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Managers as Mentors Summary

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Managers as Mentors SummaryMentoring is like parenting due to the involvement in the wisdom sharing process.

Who Should Read “Managers as Mentors”? And Why?

Managers as Mentors” is a wonderful “teacher” that shares some ideas about mentorship, as a concept of improving end-to-end processes. In other words, it consists of first-class examples which are supported by lots and lots of tips.

This book comes highly recommended for those people, who are destined to become great mentors or those in the process of making. All things considered, you should at least give it a try – you’ve got nothing to lose.

About Chip R. Bell

Chip R. BellChip R. Bell was born on October 16th, 1944. From 1972 until 1974, Chip served in the United States Army. He is currently in charge of a “Performance Research Associates, Inc” as a senior partner and resides in Pennsylvania with his wife.

Chip R. Bell wrote dozens of books including Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service; Customers as Partners; Understanding Training; Instructing for Results, etc.

“Managers as Mentors Summary”

Nowadays, the innate characteristics of a real leader are rarer than diamonds – hypothetically speaking. A valuable asset to any organization is the one, whose wisdom and presence are deeply felt on all organizational layers.

As a mentor, you should seek ways to impart knowledge efficiently, and in the meantime, make sure that you are developing an effective mindset. The hypocrisy deriving from bossy attitude is typical these days, but that doesn’t endanger the real change-makers.

Depending on your status, and previous experience you can begin to discover new things that add to the picture of new-style supportive leader. So, now we are investing, whether you have the capacity of not.

This “step-by-step” fact-filled guide, consist of ideas, and examples which only intends to take you up to the seeing – that mentors are the difference between mediocrity and uniqueness.

When you act on people’s behalf, without consulting first, you are crossing the line. As a mentor or if you prefer a teacher, you will not so easily be distracted by the power invested in you.

In other words, a wise mentor will allow everyone to participate, while slowly conducting a set of rules, without any unnecessary pressure or tensions.

During the process of making things happen, all members grow equally, due to the new mindset – being launched. In order to embark upon this life-altering transition, a person needs to ultimately “melt” in terms of becoming more open.

In fact, we can clarify the modern-age mentoring as a comprehensive search and thirst for knowledge. It’s like the act of being in the position where you can aid your organization while adhering to a set of concepts. To allow others to learn, they must be comfortable with your teaching method.

As one may assume, this is a two-way street, referring that you can’t generate any output, while neglecting input from all sides.

The relationship between the mentor and its student or colleague is built on an (Information) supply-chain model. A program used to increase the popularity of not just mentorships but leadership as well.

It’s also important to underline the disappearance of some of the conventional models and command leadership methods. Due to the escalating environmental crisis, the old strategies weren’t producing any results, so a shift emerged as an imperative, by the demanding audience.

Traditionally, a leader or mentor was seen as a person of integrity, a true representative of the company, and an “office parent”. Many cultures and nations voiced their displeasure in seeing that mentorship is too authoritative.

According to them the emphasis wasn’t not supposed to be integrated with power, which would, later on, result in an unproductive communication between two organizational levels.

Advocating for a more open-minded leader with a broader perspective has eventually led to the creation of “The Supporter”.

Furthermore, many organizations have declared that interpersonal skills surpass the technical abilities in the digital age. This claim has shocked the world, and later on produced a new generation of top-notch speakers, motivators and also mentors.

His tools are transparent and available to everyone. In reality, these leads to many questions, linked to the mentor/protégé interaction, which is relatively new to most readers. By all means, you can’t handle all issues in life single-handedly. As long as we remain flexible– outside help comes as a gift from heaven.

Given these points, a new perspective rises from the dust, to reduce the pain of executives, managers, and other decision-making entities.

Key Lessons from “Managers as Mentors”

1.      The privilege of being the one who can make the difference
2.      Companies these days fail to integrate all systems due to different views
3.      A new leader is born

The privilege of being the one who can make the difference

Don’t run away from the responsibility to create that spark in your organization.

Relationships depend on people who can cope with the severe challenges emerging from cutting-edge technologies.

Benefits aside, these processes are suffocating the interpersonal interactions in one way or another.

Companies these days fail to integrate all systems due to different views

In addition, a shortage of synergy is worse than lack of quality, although many would disagree, the notion of building that magical dance, surely is an essential contributor to profitable corporations.

A new leader is born

The role of an influential leader has a new set of attributes, relatively different than the ones existing ten years ago.

These so-called decision makers are seen as liberators, are recognized as futurists, who are thinking one step ahead all the time.

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“Managers as Mentors” Quotes

A mentor is a teacher, a guide, a sage, and foremost a person acting to the best of his or her ability in a whole and compassionate way in plain view of the protégé. Click To Tweet The best mentors recognize that they are, first and foremost, facilitators and catalysts in a process of discovery and insight. Click To Tweet The synchrony and synergy of mentoring are what give it a dance-like quality. They are also what make it magical. Click To Tweet Partners who learn together earn together. Click To Tweet Leaders unable to let go of the reins of power are fast being replaced by leaders who view their relationship with associates as being that of liberator, barrier remover, facilitator and mentor. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Chip R. Bell provides insights into the future of relationship building, covering the core aspects of mentoring and partnership.

The idea is to rely on a personal mentor, who will act on your behalf if needed, to protect your interest.

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