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From Values to Action Summary

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From Values to Action SummaryThe Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership

Leadership lacking ethical and moral principles is doomed to failure.

Make your presence count at any stage and put your analytical skills to the test.

Who Should Read “From Values to Actions”? And Why?

More than ever, not just the Americans but the people throughout the world are in need of credible, ethical and moral leaders.

The previously mentioned, “values-based Leadership” depends on four fundamental principles: “self-reflection, balanced approach, real self-esteem” and “practice humility”.

This book slowly takes the pedestal and becomes one of the most breathtaking materials linked to leadership.

As such it’s prescribed for all those individuals who are in one way or another interested in being leaders or improve as such. Don’t hesitate to try this recipe, and cover all aspects “From Values to Actions”.

About Harry M. Jansen Kraemer Jr

Harry M. Kraemer Harry M. Jansen Kraemer Jr. is an author, teacher, consultant and a former chairman of Baxter International – healthcare firm. Momentarily, he teaches at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, covering subjects related to management, leadership, and strategies.

“From Values to Action Summary”

Leadership is not a tool for guiding large masses of people. Some say that leaders are born, others that they are made, this book covers both aspects and lets you be the judge. Influencing people doesn’t mean taking advantage of someone’s freedom and using it for immoral purposes.

The opportunity to lead is a mere reflection of person’s mental abilities and ethical values. However, this concept is becoming more and more corrupted due to the fact that society interprets it as a device for seizing power.

Enough about influences, and let’s talk about people’s expectations.

From the ancient world to modern society, people always strived for someone who can show them the way. The need driven by fear has created a new leadership concept known as “Values-based leadership”. It’s important to realize that core values like morality, integrity, and ethics are slowly fading away.  

All theories aside, executives, conquerors, singers, and other opinion makers always had the power to influence a significant portion of people. Even though, this is not a brand-new discovery most of the world still believe in freedom of speech and equality.

This book sidesteps these major concerns and focuses on the financial part of leadership. Corporations are a part of the massive search for managers which are value-driven and whose actions inspire other associates to conduct activities more passionately.

The question is – 7 billion people on this planet, it’s pretty easy to find a person like, right? Actually, it’s anything but easy!

Companies embark upon a challenging journey of finding personalities capable of getting the best out of their group. Explaining the firm’s vision in details can be of help, but the fight doesn’t end up there. The thing that truly counts is focusing on their virtues and improving their weaknesses.

To start that process one must be able to motivate, encourage, support, and be a perfect example. A recently conducted study in 2010 by the School of Government (John F. Kennedy) at Harvard University found that Americans have no faith in their leaders referring to all forms of leadership.

The numbers are in a constant decrease, which worries some of the experts in this realm.

Great payment comes with a great responsibility if that’s your case. Self-reflection acts as a judge that helps the leaders to separate right from wrong. To clarify this theory, the author advises that the question “What should we be doing?” must be answered by the organization.

For successfully enforcing a solution, silence leadership is required from the manager or any other decision-making body. A leader should look for a “secluded” place and think things over.

This contemplation will allow him/her to focus on various tasks placed on the to-do list. Kraemer, the author of “From Values to Action” places “self-reflection” on the very top of activities that leader needs to conduct on a daily basis.

For a leader to join the ethical category, it must fulfill all of these criteria, without exception. It’s a lot harder than it looks, because in 90% of the time when these so-called perfect leaders encounter a series of challenges they kind of back down.

For instance: What did I accomplish this day? What did I learn today? How to use that knowledge? Is there something that I can do better?

Not only ideas, and thesis but a lot of personal examples are an integral part of this fantastic book. The author recounts how he dealt with various leadership crises in different organizations and faced almost impossible-to-handle issues.

His examples are nothing shorter than a pure masterpiece which demonstrates how to think, act, and behave as a leader.

Key Lessons from “Practical Intelligence”

1.      The strong bond existing between motivation and leadership
2.      Don’t be afraid to play when there is much at stake
3.      Engage everyone in your company

The strong bond existing between motivation and leadership

Motivating and maintaining a team cohesion, are still pretty hard to attain on an organizational level.

Leaders try to encounter all the things that trouble the minds of organization’s employees, but not always they succeed due to numerous reasons.

Don’t be afraid to play when there is much at stake

Critical thinking skills in conjunction with principles form that unbreakable bond between the company and its associates.

Consider entering the big door, and introduce yourself as a person that everyone can count on – personally and professionally.

Engage everyone in your company

During his time at Baxter, Harry realized that employees react much better to messages if they are a part of the whole operation.

Somehow, the associates were eager for respect, and they were fulfilling their job with much more excitement and commitment if that privilege was given to them.

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“From Values to Action” Quotes

Being a leader is often like drinking from a fire hose. Click To Tweet Good works can generate shareholder value. Click To Tweet Values are not bullet points on a corporate website or motivational phrases on a poster in the lunchroom. Click To Tweet One of the biggest benefits of self-reflection is identifying what comes first and what comes last. Click To Tweet “Leadership Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Living on the verge of uncertainty is standard for these people because they rely on ethical principles and morality. We were truly equally amazed by this book since it’s designed for each and everyone, without exception.

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