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Together Is Better Summary

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Together is Better SummaryTogether Is Better” is Simon Sinek’s third book, a short richly illustrated fable about three kids on a journey to a new playground. However, we felt that the talk it’s based upon is better structured and more appealing for now.

So, we summarized it.

About Simon Sinek

Simon SinekSimon Sinek is a British-born American motivational speaker, marketing and leadership consultant. He became a sensation with his talk “How great leaders inspire action,” the 3rd most viewed TED talk of all time. It’s an understatement to say that his first two books, “Start With Why” and “Leaders Eat Last,” followed suit: they started a movement.

“Together Is Better Summary”

Whenever we’ve talked about millennials before on our site, it seems that we’ve talked about their failures. In a nutshell: they are the generation destroyed by smartphones and multitasking.

However, Simon Sinek – and he’s an expert on millennials – claims that this reputation is not solely the millennials’ fault. And moreover, that, either way, we must do something about it. After all, many members of Generation Y are already your employees – or will very soon have to become.

So, understanding why they are the way they are is of utmost importance.

And in Simon Sinek’s opinion, there are four factors who have contributed to the current attitude of millennials.

First of all, parenting.

Generation Y was probably the first generation in history to enjoy the fruits of all those liberal approaches to child-raising. Sinek is brutal in his assessment: it was a “failed parenting strategy”.


Because, millennials were showered with praise regardless of how good they were as kids. This has rendered them incapable of dealing with things such as disagreements, criticism or even competition. And, even worse, it has made them overconfident.

So, they are either bound to become unmanageable employees or fall apart when they realize that rewards are related to good performances.

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