that it is not the crowds that give you this feeling – it is your increased heart rate.

If you do, then you will have the power to focus on your heart rate and gain control over your emotions.

Mindsight makes us become better people and react in a way that leads to better resolutions. It helps us get into the shoes of others and see the world through their eyes.

Mindsight does not mean that you will suddenly be rigorously be following some new “routine.”

Mindsight is all about balance and harmony – it is urging you to find your personal level of harmony. When you find your stable core, you will be able to stay true to your own values even in the most turbulent external events.

To get to this point, you have first to let yourself act in different ways.

Understand that having different emotions and reactions to it is entirely human and normal. Accept that each experience shapes you, and will continue developing you.

You are a changing being that responds to the world, so it is possible to change yourself for the better.

You will know you have reached your harmonic self when you feel calm and stable. Internal balance is creating a link between emotional and rational thinking.

Both of these types of thinking are important and valuable and placing too much emphasis on the one while not using the other can be disastrous for you.

So, mindsight is something like training for your brain muscle.

Everything can be trained, and so can your thoughts and behavior.

Mindsight shows you the way to reflect on your thoughts and helps you create new connections among them.

Furthermore, it makes you reenact old events or visualize the future, and as such can help boost your memory.

If you take the time now to train your brain, your “future self” will thank you.


Because training your brain will prepare you for challenges. If you decide to adopt mindsight, you will find that each situation becomes solvable more easily – because you will not experience that much stress and anxiety as before.

You will be aware of your brain, of your thoughts, of your feelings, and as a result, you will be in full control of your reactions.

Having full control during times of crisis can be crucial for getting positive results.

Key Lessons from “Mindsight”

1.      The Key Pillars of Mindsight
2.      Find Your Inner Balance
3.      Become Receptive

The Key Pillars of Mindsight

Mindsight is based on three pillars:

    • Observation is learning to become aware the moment when unwanted thoughts distract your focus.
    • Objectivity is an observation of your thoughts and feelings without any judgment.
  • Openness is acceptance of your thoughts and emotions as part of your being and not allowing them to stress you out.

Find Your Inner Balance

Extremes are never good. Do not follow anyone’s plan to reach a goal or shape your inner being. Instead, focus on finding your own inner balance.

Start by accepting all of your emotions, thoughts, and actions as part of your being.

Become Receptive

Arguing is a part of every relationship.

However, quarrels can either be resolved or pile up, all according to the person you are: whether you are receptive or reactive.

Reactive partners think that every word of their partner is a personal threat, and ignore the problem, letting it grow into a core issue.

Receptive partners always find a way to work things out.

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“Mindsight” Quotes

Loss of someone we love cannot be adequately expressed with words. Grappling with loss, struggling with disconnection and despair, fills us with a sense of anguish and actual pain. Click To Tweet One of the key practical lessons of modern neuroscience is that the power to direct our attention has within it the power to shape our brain’s firing patterns, as well as the power to shape the architecture of the brain itself. Click To Tweet Mindfulness is a form of mental activity that trains the mind to become aware of awareness itself and to pay attention to one’s own intention. Click To Tweet Our state of mind can turn even neutral comments into fighting words, distorting what we hear to fit what we fear. Click To Tweet The best predictor of a child's security of attachment is not what happened to his parents as children, but rather how his parents made sense of those childhood experiences. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

“Mindsight” is a book about awareness and mindfulness. It is not only explaining why mindfulness is significant but also charts the way to get to that blissful state of being. It will teach you to connect to your core, understand why you act the way you do, and change your harmful thought-patterns.

We highly recommend it to all who want to lead happier lives.

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