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Love Is The Killer App Summary

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Love Is The Killer App SummaryHow to Win Business and Influence Friends

Times are changing fast, and you need some tricks that will lead you to everlasting career success.

Unlike what you may believe, the answer lies in the fundamental human emotions: love and compassion.

In our summary of “Love Is The Killer App,” we show you how love can turn you into a generous, smart and compassionate person, who always succeeds in both his life and job.

Who Should Read “Love Is The Killer App”? and Why?

Times have changed. A winner takes it all philosophy no longer works in business. Instead, interpersonal skills are getting the spotlight.

Author Tim Sanders shows you how you can bring that love and compassion to work for you in furthering your career.

We recommend “Love Is The Killer App” to anybody who wants to work on their interpersonal skills, to those who are having problems with workplace relationships, and team leaders in need of strategies that could fuel synergy in their group.

About Tim Sanders

Tim SandersTim Sanders is a writer, speaker and a consultant to Fortune 1000 companies.

He uses his vast knowledge of psychology, marketing and business to help people and companies excel in any economy.

“Love Is The Killer App Summary”

In the past, an Ivy League education was the ticket to a long and stable career, in which the essential thing was the knowledge learned on the job.

However, all things change, and so has the market.

Lately, people are valued according to their knowledge, not their educational background and previous job experience.

But if that is the case, then what is the ticket that can secure a fruitful career in the future?

You guessed right: love.

Everyone already knows that love is a fantastic feeling and that it can create wonders.

So, shouldn’t it be part of the business world too?

However, when we talk about love connected to the business, we are talking about the linkage of three intangible qualities: compassion, knowledge, and network.

Let’s take a quick look at them.

First, knowledge is all the information you have picked up and will continue to do so, regardless of its source: work experience, school, or self-taught.

Second, your network is the net of all current relationship and prospects. It is the foundation of your success since with no network you will not get a chance to apply your knowledge.

Third and last, compassion is the ability to support the people that surround you and to help them grow. This last quality is becoming increasingly important, as we are becoming more aware that people’s feelings are stronger and more significant than their thoughts about you.

These three qualities are so powerful that most successful people have already incorporated them into their lifestyle and shifted their mindsets.

We like to call these people lovecats.

What are lovecats?

Well, you can think of them as high achievers who have left the old ways of functioning behind them. The things that traditional economy has taught us: the first mover advantage, the importance of capturing market share, the predatory marketing – you can find none of it in the lovecats’ way of doing business.

In today’s world in which intimacy has lost its meaning, it is no wonder that professionals suffer from lack of intimacy in their connections to one another as well.

Many people who are focused on their careers are feeling lonely and think that no one understands them and can offer them support.

That is such a bitter way of life. It is time for it to change.

And it can, if we decide to fight our fears and emanate love.

So what are the problems that push people away from this new way of functioning?

For starters, one of the fundamental human fears: the fear of rejection.

What you need to understand is that starting a conversation with a business prospect is far less risky than talking to a total stranger. Business people are always looking for ways to expand their networks and to find new opportunities.

The sooner you accept this, the better. There is just too much at stake for you to be stopped by an unbiased fear of rejection.

All that said, we need to underline that there is always a chance that the people you show love for will just use your network for their benefit, without showing you any gratitude.

But, that is okay.

Do not worry about such things, since those are the exceptions, not the rules. It is not worth losing a rich and loving network, over the fear that somebody may take advantage of you.

Always remember that when you are sharing business love, although you may not always gain something, you never lose anything.

Key Lessons from “Love Is The Killer App”:

1.      Benefits of Being a Lovecat
2.      Knowledge Will Take You Places
3.      Building Strong Networks

Benefits of Being a Lovecat

    • It helps you build an excellent image for yourself
    • It gives you the opportunity to create an experience
    • You will get people’s attention
    • You will emanate the power of positive presumption
    • You will receive exceptional feedback
  • It gives you personal satisfaction

Knowledge Will Take You Places

Okay, you already knew that. But, how can you become more knowledgeable?

Well, there is no shortcut: you will have to read. However, do not read just for the sake of it. Instead, invest yourself in it, so you can make knowledge work for you.

A good strategy is to write down the main points as you go through the text. Then make sure that you comprehend everything that you have highlighted.

If you have, then you are ready for the last step which is the actual application of what you have learned.

Building Strong Networks

  • Become a collector

Place your contacts in groups: customers, prospects, co-workers, friends, and family. Also, always carry a business card, ready to be exchanged.

Keep track of your communication and remember those small chunks of information that at the moment may not seem that important, but are great conversation starters for some other time.

  • Connect People

Of course, we are not saying you should just pair people up. Instead, know what people need and what they want and pair them with others who can offer those very things.

Be careful not to become a middleman and remove yourself once you can sense that the relationship can support itself.

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“Love Is The Killer App” Quotes

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Our Critical Review

While reading “Love Is The Killer App,” you will get the feeling that Tim surely knows what he talks about. He gives fantastic bits of advice. The strongest chapter is the chapter on reading, where he really lets himself shine.

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