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Executive Thinking Summary

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Executive Thinking SummaryThe Dream, the Vision, the Mission Achieved 

Let’s begin with one wise old saying – Without a vision or a dream, how can you expect a miracle to occur?

Who Should Read “Executive Thinking”? And Why?

Not just executives, but also leaders in the making will be thrilled by the fact-filled easily readable content.

“Executive Thinking” is a book that covers real situations that unfold in any organization.

Presenting your vision is not just a strategy, but it’s also an attitude that showcases your willingness to allow others to participate in everything ongoing within the group.

About Leslie L. Kossoff

Leslie L. KossoffCurrently, Leslie L. Kossoff works at an international consulting company located in San Francisco as a principal – called Kossoff Management Consulting.

During her career as a consultant, Leslie was a close associate of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

She is the author of several books, many of whom are related to business strategy and management like: Managing for Quality; Closing the Gap; Reputation.

“Executive Thinking Summary”

If you dream of becoming a leader whose energy is spread throughout the organization, then it’s time for an internal shift. These days, despite all of the cutting-edge technology, we lack creativity.

Sometimes, having a vision, it’s more important than the production itself. By all means, executives should share their dream with the entire group, instead of focusing only on the cost-effective ratio.

Morale boost is often the key to survival, the old centralized source of power, is not so popular nowadays. Obviously, it’s a lot harder than it looks and sounds to implement a new mindset into the organizational systems.

Although a biased opinion is intertwined with the traditional approach, there is always room for improvement.

There is nothing spectacular in saying that companies are born due to desires. Generally speaking, the idea of having a mental image of company’s orientation, it’s the difference between success and failure.

In fact, the strongest tool at your disposal is not the expertise you’ve received during your college days, but your creativity to design something of value. The production of mind-blowing products with unparalleled quality emerges only as a consequence of a well-designed long-term plan.

Dreams are the embodiment of future success; all great entrepreneurs share the same vision. Whatever your external factors may be, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it all depends on your critical thinking skills.

Enterprises try to surpass this feeling of inferiority, by emboldening organizations to follow proven leaders. Surprisingly, the size of your company doesn’t interfere with the whole executive process; you can implement these techniques in whatever situation.

Not bounded by external influences and internal underdogs, it’s time to deal with the obstacles. Holding on to a vision is essential for resisting the temptation to fall under the command of frustration and fear. There should be absolute 0 tolerance for individuals (including executives) who demoralize the organization.

Next step is to share your idea publicly, and let everyone understand your thoughts on the present situation. All things considered, your role doesn’t make you a leader, it only gives you authority.

If you strive for more, make everyone believe in your vision, display what objectives must be met, and under what circumstances. Don’t be afraid to speak about the issues, and obstacles that can endanger the mission.

In reality, every process has its back and forth moments, but with your guidance and vision, the chances of overcoming these frustrations increase.

At the end of the day, the result counts the most. Even though motivation and vision are just aspects of the entire process, they have a pivotal role in conducting a wide variety of activities.

A dream is simply a tool, for allowing things to happen. Unfortunately, plenty of organizations continue walking down the road, absent guidance. Looking for a clear direction and an understanding of why should you support someone or something, is just good sense.

Leslie L. Kossoff underlines the significance of enthusiastic approach, that any executive must have. In the meantime, it must share a vision which signifies the beginning of something new and prosperous.

If a person is eager to climb the corporate ladder as an executive, first, it must fulfill his duty by defining exactly what he/she wishes to achieve. Afterwards, a leader with integrity rises to the occasion, and eradicates all superficial concepts, suffocating the organization.

Kossoff offers a few several real examples, from various and yet reliable source. The book is in tune with the digital age as a result of the sincere attitude that answers the struggles of today.

Key Lessons from “Executive Thinking”

1.      Failure is embedded deep into long-term success
2.      Prove yourself as a person who stands behind his words
3.      Treat your associates with respect

Failure is embedded deep into long-term success

Dreams are an integral part of human nature, but not all of us have the guts to follow them no matter what. In order to have prosperity by your side, the goals you pursue must be at least within reach.

As shown above, organizations have a shortage of real executives, who can carry the burden of inefficiency and is well-equipped to turn pain into a life-lesson.

Prove yourself as a person who stands behind his words

As an executive, you must put principles above personal gain, and consequently to forge a new relationship with the associates based on trust.

The employees don’t want to be deprived of any decision-making activity.

Treat your associates with respect

Eventually, every prominent executive comes to an understanding that employees are not second-class individuals.

Integrating them into the whole decision process displays your open-mindedness to put them in the same position as other collaborators.

Expand your dream by allowing everyone to participate.

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“Executive Thinking” Quotes

To create the most trustful environment, individuals at all levels should know what to expect. Click To Tweet Rarely do those who do not hold executive positions think about the pressures attached to being an executive. Whether internally or externally, the executive is always under scrutiny. Click To Tweet The executive must be able to speak to his vision clearly and charismatically in order for others to know where it is that he sees the organization going and why. Click To Tweet Even in the most frustrating of times, executives don’t lose sight of their dream. No matter what the obstacles, executives believe that their dream not only can, but will become reality. Click To Tweet Executive thinking is the human and organizational manifestation of the executive’s dream, goals and vision. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

The bottom line is, we find “Executive Thinking” highly informative due to the talks addressing the executives who have lost their sharpness and are willing to restore it.   

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