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The Bulletproof Diet Summary

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The Bulletproof Diet SummaryMicroSummary: David Asprey is an entrepreneur, investor, and author who lives in Silicon Valley. Before writing his book, Dave was obese, and his doctors said he was at high risk of having a stroke or having a heart attack. He tried various diets. Low-calorie, high-protein, Atkins, and dozens of others. Apparently, nothing worked. Dave then began hacking his own biology, with the goal of finding a way to gain control of his health. In this experiment, he lost over 40 pounds without having to count calories and increased his IQ by 20 points using small performance hacks. He also experimented with sleep hacks, seeking to rest more in less time. He discovered what foods and drinks were good for him, both physically and mentally. The result is a diet with lots of saturated fats, lots of red meat and few fruits. Although it all seems hard to believe, Dave has published the secrets that worked for him in his book, “The Bulletproof Diet.’’

Lose up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and Focus, Upgrade Your Life

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“The Bulletproof Diet Summary”


Dave Asprey’s eureka moment came one day in 2004 during his breakfast in Tibet while he was trekking the Himalayas and studying meditation. He noticed that the local population was much smaller than him, but could carry twice the weight he could.

While he wore heavy clothes for the cold, the locals wore light shirts.

Asprey tried the Himalayan yak butter and felt fantastic. That moment transformed his life.

When he returned home, he began to mix traditional butter with his tea, but he did not like the taste.

So he replaced the tea with a high-quality coffee and from there came the Bulletproof coffee, one of the pillars of the Asprey diet. The Bulletproof diet is an antitoxin diet that encourages people to find and avoid foods to which they are sensitive.

It also encourages you to have a “Bulletproof” breakfast every day. Bulletproof coffee is a low toxicity coffee with a special butter and coconut oil.

Also, the diet suggests that you eat plenty of vegetables, healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates in moderation and avoid sugars, sweeteners, processed foods, gluten, corn, and other dairy products other than butter.

Let’s get into more details in the next sessions.

Understand What Harms You in Your Coffee

To truly understand the Bulletproof diet model, you need to understand how your body works.

Dave begins his argument by explaining how coffee can harm us. Although a lot of people adopt the habit of drinking coffee in the morning, most do not know that coffee contains anti-nutrients, that is, substances that prevent your body from absorbing good nutrients.

Most people are exposed to small doses of these antinutrients, especially in coffee. Some of these anti-nutrients, for example, are mold toxins.

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