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What Truth Sounds Like Summary

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What Truth Sounds Like PDFRobert F. Kennedy, James Baldwin, and Our Unfinished Conversation About Race in America

The old America vs. the New one? Are there any differences? Michael Dyson plunges right in the middle of the debate that has made a fuss over civil rights in the US.

Mainstream liberalism, or non-democratic segregation?

Read more to find out!

Who Should Read “What Truth Sounds Like”? And Why?

Apparently, one may assume that this book was written for the African-American community, and it strictly targets their movements.

In our opinion that is incorrect. First of all, “What Truth Sounds Like” reveals the aspects which spread like cancer and endanger the democratic reforms within a country.

Therefore, we warmly recommend this book to anyone willing to explore the depths of inequality.

About Michael Eric Dyson

Michael Eric DysonMichael Eric Dyson is a well-known author, preacher and radio host born on October 23rd, 1958.

He is the author of many books which focus on numerous accepts all closely-related to the struggle against oppression and racial injustice.

“What Truth Sounds Like PDF Summary”

Racial tensions had always been like a string or a tight loop wrapped around the necks of millions. Renowned sociologist and political commentator Michael Dyson questions history and provokes a reaction to understand the triggers behind this iron curtain.

The emphasis falls on a 1963 meeting, which made Kennedy’s administration go through a series of testing in the heat of the 60s. The Vietnam war was a blemish scattered throughout the community and further inflamed by racial intolerance.  

Something had to be done. In 1963, John F. Kennedy decided actually to take precautions and somehow improve the civil rights of the black community in America.

This had to executed professionally, as a practice that must be transformed from a lip-order into an omnipresent reality. He even sent troops to guard and protect the first African-American – James Meredith who enlisted at the University of Mississippi.

Behind the scenes, he also tried to loosen off the strain between the white and black community by releasing Martin Luther King from captivity. Bobby authorized Burke Marshall to help him to fulfill his plans and set free literally hundreds of protesters who were detained at Birmingham Jail.

With little options on the table, Kennedy’s administration was on the lookout for ideas that would help them to prevent a full-scale escalation on the Northern side of the country.

The first step was hiring James Baldwin to compile a list of Influential African-Americans and invite them to peace talks in New York City.

John. F. Kennedy relented and demanded from this group of eminent African-Americans to find common grounds, which would be the turning point in this time of social disgust and anger.

The group expanded, and several other prominent figures also took part in the heated argument. Among them were: singer Lena Horne, musician Harry Belafonte, Jerome Smith – a freedom fighter who was nearly beaten to death.

The meeting quickly escalated, and by pressuring the American President, the blacks finally managed to find “Ears” which would at least listen to the other side of the story. Kennedy was on the brink of collapse because at the time, violence snowballed and he had to put a stop to the hatred that swapped the country.

Black America was beginning to show signs of life!

According to Dyson, this moment in history will be remembered as a symbol which incited the defiance of tyranny. The only way to tackle imperialism is to present concrete evidence which showcases the suffering of low-privileged minorities and communities.

The author believes that the mainstream liberalism was gaining momentum; as a brimming coup filled with hypocrisy, which sooner or later would implode. The truth, however, is a dangerous game, and many simply refuse to take part in similar endeavors.

Dyson adds the finishing touch by bringing together the missing links, which further testify about the mistreatment of the Blacks. Among them are Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Ta-Nehisi Coates.  

Dyson’s monitoring of the 2016 Presidential Race, provided an in-depth overview of the progress the American society has made in the struggle against racial segregation and abuse of human rights.

Black Lives Matter movement founded in 2013, attempted to reach out to Hillary Clinton and explain to her how to the police mistreats the African-Americans almost if nothing has changed in the past five decades.  

In the meantime, the author gives credit to Clinton for embracing and encouraging change, which is an inevitable asset in a democratic country. Unlike Donald Trump, Clinton believed that without police reforms, the state would stagnate and concrete plans should be devised – as soon as possible.

Over and over again, the author returns to the decisive meeting between Kennedy and Baldwin. He praises their efforts in reducing the stigma attached to “finding the truth.”

Probably, this discussion represents the point of no return in a race against time, which could have torn the US apart or drag it into another civil war.

He and his fellows believe that black folks should stand up, and speak against every sign of injustice or oppression. In doing so, they’ll improve the synergy between all minorities and create a better society.  

Key Lessons from “What Truth Sounds Like”

1.      Lack of confidence
2.      Vote for greater good
3.      What is your goal?

Lack of confidence

Dyson raises doubts regarding Donald Trump’s policies as the 45th President of the US.

He believes that the likes of him, are not prepared to solve potential issues through dialogue and mutual understanding.

Vote for greater good

Although America is country enriched with thousands of unique cultures and communities, it still has some problems in terms of providing equal treatment to everyone.

Overwork or the inability to render equal hiring opportunities are still destroying the society from within. Endorse policies that will eventually put a stop to that!

What is your goal?

When we do leave this world, we have to make sure that it’s a better place than we found it. Robert Baden Powell encourages us to expand our horizons and strive for a revolution in terms of peace.

Find your motives and embark on a journey, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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Our Critical Review

Every person on this planet knows that some debates cover topics, which require a higher dose of sensitivity and broadness to arrive at a conclusion.

This one is no different. So, before we say anything, it’s best if we take all elements into account!

You should do the same.

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