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Start growing!

Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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Powerful Proposals Summary

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Powerful Proposals SummaryHow to Give Your Business the Winning Edge

Let’s examine the mastery of writing proposals.

Here, we summarize the essential traits of a “winner” proposal and explain why it must be given a more considerable role in doing business.

Who Should Read “Powerful Proposals”? And Why?

Despite the fact that the whole proposal process, formatting, writing, sending is crucial for business growth; the public rarely perceives it as an act of utmost importance.

Powerful Proposals” is perfect for anyone who has the honor to write these proposals for its company, regardless of the industry.

About David G. Pugh and Terry R. Bacon

David G. PughDavid G. Pugh and Terry R. Bacon have long-term collaboration behind them. David and Terry co-wrote The Behavior Advantage and Winning Behavior, and they are the founders of Lore International Institute, a consultancy and professional development company.

David G. Pugh also wrote Proposing to Win.

Terry R. BaconWhile Terry R. Bacon is the author of several other books including High Impact Facilitation, Selling to Major Accounts, Leadership Through Influence, etc.

“Powerful Proposals Summary”

Even though writing a proposal is a process that doesn’t get the respect it’s due, it undoubtedly creates a business value for the company. For you, it may seem like just another task, but Request for Proposal (RFP) has proven to more effective than anyone could have imagined.

Some companies deliberately don’t give priority to this project, just to test their workers or associates and evaluate their expertise in the industry.

Here’s what you should take into consideration.

External factors can hinder our personal growth, but the real game unfolds within the organization. In fact, companies don’t take into account the creativity and expertise needed to write a first-class proposal. Neglecting the importance of this project is like not showing admiration for a profession or individual skill.  

Let’s start with the brief explanation:

After conducting extensive research, you are obligated to begin with the writing part, hoping that you’ll create a masterpiece that can finalize any deal.

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