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The History of Nike – Just Do It

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The History of Nike Just Do ItIt all started in 1988 when Nike launched a brand-new marketing campaign to try and persuade the audience about joining the “Big Brand” family. The bottom line is that the only thing standing in your way is “laziness.”

To further illustrate such massive marketing boom, Nike carefully analyzed the market to see what will ultimately “provoke” a powerful reaction. The conducted analysis on human behavior gave them enough space to prepare the field for a new expansion.

The older generations recall the famous Nike commercial featuring Walt Stack, an 80-year-old amateur runner, who passionately shared his morning routine and way of life. People sitting in front of their TVs instantly felt a pull and motivation by saying to themselves – If this man can Do It, so can I!

nike just do it campaign

Officially, Nike’s campaign spread beyond the U.S. borders and transformed the mindsets of many people throughout the world. Indeed, this marked the beginning of today’s famous Nike Slogan leading to profits and better market positioning.

Nike officials declared that: After the successful launch of this marketing campaign, they began to receive phone calls, letters, e-mails from customers, who shared their “Just Do It” moments by quitting their dead-end jobs, starting a new career and so forth.

This was not the end of it! Many marketers, later on, driven by curiosity started a full-scale investigation to dig deep and understand the success of this campaign. Let’s move step by step and try to get the big picture, of what really happened and is actually happening.

Customers are driven by emotions

Ultimately, none of your customers cares too much about the quality as much as we are concerned about the message each product caries. Over the years, we have witnessed plenty of commercials that try to resist the fierce competition in the marketplace.

In general, brand positioning, especially for the newcomers is as hard as one can imagine, but without paying extra attention to evoking some response and emotions, things will get even harder. So, before you start anything to thinking about your options, analyze proven studies such as this one.

Many marketers indicate that there are no more loyal customers. Probably, if your competitor makes a better offer; you will lose all your clients – in a blink of an eye. Think of it logically, it’s not like the old days, we have millions if not billions of possibilities for each commodity, and there’s no reason of sticking with one company if the other ones are cheaper or better.

Powerful and mind-blowing message

Just take a quick break and analyze what makes so “Just Do It” so unique? Unlike other powerful slogans, this awakens a new spirit within the people giving them new energy to thrive on challenges. Even from the early days, when a commander, ruler or emperor would fall during a battle, the soldiers immediately ran for cover, feeling disheartened and beaten.

As you can see, even our ancestors had this urge for motivation, and push. We are not positively sure, whether Nike used this knowledge to control our behavior or not, but they certainly made an impact and increased their influence.

How to make an impact?

As we illustrated earlier, making a big name for yourself takes time, patience, expertise, proper equipment (mental and physical) and a bit of luck. However, you mustn’t underestimate the real power of reading the minds of the customers.

In the 30s, the companies couldn’t care less for customers’ needs, and they produced goods according to their standards. With the rise of freedom and movement, people started advocating for supporting the regular needs, instead of chasing and fulfilling the corporation’s interests.

So, if you plan on endeavoring to help your business grow, you must consider many matters such as:

    • Market barriers
    • Present competitors
    • Governmental support
    • Laws
    • Political Environment
    • Financial aid and availability of investors
    • Designing a strategy
  • Conducting a long-term plan

Your business, even though it relies on ingenuity and creativity, it must be backed with careful planning and management. If you believe that Nike just makes slogans like that, without testing nor analyzing, you are not living in the real world.

History of Nike just do it

The power of positive feeling

Put yourself in the position of your target audience and behave skeptically. If you can somehow sense the pull from your recently created message – you are on the right track. Nonetheless, it’s best to rely on several opinions before you launch a campaign.

Same as “Nike Just Do It,” you must give your potential customers something that they will find inspiring, and friendly. It’s like having a private guardian angel on their shoulder, keeping them company, while they struggle with their daily affairs.

Never forget, good help is always well-received, regardless of the person’s status or political, cultural, and religious background.

At the end of the day, we all want the wind at our backs to solve the issues.

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