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Win Bigly Summary

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Win Bigly PDFPersuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter

Persuasion has become the deadliest weapons in an overly-competitive world.

Fortunately, experts like Scot Adams and Robert Cialdini reveal some of the mind tricks used to influence other people.

Stay with us, to find out how Mr. Trump won the election.

Who Should Read “Win Bigly”? And Why?

A baffling problem or a mystery can be solved if you have the expertise to shift the attention away from the disputed point. On top of that, if you break the silence with some outrageous statements, people will ultimately forget about the actual issue.

Win Bigly is a great book to read, not only for the Americans, but all adults across the world will find it compelling and informative. It shows more than a glimpse of persuasion skills, and how to capitalize on them.

About Scott Adams

Scott AdamsScott Adams is the author of many non-fiction books and Dilbert/Non-Dilbert related business publications. He was born on June 8th, 1957 in Windham.

He rose to success after his Dilbert series reached a worldwide distribution in the 90s.

“Win Bigly PDF Summary”

The Dilbert comic-strip creator Scott Adams shares his point of view on the 2016 Presidential Election. Adams gives a psychological review of Trump’s victory, and how he managed to win over the crowds and defy the odds.

Adams attributes Trump’s triumph to his persuasion skills and negotiation savvy that he acquired over the years.

From such standpoint, even an inexperienced, ordinary citizen would have no troubles making an unbiased analysis and interpret the outcome.

Hillary Clinton ended up with empty hands and accused foreign powers especially Russian President – Putin for interfering in U.S.A internal affairs.

Adams catch a glimpse of Trump’s ideas as a conventional businessman, whose deal-making skills brought him the presidency. For instance, Trump’s promises on building a wall on the Mexican border was merely a mind-trick that he used to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

Getting the affection of the White-Christian majority of voters, was his ultimate ticket to victory. Experts argue, including Adams, that Donald Trump had no intentions of launching a construction project that stretches for 700 miles, along with the Mexico-United States border.

He understood that immigration concerns the American society, and in response to their demands, he devised a highly effective political strategy.

Adams on numerous occasions acknowledges Trump’s maneuvering prowess, and how he managed to elaborate the cultural issues in details.

These days, controversy is one powerful method to get the affection of the crowds. During the debates, Trump would say something outrageous – never heard before, which spontaneously makes his other statements less controversial, and puts the interlocutor in a tight spot.

Drilling down to the essential elements is put on hold, and the public places emphasis on secondary issues, only because they’ve been dragged into a discussion that seems open to question.

Indeed, the world doesn’t function with a single mindset. What suits you, doesn’t essentially means that it will please the others.

Instigating a new sense of reality on a global level is an impossible assignment. From a personal perspective, we assume that we got all the knowledge in our pockets, and the people who think otherwise are lost and unrealistic.

There’s a saying – There is one planet, but billions of worlds. Your heart and mind represent just one aspect of the whole game.  

The worst thing about this is that people, even when cornered, will refuse to back away from their agendas, despite the new evidence or fact which proves them wrong.

What Trump knew is that the crowds shape their opinion day in and day out. Each general information adds to their worldview, which doesn’t indicate that they will neglect everything acquired up to that moment.

An intentional error in the details of your message will attract criticism. The attention will make your message rise in importance—at least in people’s minds—simply because everyone is talking about it.

Generally speaking, putting yourself in someone’s shoes is a gigantic stride towards controlling the mass behavior. Persuasion and talent for diplomacy can get your story embedded into the hearts and minds of those whose opinion means something to you.

Adams profoundly appreciates Cialdini’s contribution to the magic of persuasion and even outlines a few of his sayings and quotes.

According to all parameters, Trump’s policy to gain the confidence of the mass was better than Hillary’s, because he understood the human nature, which always seeks reforms.

The main negotiation principles which proved effective were used during the campaign – cognitive dissonance, distraction, pacing, and so forth. The tools gave Trump the edge and granted him a place on the pedestal of U.S politics.

Adams spreads out a few of his favorite techniques for persuasion:

When there is no light at the end of the tunnel, many people would simply go for raw power. It’s natural to lean towards the one, whose methods impart security and stability. No, one likes to be kept in the dark.

Humans always, since the beginning of time are searching for the voice of reason. The decision-making is greatly affected by alternatives because they are not quite sure how persuasion even works.

Talking about the future is always a great way to receive positive reactions. Even when people are dragged into supporting agendas that are against their interest; they will remain side-by-side with the persuader if that person puts an accent on the future.

Indeed, the digital era offers live-stream and an abundant of cutting-edge capabilities that catch every single word a presidential candidate has said. People are not too concerned with the words, but how those statements made them feel.

It’s has been proven, that people are prone to remembering things that exceed or fall behind the expectations. Such turn of events leaves a mark on a person’s life, and make him/her an easy target for experienced persuaders.

Do facts matter, is yet to be decided. Trump as an underdog, managed to come out victorious because he knew that the crowd expected modifications and full-scale alteration.

Key Lessons from “Win Bigly”

1.      The effects of Cognitive Dissonance
2.      Persuading, as a ticket to ultimate success
3.      Read their minds

The effects of Cognitive Dissonance

This method cast doubts on people’s real intentions and plans which are not synchronized with the thoughts and moral values of a person.

This triggers a collision, which shows signs of inner disharmony.

Persuading, as a roadmap leading to ultimate success

This is not about becoming a president, but about exploiting all the internal sources of energy to outsmart your opponents.

Trump was ready to set sail and started his controversial campaign, which gave him the upper hand to achieve victory.

Read their minds

Well, you don’t have to be a magician to anticipate someone’s reaction and response to your demands.

Adams lays out a handful of tricks, used by most experienced negotiators and persuaders when doing business.

Explore these techniques and ensure that you got the “right equipment.”

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“Win Bigly Quotes”

On all the important stuff, we are emotional creatures who make decisions first and rationalize them after the fact. Click To Tweet Humans think they are rational, and they think they understand their reality. But they are wrong on both counts. Click To Tweet If you don’t understand confirmation bias, you might think new information can change people’s opinions. As a trained persuader, I know that isn’t the case, at least when emotions are involved. People don’t change opinions about emotional… Click To Tweet That people are more influenced by visual persuasion, emotion, repetition, and simplicity than they are by details and facts. Click To Tweet People are more influenced by the direction of things than the current state. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Well, if you are living in the U.S., it’s best if you open your eyes to the possibility that you’ve been lured into something.

It’s vital that you find out whether your decision was correct or not. The heavy load is now on your shoulders – take action.

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