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Confronting Reality Summary

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Confronting Reality SummaryDoing What Matters to Get Things Right

If you’re not evolving with time, someone else will beat you while you run towards success.

The same goes for businesses, a blockage is dangerous and may inflict stagnation on the company for a long period.

Who Should Read “Confronting Reality”? And Why?

As the authors explained, it is complicated for the companies to survive the new era.

Don’t be paranoid, seek new solutions, and adopt flexible approach if you are keen to end up feeling satisfied.

Many people have recommended this book to their relatives only referring to one aspect –  Its ability to transform managers’ thinking in today’s business environment.

About Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan

Larry Bossidy is in American-born entrepreneur and a writer. He was born on March 5th, 1935 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. In the late 50s, he graduated from Colgate University and received a BA in economics.

Larry spent 30 years working at General Electric, and Honeywell International where he enjoyed an executive role. Momentarily, Larry lives in Ridgefield, Connecticut. He alongside Ram Charan wrote Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality.

Ram CharanCharan is a native Indian, who currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He is a renowned public speaker, businessman, and author who partnered with notable personalities like Stephen Covey and Kevin Cope.

As an author, Ram wrote many great books like Talent Masters; Leaders at All Levels; Know-How; The Leadership Pipeline; etc.

“Confronting Reality Summary”

Fog is often described as a creepy part of nature, the real, modern sailors are still afraid of it (for superstitious reasons). Leaders of many fraternal organizations came to nothing and failed to look beyond the basic facts of superstitious reality.

The fearful organizations have created a twisted reality, to confront it, a group would need to dive into the unknown because knowledge is the only element capable of defying ignorance. Before making any rash judgments, a person should analyze the similarities and differences which exist among organizations or businesses.

What should you expect?

Afterwards, it is possible for these two to come to an unwritten agreement by managing to overcome such a complexed discussion. Organizations among themselves should establish a strong bond and connections – beneficial for the entire business community.

Company’s operational activities should become more efficient, which ultimately leads to an independent and successful firm to rise again. If you (as a firm) are following a business model that has proven to be both practical and adequate for the industry, profits will come to you.

However, the trick is always in profitability. These models are designed to apply certain principles that are a good fit for particular surroundings.

In general, even the best methods cannot function if the company lacks technical know-how and creativity. Times have changed, the environment also follows its footsteps by altering rapidly and radically for people’s sake.

According to experts, many businesses model are obsolete. Therefore, a transformation is required.

To avoid being entangled in this inconvenience, you should investigate these standards and ultimately, ask yourself: Is this the right one for my company?

The authors of “Confronting Reality” book – Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan begin with one simple theory: The business world evolves daily, it is changing immensely.

People capable of confronting the new world – (globalization), free financial flows, and dynamic retailers will find it highly entertaining. The ultimate power lies in its fierce insistence on an elementary point –  that business leaders pretend they do not understand the self-destructive nature of not being able to confront a person’s reality.

It is in their favor to try denying – that the world and its economy are one. All the same, even this idea is not brand-new because it derived from previously developed models. 

Many of the today’s business models explain how firms used the market to become richer (in the past) –  but it would take a lot more for a company to survive than total reliance on old-school concepts.

You need that ambiguous, instinctive attribute which Bossidy and Charan named “business savvy.” It may seem like the authors cannot nail down an accurate definition. Nevertheless, their case studies indicate how and why this sense works, and what to do with it.

The digital era will not be merciful if the companies continue to support their old unproductive habits. If the world is prone to modification, the people must come to an understanding that rethinking never stops also.

Analyze, investigate, and resolve the problems that your business is facing in the new environment. Adaptation is never easy, but it is your only option; as such it should be rational and analytical, prepared to contribute to the common interest.

Larry and Ram, detect the brokenness in some industries and give their thoughts on the situation. If your business finds itself in such, all an owner can do is – notice the change before the situation escalates and destroys your company.

Key Lessons from “Confronting Reality”

1.      Try to convey messages directly
2.      Design a plan
3.      Timidity has an abundance of disadvantages

Try to convey messages directly

Information doesn’t travel directly to the leader; it has to pass several organizational layers in order to get there.

Filtering for instance – apparently is an unforeseen consequence of otherwise engaged organizational leaders and their habits, or they may do it intentionally.

Design a plan

Leaders often have an unexplainable desire to fulfill theirs intends to overwhelm some bad news.

Symptoms of this sensations are comments like: “The market will change for the better – it always does.

Timidity has an abundance of disadvantages

Once in a while, associates in different companies are scared to tell the superiors anything linked to failure because leaders don’t want to deal with this kind of matter.

Enterprises that include “approach” as a measurement in their ranking processes are particularly exposed to timidity.

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“Confronting Reality” Quotes

Exercising the power of realism requires an open and inquisitive mind, intense curiosity, the intellectual ability to sort out complexity, the ability to persuade others and...inner strength. Click To Tweet Past success has never guaranteed future success: it’s an old adage and never more true than now. Click To Tweet The business world has never seen a buyer’s market on the scale of this one. Click To Tweet Realism starts with your own behavior, using the business model as your primary tool for teaching people to confront the realities that affect their areas and organizational levels. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Ram Charan never fails to impress with his comprehensive analysis and accurate forecasts. Now in combination with Larry, they provide an antidote for modern managers, who cannot cope with the challenges of today.

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