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Coming to Our Senses Summary

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Coming to Our Senses SummaryHealing Ourselves and the World through Mindfulness

How often do you feel fed up with life? – You want to walk out on everything and start living on a mountain.

Perhaps, it’s not the geographical location that causes the trouble, nor the people around us, but the self-imposed ideas that we protect with our lives.

Who Should Read “Coming to Our Senses”? And Why?

Coming to Our Senses” revives the society by explaining why should we pursue a real life-altering experience with the help of mindful meditation.

This book is perfectly designed to give you the edge you desperately need for handling the issues that arise almost endlessly.

About Jon Kabat-Zinn

Jon Kabat-ZinnJon Kabat-Zinn is lauded as an expert in mindfulness and meditation. He is a best-selling author who focuses on alleviating emotional pain and reducing stress while endorsing proven methods.

Jon is the founder of Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

“Coming to Our Senses Summary”

How to define Mindfulness?

From the beginning of time, people have always been curious about the supernatural and how to find it. Even though it all started as one huge misconception, the practice of mindful meditation continued to change the lives of true wisdom-seekers throughout history.

It stimulates perception without judgment, and it disregards the analytical attitude towards everything that surrounds us. Mindfulness is more than just becoming the witness of thoughts – how they arise and vanish. It’s the substance of all creation, your only friend, who unlike the ego, doesn’t have hidden agenda.  

For reaching such state, you need to move beyond the concept of meditation

As a person faces its end, it realizes how life passed with lightning speed, and there is little hope for slowing down the pace. However, to be truly in the presence of wisdom means to discover timelessness and spaciousness that are not time-bound.

The Buddha was among the first human beings who reached a state of total awareness, and absence of the egoic-consciousness through the practice of meditation. He imparted wisdom and taught his followers to remove their attachments to the external world.  

Not adhering to anything will give you the opportunity to experience peace and inner harmony. Don’t cling to your concepts, methods, ideas, opinions, but be open to new experiences because every second brings new life.

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