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Unfuck Yourself Summary

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Unfuck Yourself PDF Summary

Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life

The book title itself erases all the BS that you would normally be subjected to and goes straight to the point.

Is it possible to snap out of this ignorance, and start embracing the thing you’ve been taught to fear?

Absolutely, and that’s precisely the thing we will be discussing in this summary.

Without further ado, let’s delve into Gary’s perspective about life!

Who Should Read “Unfuck Yourself”? And Why?

The first thing that sprinkles into our mind is everyone.

And why?

Is it because we are all fu*ked, or is it because we are brainwashed into believing that certainty is the pathway we should follow?

In “Unfu*k Yourself” Gary paves the way for a new methodology to take its turn, composed of discomfort, restlessness, and risk-taking.

By the same token, we got the feeling that everyone would benefit from reading it and implementing some of the tips.

About Gary John Bishop

Gary John Bishop

Gary John Bishop is a bestselling author, an Urban Philosopher and a speaker whose rhetoric has lit a fire in the hearts of thousands.

The grit, determination, and eagerness he nurtures made him a renowned and thoughtful person.

Stop Doing that Sh*t is expected to go live on May 7th, 2019.

“Unfuck Yourself PDF Summary”

Are you ready to be woken up?

If you can get past the universal slap that you are about to receive, you’ll be able to make great things happen.

The little voice that keeps telling – “you are not good enough” is about to test its own medicine.

Most people reckon that introverts, for instance, spend more time talking to each other than extroverts.

But that’s not quite true.

The latest psychological research has shown that the type of talk you are most like to engage in has a tremendous effect on your performance.

On top of that, there’s an unbreakable connection between what we say, and what we feel.

In all honesty, there are a lot of things that we do which can be labeled as irrational.

We do them anyways!

Dramatic self-talk can be best described as dis-empowering mind-chat which is out of keeping with common sense.

Most people roam around demanding to be treated with respect and get all the acknowledgment they deserve.

But it’s entirely ignorant to rely on other people, and give all the power to society; not to yourself.

What’s the easiest way to shape our thoughts?

Through, conscious and positive self-talk.

But sometimes we fall victims to our mindset and get pulled into this bubble. In an attempt to pop it, we might end up hurt as well.

But don’t feel discouraged, because you can steer your life in the way you deem fit by determining your emotions.

The way we talk, the way we move, the way we think forms our reality, and creates our future. The foundation of life rests on your shoulders, and you should seriously stop blaming luck and other people for your setbacks.

It’s even absurd saying this because it makes so much sense.

One of the most common mistakes most of us make is talking about what are we going to do, or what should we become.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of faith to get things rolling.

You have to be willing before miracles happen!

Putting “Am I willing” in front of every question is a powerful exercise that gives you enough momentum to seize the day.

In reality, we often see ourselves as procrastinators (a label) which could be put on the same page as being lazy, but that’s not always the case. A more reliable statement would include unwillingness as probably the only instigator of this sense of aimlessness.

Usually, it takes some time to get the broader picture and being able to differentiate between the sense of eagerness and being evasive.

Perhaps, you need to work on your unwillingness, especially when you are about to put a statement forward while avoiding the red flags.

In this case, those signals are assimilated into our willingness/unwillingness to do what needs to be done.

Let me give you an example:

I am willing to get this done; I am unwilling to stay in a job that I hate from the bottom of my heart.

As you can see, expressing emotion can be a life-altering moment.

As of now, both assertions can be construed as a reward integrated into a caveat.

Okay, now for the big shock!

Shooting for the stars with your 9mm water gun.


Defining goals, is by far the most critical part of our lives, or is it? Is it enough to list a couple of goals, and look at them on a daily basis?

Let’s say that you want to be filthy rich, drive a Mercedes, live in a mansion and have more money than you can spend in your lifetime?

Now, for the responsibilities!

Are you ready to work 65-80 hours a week? Withstand the immense pressure of decision-making daily; skip vacations and exert yourself to complete the job, right now?

Ouu yeah, did you really think that you’ll be lying on a beach, with a tropical drink in your hand, while your army of highly-qualified but poorly paid workers and executives do the backbreaking work? Well, you must be living in the industrial era!

There’s a lot of social expectations out there, and it has produced a lot of unfulfilled and desperate humans.

Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t aim for the stars!

Gary only implies that not all people wish to have that life and not wanting to sacrifice your freedom to be a millionaire is perfectly fine.

As a matter of fact, we only focus on the things we don’t have.

Your reality is not an outward reflection of your feelings, but an inner manifestation of your beliefs.

Face your reality, and try to subdue your addiction for certainty.

What addiction? – Allow us to explain!

It’s no secret that people are apt to embark on the safest path in an attempt to be out of harm’s reach.

For instance, we buy the goods from brands we know, even though some alternatives offer the same quality for a lower price. On top of that, we date for months even years in order to secure our financial and reproductive future and reduce risk.

The reality you don’t want to be brought into is what we call a certain outcome – an addiction.

Bear in mind, that seeking safe harbor and shelter can be counterproductive for two obvious reasons:

  • Uncertainty is where the magic happens
  • Chasing the unreal

Let’s unpack both of them.

Whether you are in a coffee shop or taking a morning jog, you cannot be certain about what’s going to happen. It’s within the uncertainty where we often find joy and concealed courage to do the inevitable. Besides, how many times a situation that heralded hopelessness turned out to be life-changing and productive?

That’s why Gary reckons that wanting to tackle the uncertainty is not sustainable and can never be the instigator of success.

In addition to that – how many times, you decided to back out of something, in order not to be judged?

Well, as some sort of consolation prize, we can say that you are not the only one.

There are not a lot of people who have the winner’s edge, and those that do, are geared up with one particular asset – not fleeing from the field of judgment.

Step forward and be ready to take some punches!

If you want to win on the long-haul, you must grind the sense of certainty beneath your feet.

I embrace uncertainty – should be your mantra!

At this moment, you must be nodding your head as a token of approval, wanting to test this new medicine.

To truly excel, don’t shy away from opportunities and seize upon whatever life is throwing at you.

In other words, you should stretch your comfort zone, and try to see what’s behind the horizon.

Doing something completely different than what you are used to, could be the lifeline you’d be hoping to reach.

When the pursuit for certainty comes to a standstill, you’ll be able to see the bigger picture of life, often composed of things that you so casually disregarded before.

With this said, it’s time to identify the arch enemy; or the thing which impedes this transformation!

You are not required to do anything other than looking deep into yourself.

Your thoughts and the nurturing image you have of yourself is the instigator of this emotional malaise.

Most of us let our internal condition weigh heavily on what we do. But the truly great performers are great precisely because they’ve learned to experience those feelings while sidestepping the inclination to act upon them.

It’s impossible to police your thoughts and decide what goes in or out.

However, you are entitled to define your engagement with these sensations.

For example, you believe that successful people never doubt themselves, or never had experienced some personal crisis, but that’s far from the truth?

The only difference between you and them is in action.

While you lose focus and being dragged into pointless mind chatter, they act anyway.

You just need some willpower to perform bravely and put up a lot of work in the things that hold special meaning to you.

Of course, there will be periods when you’d be unwilling to go to work, or even get out of your bed, but that’s only normal.

Thoughts without actions are like cars without gas.

Unless you feed them with belief and take appropriate follow-up actions, they’ll vanish in the wind.

So, it’s you who decide, which thought should you act upon and which one should be neglected or cast aside.

And today you should do something that you wouldn’t normally do or endorse.

Get a different kind of breakfast, break words with someone or bypass the emotional burden that keeps sticking to the “known.”

Btw, have you ever given any second thought about people who could be regarded as successful?

They all had some issues, but that didn’t stop them from taking action.

It’s needless to say that great success is not born within the confines of the known but in the state of discomfort and uncertainty.

Remember this and understand that relentlessness is often misconstrued as some disobedience, contrary to the formula leading to prosperity. But those that took the path of skepticism were the ones that changed the world!

You want some good old fashioned piece of advice?

Stop doing all the shit you are not supposed to be doing, and start doing the shit you know you should be doing!

Key Lessons from “Unfuck Yourself”

1.      Get out of your head
2.      Transform the meaningless into meaningful
3.      Do what needs to be done

Get out of your head

It might be a crazy thing to say – but for the time being, we would like you to stop paying so much attention to your thoughts.

To put it differently, you should really reconsider your priorities, by neglecting the harmful chatter that goes around in your head.

In doing so, you’ll be able to see opportunities where others see obstacles.

Transform the meaningless into meaningful

After all, is all about making that first step.

Whatever someone puts you down, it’s your job to make a life-lesson out of it, instead of sinking into deep dejection.

That is the process of transforming the hollow into substantial.

Do what needs to be done

More often than not, we kind of know what is required from us, but out of habit, we tend to deviate a bit.

Circumventing the problem is not an equal footing as finding a solution that could result in prosperity.

Therefore, stop with the procrastination and get it done!

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“Unfuck Yourself Quotes”

You have the life you’re willing to put up with. Click To Tweet If you took the time to be with what I’m saying, you’d realize that what causes most of your worry is trying to predict the future and then refusing to accept things when they don’t or aren’t going to go your way. Click To Tweet You change your life by doing, not by thinking about doing. Click To Tweet Most of the time, the task we’re actually facing is a lot simpler than we think it is. The problem is, we usually don’t take the time to really look at it. Click To Tweet The harmony between thought and reality can be found in the grammar of the language. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

With everything said, we came to the conclusion that only a small percentage of the population (the hyper-successful ones) have mastered the decluttering process.

And you have the power to follow in their footsteps!

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