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Disaster Proof Your Career Summary

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Disaster Proof Your Career Summary

Tactics to Survive, Thrive and Keep Ahead in the Workplace

Launching a brand-new aggressive career management plan enables each person to seize the day, and prepare for whatever tomorrow brings.

The problem boils down to lack of time, our summary will give you a few hints on how to organize your to-do list.

Who Should Read “Disaster Proof Your Career”? And Why?

Challenges are more likely to appear when you dive into the water of uncertainty. Nonetheless, not on every occasion, you should abandon reason, and go for the theory – no gain without risk.

To some extent that may be true, but definitely not in every situation. Companies these days, are expecting the “Microsoft” instant growth and impact, they prefer a steadier improvement, absent too many ups and downs – back and forth.

Organizations have a tough time surviving, so their employees’ welfare may not rank high enough to destroy records.

With the right attitude and dedication, you may come out on top. All things considered, “Disaster Proof Your Career” is best equipped for those “hungry” for success, those motivated individuals who are seeking challenges.

About Patrick Forsyth

Patrick ForsythPatrick Forsyth was born on December 15th, 1942 in the U.K. He has written over 100 books, related to business and management. Currently, Patrick heads the U.K.-based Touchstone Training & Consultancy – a company that trains other organizations on a European Soil.

As we said, he wrote many books, including Successful Time Management; How to Write Reports and Proposals; How to Motivate People and others.

“Disaster Proof Your Career Summary”

One thing is for sure that nothing stays the same. The worldly economy has its ups and downs ever since the beginning of the 20th century. Your assumptions about tomorrow, may or may not be relevant, in either case, you should plant your seed of hope, and start planning.

Above all, the external fluctuations and influences tend to increase the instability on the market. Businesses nowadays, push forward while trying to remain competitive – from a technological and creative point of view.

In reality, there are very little things that an average manager can foresee because the emphasis often falls on other, “more tangible” matters – like production. The risk measurement has its impact on company’s temporal successiveness but doesn’t have the pivotal role.

The economic incentives for sharing information covered by rapid a rapid technological growth can work both ways. At first, one may think – That’s a great thing for the business, but on the other hand, the costs for implementation of a new system, educating the associates, communicating with all of the stakeholders emerge from absent warning.

Instead of taking cover beneath the safety of mediocrity, some companies embark upon a dangerous endeavor. It means that you need to continually reshape the working-model, and consequently improve the market position of your firm.

Whether we like it or not, it’s up to us to safeguard our carries and defend it against any potential predators. Don’t run away from challenges, because in the end, that is what motivates you to proceed forward.

It’s important to realize that not even the company you work in, can do that thing on your behalf. The drive and determination derive from you and vanish in you. The real question is – How? Indeed, to protect someone else’s value, it’s not in anybody’s job description, so the best answer will probably be to stay “career fit”.

Who will want to fire a person, whose influence count at any stage? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the same team with an individual who performs exquisitely? To put in another way, as long as you bring value to the organization, your job will remain safe and stable.

Many business experts agree that books written about the importance of career planning in the traditional sense, display the average employee’s “push” to climb the corporate ladder.

Nevertheless, the days of working 50 years in a single company, disappeared in the digital age. Don’t be afraid of a little risk, make sure you are “well-armed” with knowledge and creativity, to navigate your career path.

In this amazing book, the author and consultant Patrick Forsyth, shares some interesting insights on “career management.” This is nothing short of a masterpiece, which clarifies the state of total preparedness. The next great thing awaits you right around the corner, don’t fall into despair.  

There are no guarantees for success; this is a lifelong process – crucial for reaching the highest possible status during someone’s career. Changes are an integral part of the new age; flexibility is the key to prosperity.

Express your appreciation for the opportunity, and start climbing all the way up to the top. Once you get momentum, everything will appear different, and more natural.

Key Lessons from “Disaster Proof Your Career”

1.      The crucial asset in the battle of survival
2.      The company’s performance doesn’t demonstrate your efforts
3.      Never stop learning new things

The crucial asset in the battle of survival

In the world of management, people doing the hard work are less paid. In the meantime, the executives need to conduct a valuable evaluation of all the processes linked to the company and find those that are causing trouble. 

The competition is fierce in the digital age; adaptation is a valuable asset in the battle of survival.

The company’s performance doesn’t demonstrate your efforts

Even if your company doesn’t manage to overcome some temporary financial crisis, and collapses – you will surely have a lot of expertise to find yourself a new responsible job.

Your talent and knowledge showcase your productivity skills.

Never stop learning new things

Self-development is not just important, but vital to remain “career fit”, regardless of the surroundings.

Never hesitate to participate in all sorts of activities that can help you grow on a professional level. If your skills are in perfect alignment with your profession, there is nothing to worry about.

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“Disaster Proof Your Career” Quotes

Career management is as much an art as a science. Click To Tweet The best moments to press home and initiate action to further your career may be when things are going well. Click To Tweet So, career development, and specifically getting career fit, must be on your mind regularly; don’t let times when all is going well – for the moment – blind you to the need for it. Click To Tweet Progress in your career means being fit for the job now and also in terms of whatever you may do in future. Click To Tweet People are a significant part of your passport to a successful career. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

This book is perfect for those people who are willingly entering into the field of entrepreneurship.

The price for earning respect comes with an obligation to endure in these harsh economic times.

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