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White Collar Zen Summary

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White Collar Zen Summary

Using Zen Principles to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Your Career Goals

Not much can be said at this moment. The world is set on depression and grief, which we try to cover with our ambition and self-centered attitude. In other words, all of us are aware that on a deeper level, the feeling of disappointment prevails.

Our book summary grants an opportunity for a quick turn towards a better life and consequently reaching success on a professional level.

Who Should Read “White Collar Zen”? And Why?

This is one of those books that intrigues readers because it brings a whole new dimension to the word – business. It offers an unbiased approach which clarifies the meaning of thoughts and other sensations.

The readers will find it interesting to finally find a book they can use to navigate in complex business situations. As such it’s highly recommendable to all adult people.

About Steven Heine

Steven HeineSteven Heine is an author, scholar, and expert on Zen Buddhism born on January 15th, 1950. He has spent half of his life, teaching at Universities, topics linked to religion, Zen, and spirituality. Currently, Steven is the Director of Asian Studies at Florida International University. According to his teachings, Zen Buddhism is also applicable to businesses.

“White Collar Zen Summary”

Probably no one can understand the coalition between Zen and businesses. However, on a deeper level, you might want to remember that individuals build organizations – and spirituality is all about that. For instance, if you are a manager and your job is to encourage organizations to use new practices and spark cooperative teamwork, then in one way or another you’re pursuing prosperity. The individual competition is often a problem for leaders, and especially firms whose interest lies in mutual goals.

Wondering what to do? – Stay with us; things are about to get interesting:

The challenge is to protect and preserve an existing collaboration and endure in times of crisis as one. In spite of the logical explanation, the drive to succeed on your own is bigger than ever. The capitalist world emphasizes the ego-driven mentality and neglects the assets arriving as a result of mutually beneficial pursuits.

It’s not possible to do everything absent guidance, mentorships, partnership, alliances, and ties. It’s virtually impossible, even for the most skilled individual to put its hope in personal capabilities alone. In reality, the creative part of our being requires support from the material world in order to flourish. By all means, a visionary approach derives from a spontaneous mindset, embedded in long-term objectives. Perhaps it’s not a typical thing for business leaders, but they also seek more spiritual knowledge and implement it in day-to-day activities.

Learn more about spiritually:

These spiritual values are often misinterpreted because people want to take advantage of this experience and once again use it for egoistic purposes. Only an egoless mind can share inspiration in constructing these apparently contradictory goals.

Regardless of your religious background, Zen principles offer flexibility – no strings attached. As an illustration of the straightforward message conveyed by Zen, Steven Heine underlines some core elements. Almost all of them rotate around integrity, dignity, respect for yourself and others, peacefulness and the ability to act and share your thoughts skillfully.

Here’s why you should try this new method.

The silence of your being can only be felt if you are truly in the presence of love. This love doesn’t essentially involve an opposite gender, but it spreads in you and through you, allowing the creation of strong bonds and interpersonal relationships to take place – spontaneously. Zen rejects the notion of imperfection, flaws, and sticking to the past. Only then you can begin to cherish every moment and concentrate on positive deeds.

White Collar Zen” is a book of great importance. It’s built on the foundation of Buddhist parables aided by lots of diverse examples ranging from Religious to Disney. Steven Heine gives priority to detachment from some “certain future concept” and promotes resilience in the workplace dynamics. The stories being told, serve only as an illustration that business and Zen can be integrated.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to assess various business situations and evaluate the worst-case scenarios. The dose of doubt that may enter your mind is welcomed, so don’t push it away. Embark upon a spiritual journey, with the intention to explore the Eastern philosophical aphorisms. Take the higher ground, and defend yourself against concepts that promote self-oriented mentality. The collapse of the ego is underway; this illuminating guide will serve as a benchmark for future winnings.

Key Lessons from “White Collar Zen”

1.      Life is a concept, nothing other than this moment has ever existed
2.      Learn how to find your way
3.      See the big picture

Life is a concept, nothing other than this moment has ever existed

Life is merely an uncertain phenomenon. One, unworthy of receiving so much importance, instead you should put your attention at the present moment, and stop worrying about the life as a whole. Anxiety is 99% of the time, caused by “thinking” or too much analyzing.

Learn how to find your way

For instance, if you spent your entire week thinking about the promotion you deserve, you’ll end up tired and exhausted. Instead, be happy about where you are now. No one denies the significance of ambition, but Zen deemphasizes the habit of thinking. One example worth mentioning is – What would you do if you were given an assignment or task, which you don’t feel like doing. Remember, whining or complaining is not the answer.

See the big picture

If you are still not sure that Zen, is the perfect aide for overcoming business obstacles, – think again. After all, who wouldn’t want to work, interact, or do business with a peaceful person? Zen techniques prevent tensions among co-workers, and stimulated creativity on all organizational layers, challenging the basic concept of Ego, within any organization.

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“White Collar Zen” Quotes

It's possible to find freedom while relying on discipline. Click To Tweet This burden you are carrying can be melted down. Click To Tweet Finding your own brand of Zen is a matter of internal development that can help you take control by overcoming stress, making the most of disappointment, and conquering disillusioning situations created by external factors. Click To Tweet The greater the doubt, the greater the enlightenment. Click To Tweet Be careful about what you project. Loss of credibility on one issue can have a devastating effect on the way you are received across the board. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

We believe that “White Collar Zen” is a must-read classic for all people seeking illumination in the workplace. We cannot think of anything unworthy of your time due to the clear explanation of why and how is Zen applicable in the business life.

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