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Tag: authors biographies

Brian Tracy – A Journey of 100 steps

Many assume that Brian is closing in on discovering the fountain of joy, but even for him, that’s too optimistic. Nevertheless, he has shown us that life can be different and better if we alter our habits and mental patterns. […]

Robert Greene – A Journey of 100 steps

Robert Greene doesn’t endorse any quitting and giving up on something you love doing. In this short little preview of Green’s journey, we outline the key milestones in his life and more. Who is Robert Greene Robert Greene is hailed […]

John C. Maxwell – A Journey of 100 Steps

Seth Godin and Daniel Goleman are not just names you casually throw around. They are giants in their fields and colossi among the popular intellectuals of today. Consequently, you wouldn’t be too surprised to find their names – at positions […]

Stephen R. Covey – A Journey of 100 Steps

In 1996, to the surprise of some, “Time” magazine included Stephen Covey in its annual list of “25 Most Influential Americans.” Two decades later and few years after Covey’s death, it’s obvious that “Time” didn’t make any mistake: Covey’s books […]

Simon Sinek – A Journey of 100 Steps

Type “Simon Sinek Quotes” and you get adjectives such as “amazing,” “inspirational,” and “awe-inspiring.” Type “Simon Sinek YouTube” and, among the results, you read things like “best speech ever” or “the video that will change your life.” Finally, type “Simon […]