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Get Them on Your Side Summary

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Get Them on Your Side Summary

Win Support, Convert Skeptics. Get Results

As you can probably guess, the political superiors will warmly accept any idea that doesn’t endanger their status. The management has to double-check whether the plan is acceptable or not.

In this Get Them On Your Side summary, we present some interesting thoughts on this topic.

Who Should Read “Get Them on Your Side”? And Why?

An idea or vision with a political background is more likely to gain high merits, than regular concepts. In fact, large companies rarely fly in the air with promising schemes and stick to the theories which are politically supported.

This book is an eye-opening classic, which gives you a clue on how important the process of gaining support can be in various discussions and dilemmas.

About Samuel B. Bacharach

Samuel B. BacharachSamuel B. Bacharach was born on December 8th, 1945. Momentarily he works at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations as a professor of organizational behavior. He wrote many books, including The Agenda Mover, Mutual Aid, and Union Renewal.

“Get Them on Your Side Summary”

Being political savvy doesn’t refer to being prone to gossiping – such self-centered personalities are not welcome in any organization. The workplace shapes your career; all elements can have a major impact on your profession. The best way to soar up through the company is to thrive on experience and gain that edge by being more competent to give a response, regardless of the circumstances.

Broad acceptance:

Generally speaking, even talent can be “upgraded” through involvement in various types of situations and encounters. Such expertise is hardly learnable through books because practical knowledge is not so easily transmittable. We can say with some confidence, that this briefly sums up the critical elements of this book.  

What should we accept?

Nowadays, it’s best if you come up with some mainstream plan, which is not too controversial or complicated – because at the end every strategy must be approved by the company and its associates.

In other words, let’s avoid any adventurous endeavors, and seek for mediocre ideas that are built on stable foundations.

So, is this the best way? – You are the judge.

Whether the organization tends to proceed with the plan or not, merely depends on who advocates for it, and under what circumstances the process would continue to unfold.

If you or any other member, present a contradictory statement to the previously defined one, you’ll undoubtedly witness a strong resistance from the “Risk-Aversical” individuals.

This leads us to defy these crucial factors:

    • How to gain control over major events and activities.
    • Who will support or oppose your vision?
  • Who is your real ally?

The world of democracy is actually the embodiment of the functions that are ongoing with any organization. These operations represent the underlined goals, according to which, all members are oriented. It’s crucial to create a strong bond, or at least understanding with the opposition, and devise a plan that can put your company in a better position.

How to do that?

First, you have to be aware of the challenges that lie ahead, and then you’ll begin to gain momentum.

“Get Them on Your Side” gives birth to two possible outcomes. “Tinkerers” and “Overhaulers,” Samuel B. Bacharach presents an explanation below for these major categories:

    • Tinkerers – The first group is also known as safe-players, these leaders are aversive to risk, and prefer to have everything under control. Although they oppose changes, if they are forced to support some, they’ll make sure that these changes don’t affect any major process. In other words – the structure will remain untouched! They like things done in a certain way, in one-word planners.
  • Overhaulers – They are open to new challenges, they are not bounded by any guidebook, or rulebook. In their opinion, without creativity and flexibility, any firm will end up trailing behind.

In addition, your job is to trace all individuals who are more likely to accept your ideas and find out – why. If you get in their mind, perhaps you’ll able to understand their behavior patterns, and to some extent be in control. In the digital era, accurate information can make all the difference in the world!

What is your intention?

As we mentioned, it’s crucial that you have the upper hand, by being open to various opinions. Even departments can sometimes share a different oversight of the financial situation – which implies that sometimes an entirely different outlook can turn out to be accurate.

Key Lessons from “Get Them on Your Side”

1.      Gradual improvement to perfection
2.      The process of building a profitable partnership
3.      Allow everyone to express themselves, freely

Gradual improvement to perfection

Making a clear distinction between successful and doomed companies is an impossible task. After all, you cannot judge people because we all have different agendas and interests, the same goes for businesses.

Get Them on Your Side by accepting their views, try to find common ground and don’t rush to conclusions.

The process of building a profitable partnership

Are you ready to take the next step? –  An effective coalition consists of two or more highly cooperative parties that have one mutual cause.

“Swearing” allegiance is unnecessary, but it’s of utmost importance that all participants show their admiration and commitment towards the end-purpose.

However, don’t follow any vision blindly, openness is the key because the digital era enforces new methods each day.  

Allow everyone to express themselves, freely

In general, you cannot impose your views on others, many cultural, religious, personal factors shape our perspective.

What your associates prefer to do, or have, can only be observed from a “safe distance.” If you apply this method, you’ll gain in-depth information linked to their choices.

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“Get Them on Your Side” Quotes

As a politically competent leader, you need to be sensitive to the language that others understand and use. Click To Tweet Credibility is something that others confer on you, not something that you must solicit from them. Click To Tweet Coalitions enable you to keep your initiative alive and achieve your goals. Click To Tweet Organizations are political arenas of individual, subgroup, and organizational interests. Click To Tweet Power without political competence may achieve some short-term success, but it is likely to doom you to long-term failure. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Get Them on Your Side surely is more on the practical side. If you are tired of theories that never came true, this book operates in the opposite direction.

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