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The Achievement Habit Summary

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The Achievement Habit PDFStop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life

Are you one of those people who is always thinking about doing something, but never actually gets around to it?

Do you think you could be more successful if you just lived in another country, in another time, and were surrounded by different people?

Then we have some news for you – not being where you want to be is your fault. And just like you keep yourself from moving forward, you can learn how to reprogram your mindset and achieve everything you have always wanted to achieve.

Who Should Read “The Achievement Habit”? and Why?

“The Achievement Habit” is a collection of lessons that Professor Bernard Roth learned during his time as the academic director at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University.

Roth gives useful suggestions for motivating yourself to achieve goals, steering clear of excuses, and creating a more effective approach toward work and life.

Many of the advice he gives is applicable at the moment, which increases the book’s worth even more.

We recommend this read to all readers that are trying to clean their lives of the destructive habits and thought patterns that hold them back.

About Bernard Roth

Bernard RothBernard Roth is an engineering professor, a co-founder and the academic director of the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University.

“The Achievement Habit PDF Summary”

You may not be who you think you are.

In fact, it is quite possible that your perceptions define you, and thus limit you. What does that mean?

Do not get stuck in the unsuccessful version of yourself you imagined yourself to be. The tendencies that embody low-spiritedness and reluctance needs to be faced. As with most other things in life – that’ easier said than done. 

If you believe that you have the guts to challenge these self-imposed restrictions, then take notes and digest the 5-step approach.

To escape the prison of your mind we recommend you do the following steps:

    • Breathe deeply, eyes closed, and mouth shut
    • Sit like that for a few minutes
    • When you open your eyes scan the room you are in and say that whatever you see has no meaning. Do it out loud.
    • Then, think of the people in your life, and remove their meanings as well.
  • Remove your own meaning as well. Go against your ego.

After you are done with this simple process, you will realize that you feel somewhat lighter. Wow, that’s it! Did you expect to be complicated? Life is not supposed to be tough – remember that!

Your world is now a blank slate on which you can write whatever you like. We advise you to write “achievement” all over it.

Another thing that may keep you away from the achievements you deserve may be your habit of following your instincts. Well, this is not specific to you but focuses on the entire population.

Our ancestors relied heavily on their instincts when danger lurked around the corner, or when their survival was seriously threatened.  

Although at times your instincts will keep you away from danger, they are not always the smartest course. Your second thought is packed with far more logic, and will always lead you to a better outcome.

Every journey is fraught with danger, but then again, you have to come up with a better plan.

You know what they say: before you do anything count to ten.

If you are continually following your gut, you can stop doing it by going through the following process:

    • Stand still and do not act in the way your body wants to move
    • Breathe
    • Stay aware of how your body feels

Now that you are calmer and happier, you can consider your options again.

Now that you know what following your instincts blindly, and acting according to the labels you put to yourself can do, it is time you got rid of another habit that only takes up your time.

We are talking about the constant need to prove that you are right, and worrying about who is correct in your interactions with others. Do not waste energy on opinions. You will never change them.

Instead of that, focus on altering your own thoughts and beliefs. Put that energy on “happy thoughts” and push yourself to start enjoying everything you do.

Even dish-washing can be fun if you make yourself believe it is!

Moreover, you know it yourself already, every reason you come up with is just an excuse.

For instance, the country you are born in, your unsupportive friends, or your lack of time is just made up limits.

To stop making excuses, you have to let yourself be. Do not be so hard on yourself when you do not do something you should have done, and be honest about why you do not want to do things.

When you clear your mindset of excuses, you will discover new ideas, methods, and ways to do things.

However, not blaming yourself, does not mean that you should start (or continue) the blame game.

No one around you is stopping you from achieving something. If you believe that you are not as successful as you could be because of someone else, you are just making another excuse!

Your choices are yours to make. So, even if someone is giving you their opinion or advice, or even discouraging you, it is your choice to accept such beliefs or keep walking down your own path.

Key Lessons from “The Achievement Habit”:

1.      Questions to Find the Meaning of Life
2.      The Principle of Projection
3.      Don’t Think – Just Do

Questions to Find the Meaning of Life

    • Who am I?
    • What do I want?
  • What is my purpose?

The Principle of Projection

We all see the world as we are. In other words, we see ourselves and our characteristics in others. That’s the universal truth.

If you are a liar, you will probably mistrust everyone thinking they are lying to you. If you are naïve, you will believe that everyone speaks truthfully.

Hence, if you hate it when someone does something, it is probably because you have a problem with such a characteristic. So, to know what bothers you about yourself, think about what other people do that bothers you.

Don’t Think – Just Do

Trying to do something, and actually doing it are not the same thing.

If you just think about doing something and never get to accomplish it, you are most probably stuck by some of your limiting beliefs.

So, stop dismissing the positive thoughts, and dismiss the negative ones instead.

Whenever you feel that the odds are shaking your confidence, think about something else. Even if the chances of success are low, there are people out there that are one of the few.

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“The Achievement Habit Quotes”

For me, real achievement is traveling to a foreign country, learning some of the languages, and finding my way around on my own. Real achievement is learning to be self-sufficient. Real achievement is making lifelong friends. Click To Tweet The question of intention lies in all communication. What is it that you intend to communicate? Click To Tweet Let people see you as human. Be real. Ask yourself, Who would you rather see at your door, a friend or a door-to-door salesman? Click To Tweet Achievement can be learned. Click To Tweet If you cannot find the answer, it is often because you are not asking the correct question. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Reading this book full of advice is not only useful – but it is also a pleasurable ride through the numerous interesting, illustrative anecdotes. The Achievement Habit” is a must-read for everyone who seeks self-improvement.

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