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The 10X Rule Summary

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the 10x rule pdfMicroSummary: Have you ever dreamt of standing out and not just being another person in the crowd? That’s the purpose of Grant Cardone’s The 10x Rule. The premise of the book is simple: to get maximum performance in your life and achieve success, you have to work harder than the average man. You need to struggle 10 times more than others and condition your brain to achieve success.

The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

Beyond effort, it takes discipline and focus. In this microbook, we will explore the essential lessons of Mr. Cardone’s book. Shall we get started?

“The 10X Rule PDF Summary”

Our Society Conditions Us to be Mediocre

Do you care about society’s standards? With average performers? You need to break this myth if your goal is to become a mega-hit. In the dictionary, the word average is defined as that which is typical, ordinary, exactly what you do not seek.

Anything that is based on the average, the common and the pattern will not get you to success. The levels at which most people operate, on average, does not work for you.

The average does not take into account factors such as age, endurance, momentum, and the unexpected. If you focus on getting results within the average, you will not be able to achieve the success you crave.

Understand What is Success

There are 3 things you need to know about success. The first is that success is crucial for you to feel fulfilled with yourself. The second is that success is your duty. You really need to strive to have the success you crave.

Finally, the third thing is that success is not something scarce. There is no limited amount of success in the world.

You will never have the success you seek if you do not believe in its importance and trust that it is your total and sole responsibility to achieve it.

You need to try to live the maximum of your full potential to be the best version of yourself. Becoming successful should never be an option, but a must for anyone. When there is no shortage, anyone can have it. Success is the same.

There is no limited stock of success in the world. For someone to become successful, another person need not fail. Success is something that only grows, and it is up to you to allow this growth. Anyone who is willing to do whatever it takes can become successful.

Never limit your mind about what you can achieve. Think about how much you can achieve and how many good things you can bring to the world.

Condition Your Mind for Success: Define Objectives

Extraordinary success is not easy. Everyone dreams of reaching it, but few really manage to get there. The secret is simpler than you realize, but it is not easy. You need to condition your mind to success and strive 10 times more than others.

You also need to understand that the more you strive, the more obstacles you will encounter on your path and you will have to find a way to overcome them. Becoming a mega success is not something you can do without a mega exposure as well.

You will have to be everywhere at once, create a reputation, a name that people recognize and find all the time. To succeed 10 times higher, you need a clear view of where you want to go.

Most people, when setting their goals and objectives, end up defining simple goals that are easier to achieve.

They do not look for something challenging and motivating. The higher your goal, the better, even if you do not know how to get it off the paper. It doesn’t matter what your goal is now.

You must multiply it by 10. Look for something 10 times greater than you consider yourself capable of achieving.

Stop limiting yourself, and you will find out what you really are capable of. Set your goals for yourself and not for society. Your goals are a vision of what you want to accomplish.

Everything is possible, and you need to make the impossible possible. Your success is your responsibility, and you need to prove to yourself that you are willing to do whatever it takes to become successful.

How much would your life change if you read one book a week? Books increase your knowledge and your ability to learn. They raise your thinking so that you can improve your life and conquer more.

Common Errors In Defining Your Objectives

If you really seek to achieve your goals, you need to avoid some common mistakes. Most people make mistakes by setting their goals and not achieving success. Understand the most common mistakes:

  • Wrong target: This occurs when you set very easy goals, loose goals that do not motivate you. To be successful, you need audacious goals and challenging goals;
  • Underestimating complexity: This occurs when you underestimate the number of actions, resources, and energy needed to achieve your goals. Detail the steps required to achieve your goals methodically;
  • Focus on the competition: Do not focus on the competition but on dominating a niche. Successful people focus on creating relevant things, never on the competition itself;
  • Underestimating adversity: Adversities will appear, and things will eventually go awry. Plan to anticipate and overcome these challenges.

The 10X Rule SummaryUnderstand The Concept Of Massive Action

Just having daring goals is not enough. To get to the next level, you need to find out that there is a level of activity that needs to be achieved. You have to ensure that you operate at such a high level that you guarantee the achievement of your goals and dreams.

You need to take massive action. There are 4 levels of actions you can take. They are extremely simple, but understanding them is essential for large-scale success. They are:

  • Doing Nothing: You accept what life gives you. You do not move or act to change the direction of your life. You will not succeed doing anything;
  • Hiding: You are afraid of success and take adverse actions not to be criticized. That sabotages your success;
  • Normal level of action: You do what everyone else does, put in the same effort, and operate according to the rules. You may not succeed;
  • Massive Action: You do what it takes to achieve massive success. That is where things happen.

If you want to become a 10x best professional, you need to incorporate more and more action into your life. You need to act more, do more than the rest of the people. Massive action means doing 10 times more than others.

10 times more than they expect from you. A massive action allows you to go beyond business cliches and pursue daring and risky ways to fulfill your dreams. If you call 10 customers per day, you should start calling 100.

Increase your effort level by 10 times. The more you act, the closer you get to success.

You are capable of much more than you think. Instead of behaving like others and having the same results as they have, acting massively allows you to have 10x results.

Forget the concept of luck and opportunity of your life and focus on performing massively to achieve success.

Getting Exceptional Results

For exceptional results, you need goals that are 10x more challenging than you imagine being able to achieve. We rarely begin our work by trying to understand what we need to do to achieve the desired results.

Usually, we just focus on what needs to be done right away, and this leads to mediocre or merely acceptable results.

Ask yourself what has to be done to be able to perform 10x better, always pursue greatness. Once the right level is set, make it very clear to you.

Be fully committed and never reduce the expected delivery standard. If you feel in doubt or encounter obstacles, perform massively.

Forget the idea that success is scarce and remember that it has no limits. Perform to perfection, relentlessly. Address each project with the 10x rule.

Your life depends on it for you to achieve success. Take care of each task as if it were being filmed and recorded as a model of perfection, so your children and grandchildren see what it takes to become a success.

Ending Fear

Have you ever felt scared of having to do an ambitious task? A challenging project? Alright, this is normal. You need to know how to manage your fear for maximum performance. Do you know the most significant cause of fear? Time.

As time goes by and you look at your larger goal in fear, the more apprehensive you become.

The more apprehensive you become, the more your fear grows. It’s like going to the dentist. The longer you wait anxiously for the session, the worse the pain you’ll face.

You should always focus on acting, and not on waiting. Standing still, imagining a black future in fear, generates procrastination and this feeds your fear. If time goes by without actions, excuses are invented to justify non-execution.

All the excuses you make up prevent you from succeeding, for it comes from massive action. Do not leave it for later. If you are putting off something, you are walking, unwittingly, toward failure.

Do not be fooled into thinking you are preparing to perform. When you postpone it, you are actually avoiding action and becoming stagnant. Get out of your comfort zone for opportunities to unfold. Perform massively.

How to Dominate Your Market

Do you think you are in a competitive space? Do you believe that it will be difficult to win because there are many good guys in your industry? Forget it. Forget the competition. There is only one way to win in your market, and it is simple.

You just prevail if it is the best, the first name that comes to people’s mind who want your product or service. So you need to change your mental model and commit to investing the time and energy needed to become number one.

You need to be able to do what others are not willing to create a competitive advantage. Most people and companies are not willing to sacrifice enough to perform 10x better than the rest of the world.

That means you need to take this path and differentiate yourself. It takes consistency and persistence, even in adversity.

You need to do what no one else would have the courage and ability to do. This will get you to the top. Forget the way things have always been done.

Forget the average and norms by which other people operate. Innovation does not arise from sameness nor average. The sameness kills your creativity and leads to mediocre results. Leaving the box, let your creativity flow, and you will thrive.

How to Be Noticed In a Competitive Market

If you want to be the protagonist of a market, your first challenge is to be noticed. No one remembers those who do not draw attention. People need to look and be interested in you and your actions.

You need to boost your visibility by 10x. Get out of the fog and go to the light. Be visible and easy to find. Ignore those who ignore you and doubt you. Ignore your competition. Be clear about all the skills, actions and mental model you need to be noticed.

Take consistent actions and persist in massive action on a level that no one else is willing to go. Do what others do not do to get noticed. Show up and demonstrate your superiority.

Remember the old tale of the tortoise and the hare: once a tortoise and a hare bet a race. The hare is a faster animal, and in the test, it was faster, running much more than the tortoise.

A few meters from the finish line, the hare who had run, was so tired and so stopped to rest. Thinking she was going to win easily, she stopped and distracted herself. The turtle persisted and walked slowly, but steadily to the final stretch.

As the hare rested, certain that it would win, the turtle overcame and won the race. Society leads us to believe that we must act like the turtle, persistently and steadily, although slow.

But for you to get the most out of this tale, you must imagine that there was a third element in the race. An animal with the speed of the hare and the persistence of the tortoise. You must behave like this accelerated hybrid if you want to win and be noticed.

Agile and accelerated like the hare, with the persistence of the tortoise. Your ability to persist and continue, at high speed, overcoming obstacles like fatigue and adversity, is what will lead you to victory.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have proven that it is possible to go at full speed and energy toward their goals to achieve something irrationally audacious.

Adopt this if you want to win. Successful people approach, speak, and face challenges differently from others. You need to be different and not fit the pattern if you want to be noticed.

The Characteristics Of Successful People

If you are looking for success, you need to understand what drives people to succeed. What they have is different. Find out here the key features that lead to success, according to Grant Cardone:

  • Everything is possible attitude: For successful people, everything can be achieved, and they are not bound to limitations. If something needs to be done for a goal to be achieved, it automatically means that it’s possible. Its role is to discover how to turn this uncertainty into action and make it true;
  • Focus on Opportunity: Every problem comes with an opportunity associated with it. Many people do not see the opportunity and focus on the issue, but to succeed, you have to know that every problem has an analogous opportunity;
  • They are irrational: When we say irrational, we do not mean that they do not think to do things, but that they believe in what others do not believe in and are willing to do what others think are crazy things. They are prepared to take massive action on things that other people do not think make sense. They do not act according to the norms and limitations of society;
  • They create wealth by sharing information: Successful people focus on generating value all the time because they know that success is not a scarce resource. They share information, learn and develop those around them, creating wealth for all;
  • They act massively towards their audacious goals: We have already talked about this in this microbook, but it is worth repeating. They actually act more and strive 10x more than others;
  • They prefer yes to no: For mass success, one must be open to new experiences. That means saying yes more often and accepting new open-minded challenges;
  • They complete things: While the action did not result in success, it is not finished. Successful people complete what they start by accepting only one possible result, massive success;
  • They focus on the now: To act, you have to focus on the current moment and not the future. Success is inevitable if you are always walking towards it. If you are taking action now to achieve your audacious goal, you will get there. Do not let yourself be immobilized and focus on the action. Develop your discipline and run all the time to get where you want;
  • Demonstrate courage: Successful people are exposed to success. They act with self-confidence and courage. They attack, dominate and repeat their actions all the time to develop their courage. They do what frighten them to develop their muscles in the fight against fear. In doing so, they feel less fear and become more courageous;
  • Embrace change: Successful people are not afraid to change and do differently. They know that the world changes fast and that which worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Therefore, they observe, learn by acting and evolve to improve their efficiency and deliver more;
  • They take the right path: They analyze and understand how to work more efficiently, capture the best ideas, and put that into practice to achieve success;
  • They dismantle widely accepted ideas: Traditional and accepted ideas favor mediocrity. To be noticed and succeed, one must challenge common sense and try new ways and approaches;
  • Focus on their goals: To be successful, you must have clear, quantifiable goals. Therefore, having goals is essential. It is necessary to focus on the goal, the result and not the problem;
  • They have high motivation: Motivation is essential for success. To massively evolve and achieve your goals, you need to have very high energy levels and be constantly motivated. Motivation is within you and it does not come from society. Work to develop your persistence and motivation. Whenever you finish something, go up the bar and run again bringing your game to a new level;
  • They are interested in results: They do not give up until they achieve the results they are looking for. They are tireless and do not focus on tasks and activities, only on the results generated by them;
  • If you commit first, find out how to deliver later: If you want to be successful, you need to be ready to commit to things you do not know how to accomplish. Make the commitment and then find out how to do it. Accept challenges for which you do not have the answer and find it during the journey;
  • They are extremely ethical: Ethics are essential for success. According to Grant Cardone, ethics are developed when you honor your commitment to success. When you do not lie to yourself regarding your goals and also honor the commitments to others. Living your potential to the full strengthens your ethics. Failure to act on your goals weakens your ethics with yourself and your self-confidence;
  • They think of the group: You are a combination of the people with whom you live. So you need to focus on surrounding yourself with audacious, executing, and success-seeking people like you. Focus on having them around and also helping them to achieve their successes;
  • They dedicate themselves to continuous learning: You have to turn learning into a habit. You need to learn new things everyday and always draw lessons from your achievements as well as the obstacles that come up in your life. Think the average CEO reads about 60 books a year, while the average American reads only 1 book annually. That explains a lot and it’s no coincidence that American CEOs earn more than 300 times more money than the average American per year. Always update and search for information that will take you to new levels;
  • They leave the comfort zone: You cannot stop and stagnate in the comfort zone. If you’re comfortable, you need to sacrifice yourself and get out of it to keep growing. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations and seek uncertain challenges to create an eternal discomfort;
  • They seek to outdo themselves in everyday life: If you are not living with better, wiser, and smarter people than you, you will settle. You need to find a group to learn from and pull you up to a new level. Surrounded by the right people, you will always be seeking to develop to achieve them. Do not be the smartest guy in your class. If you’re the smartest, you’re probably in the wrong class.

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“The 10X Rule Quotes”

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Final Notes:

In ’10x: The Difference Between Success and Failure’, Grant Cardone teaches us that massive success is not easy. You need to try 10x more and have 10x goals bolder than other people.

Forget the averages and mediocrity and get out of your comfort zone. Understand what makes people successful and act massively to get where you want to.

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