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Tag: Ken Robinson

Best Motivational Books

Down on your luck? Need some motivation to get out of bed? How about grabbing a book? Let us guess: you would, but you’re out of ideas regarding its author or title. Worry not: we’re here to help! Just bookmark […]

5 Books That Will Change Your Life

Every once in a while, we feel stuck in the madness of today. Wars, mainstream media, and hostile groups are trying to impose certain opinions and consequently control our behavior. These forces are proven to be highly effective in the […]

Creative Schools Summary

Revolutionizing Education from the Ground Up Revolutions throughout history have always been an illustration that something is not unfolding as it should. People voiced displeasure and took drastic measures to implement their reforms. We focus on the weaknesses of our […]

The Element Summary

How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything Ready for another insightful, thrilling and engaging book? We summarize the critical features of “The Element” and present to you in an easily-absorbable manner. Who Should Read “The Element”? And Why? Both Robinson and […]