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What’s Your Story? Summary

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What's Your Story? Summary

Storytelling to Move Markets, Audiences, People, and Brands

If your business, blog, web finds it difficult to engage with its audience, perhaps it’s time to tell your story.

In fact, proficient marketers are the best storytellers.

Who Should Read ” What’s Your Story”? And Why?

What’s your Story” is more than just a marketing book. It is the embodiment of future success; it represents hope for reaching a stage of stability and entrepreneurial control. We warmly prescribe this all-embracing classic to people who want to increase their presence on the market.

The economy is challenging, but without creativity, it gets even tougher. Company’s goal is to lure as much as potential customers as possible. By all means, the ultimate objective is to get them within reach.

About Ryan Mathews & Watts Wacker

Ryan Mathews is best described as a futurist, keynote speaker and an innovative thinker about organizational culture. At the present moment, he is the CEO of a consulting company and has obtained his BA from Hope College.

Watts Wacker shares the same passion for writing, speaking and predicting the future in various controversial areas.

“What’s Your Story? Summary”

The modern age, brought more emphasis on how we sell, surpassing “what we sell”. This practice refers to promotion, and marketing of specific commodities or simply selling the story.

Think of products as tools for making profits, let’s stop there for a second because successful brands think otherwise. The top-notch companies are offering a set of unique-brand products to gain a competitive edge, but in the meantime, they also increase their efforts to market those outputs.

In either case, you must realize that brands like Nike, are holding the #1 spot long due to their energy spent on promotion. They actually, sell their story, without worrying what others have to say.  

For example, what these money-making machines have in common? Why the world is so set on quality while neglecting the story. Take this moment to reanalyze your strategy.

First, full-scale product descriptions tend to get a little annoying, so how to engage with the audience? For instance, a creative marketer will start by borrowing a few lines from a company that already enjoys the reputation of a leader.

The myth that the best product wins is a conventional theory, not serving any purpose in these days. Generally speaking, the most original company, which has high-quality staff is more likely to engage with its target audience, then the one whose interests is particularly focused on the quality.

Linking your brand with a name or phrase known to people, that signifies victory or success, can prove to be decisive. Now questions are asked – Why?
Who doesn’t want a great story? Which person thinks that victory or supremacy is unattractive?

Your age doesn’t interfere with love for embarking on a dangerous adventure, even fictionally. The point, we are all living in our little world, our story, furthermore the storytelling process, transforms our restless mind into a standby mode.

Trustworthiness and accuracy do not bind any story. Deriving from your fantasy and perspective is okay too. In the end, the marketer should create a message, which delivers real value to the final customers.  

How to design such a strategy, is a mystery, but you can bring your company as close as possible to resolve this enigma. To sum it up, stories, adventures, theories and myths all carry the fragrance of something indescribable, inspirational and timeless.

Even the lessons about Gods emerged in the same manner, not bounded by any facts. This type of communication challenges the reader to put his story to the test and eventually “win some customers”.

Skimming off the top is the worst-case scenario for every entrepreneur. We invite you to ponder about the privilege, of changing your strategy or perhaps tell your old story in a new way.

In the final analysis, several things need to get reconsidered. In short, engage with your customers by looking from their point of view. Although marketers are in “the driving seat”, sometimes it’s useful to share that privilege with the audience.

The authors of “What’s your story”, Ryan Mathews and Watts Wacker, advise people, to share their story by using archetypical story themes emerging from face to face interactions.

Before we take this point one step further, this book will give you a clue on how to learn the basics of storytelling. These mind-blowing techniques optimize the quality of the message you are delivering, and in the meantime, produce one heck of a story for enticing your audience.

Key Lessons from “What’s Your Story?”

1.      Nike’s uniqueness and brand ingenuity
2.      Story + history = success
3.      Your brand sells the whole story

Nike’s uniqueness and brand ingenuity

A strong message is equally important as the quality of whatever you are delivering. Let’s return to the Nike example?

The far-reaching influence of Nike is well-known, but how many of you are aware of the fact, that the name originates from the ancient goddess of victory – Greek mythology.

Story + history = success

The digital age isn’t a history killer. As we proceed forward discovering new things, people show their attachment towards history.

Wondering how this can help your business grow and expand? Well, the essence of business success is intertwined with the basics of storytelling, thereby it serves a pivotal tool for reaching prosperity.

Your brand sells the whole story

In fact, there are no vast differences between branding and storytelling.

Eventually, all managers go back and forth, trying to realize what they are doing wrong, referring to the company’s message.

The process of allowing the audience to attach a unique identifier to a specific product is called branding. This can only be achieved right after, the process of acceptance.

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“What’s Your Story” Quotes

Great stories can make us laugh or...cry. Click To Tweet Remember, the endgame here is engagement – building a meaningful and sustainable relationship with an audience, one audience member at a time. Click To Tweet The Africans are right: until the lions get a historian, the story of the hunt will always revolve around the hunters. Click To Tweet Good stories touch your imagination. Great stories steal your soul. Click To Tweet There are potentially as many ways to tell the story of a company as there are companies. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Mathews and Wacker underline these essential elements, covering a wide range of aspects, all for the purpose of finding a reliable and respectable story to tell.

We are glad to be part of this amazing adventure and we invite you to come on board with us.

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