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Chaos Monkeys Summary

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Chaos Monkeys SummaryObscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley

The real meaning of success can never be fully defined since everyone perceives it differently and uniquely.

From a professional standpoint, reaching prosperity is challenging due to various obstacles that might hinder your growth.

We summarize the key findings, with the hope of delivering real value to our readers.

Who Should Read “Chaos Monkeys”? And Why?

Don’t get discouraged with the idea that you don’t have what it takes to play with the “big boys.” In truth, we are the creators of our own destiny, and we must take that into account.

Chaos Monkeys” is perfectly designed to answer the cry for help, and provide guidance to various profiles of individuals, who operate in different industries.

About Antonio Garcia Martinez

Antonio Garcia MartinezAntonio Garcia Martinez started his campaign on Wall Street while working for Goldman Sachs as a trader. He is also the founder of AdGrok company.

Currently, he resides near San Francisco and lives on a sailboat.

“Chaos Monkeys Summary”

When Europeans tried to reach America in the 18th century, many weren’t able to get out of the claws of this proceeding and committed to several years of indentured servitude and slavery. These days, similar difficulties emerge for the geeks, as they are facing tough time adapting and finding a suitable position that matches their potential.

Silicon Valley is a place of the highest order, and having the privilege to operate there as an immigrant is anything but easy.

Evidently, life would become a lot easier if we could print money, and use them without facing criminal prosecution. However, such activities can get you in a prison cell, and it’s advisable that you create a company similar to Google.

As a top-notch brand and eminent search engine, Google is embedded into many success-anecdotes and stories.

Each year, Google ranks high on the list as one of the companies that generate more than $50 billion in yearly revenue. Such numbers can throw off balance even experienced developers and economist who can estimate Google’s impact on the world’s economy.

The real question is – How Google generates so much money?

Unlike other businesses, companies like Google don’t have a price-list, and their services are defined on a case-to-case basis. The amount of money Google receives is highly linked to the importance of the keyword, and the traffic it generates.

Almost 98% of Google’s revenue comes from Pay-Per-Click advertising. For instance, the keyword “mortgage” ranges between $50-60.

What makes Google even more unique, is the possibility to conclude deals without even breaking a single word with the bidding parties. All of the transactions and negotiations are managed via highly-advanced technology.

All these tech-enthusiasts (Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniak, Larry Page) were, in fact, risk seekers. They are real adventurists, who instead of exposing their lives to danger, they launched a start-up while investing all of their savings – an equal uncertainty.

As much as every start-up begins from scratch, failing to conduct proper preparations is increasing the chances of failure. Don’t place too much emphasis on funding. Plant that seed, and if your plan justifies its worth, potential investors will be begging to get a piece of your action.

Afterward, you can start devising tactics to land big-time investors and persuade them in your ideas.

These potential and skeptical investors are practically shooting in the dark for two apparent reasons: The company could either collapse and never see its sunrise or the firm could grow in numbers and generate profits, but these investors will only receive a small share for exposing their capital to significant risk and not gaining a proper reward.

Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs used very unconventional methods that yield good results. The route to wealthiness is covered with mud and thorns, so if you are not willing to test your strength don’t embark on such journey.

Bill Gates launched Microsoft after he got dropped out of Harvard.  

At the time, Bill was already developing an operating system, when he heard that IBM was in desperate need of brand-new software for their system. He knew that this is the break he has been waiting for.

Indeed, you have to be smart to invent and launch such impressive start-ups. Despite the genetic predisposition, a person should showcase its talent and skills to succeed in the Silicon Valley.

    • First, one of the key elements of reaching success is being obsessive.
  • The second one is, never give up. Even if the whole world goes nuts, you stay calm and do your work.

Key Lessons from “Chaos Monkeys

1.      The trait you need for reaching the top
2.      The battle of technologies
3.      If you want success, go out there and take it

The trait you need for reaching the top

By being exposed to unpleasant situations as a kid, Martinez developed a fighting spirit and never-give-up mentality that later turned out to be decisive.

This attitude ignited Martinez’s vision and helped him to endure and overcome the obstacles that occurred during AdGrok’s launch.

The battle of technologies

In 2011, Google challenged Facebook with the launch of Google Plus. Facebook wasn’t simply going to back away, and Mark initiated some severe counter-measures.

The employees endorsed these methods and reacted with lightning speed.

For taking such drastic measures, the staff required assistance and support from the top. Although Mark is not lauded for his oratory skills, he indeed outdid himself and shared some inspiring words.

If you want success, go out there and take it

Many parents imagine their kids of developing into successful and happy individuals. Nevertheless, they are not ready to hear the actual truth, and the path leading to satisfaction.

Sacrifices must be made, and success is on the end-product of politeness.

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“Chaos Monkeys” Quotes

To quote one Valley sage, if your idea is any good, it won’t get stolen, you’ll have to jam it down people’s throats instead. Click To Tweet Dedication To all my enemies: I could not have done it without you. Click To Tweet It’s not the rats who first abandon a sinking ship. It’s the crew members who know how to swim. Click To Tweet Here’s some startup pedagogy for you: When confronted with any startup idea, ask yourself one simple question: How many miracles have to happen for this to succeed? Click To Tweet As in life, so in business: maintain a bias for action over inaction. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Understanding the trickiness of the economy requires certain expertise, but realizing what is keeping you down is way more complicated.

Martinez explains how to set new boundaries, and dive into the unknown by pushing your limits.

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