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Predictable Revenue Summary

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Predictable Revenue SummaryTurn Your Business Into a Sales Machine with the $100 Million Best Practices of Salesforce.com

Does your company make “Predictable Revenue“? That is a fairly common question when you work in B2B startups and venture capital. This method was developed by Aaron Ross at Salesforce, which helped generate more than $ 100 million in new contracts.

Along with Mary Lou Tyler, Aaron wrote the acclaimed book that is a must-have reference for entrepreneurs and executives who want to accelerate sales in the corporate market.

In this microbook, you will learn a new process of active prospecting that is different from the old-fashioned businesses practice of cold calling. According to Aaron, the new customer does not want to receive cold calls and is tougher than ever.

Our “Predictable Revenue Summary” gives thoughts on the strategy that can make your sales team capable of generating more leads, predictability, and thereby reaching your goals, always.

“Predictable Revenue Summary”


Most companies believe that to sell more, you need to hire more salespeople and keep them motivated, but this is the biggest myth Aaron tries to dismiss in his book. Bringing in a steady stream of new salespeople and growing the team does not solve the problem.

The biggest problem is in creating new people interested in a product or service, that is, in generating leads.

Adding more vendors is important to meet demand, but just adding new vendors does not generate demand for your company. The truth is that sellers do not know how to prospect and if you understand this, you are ready to start changes that will revolutionize your sales process.


At the beginning of Salesforce, the company had salespeople doing the entire business process from start to finish.

However, Aaron Ross began experimenting with a small team, where roles were specialized and adopted an innovative process of lead generation.

Aaron RossThey did not make cold calls to potential customers but focused on using email as an essential prospecting tool. Aaron’s team had a simple mission.

Generate new qualified opportunities from companies that previously had no interest in Salesforce products.

Once the disinterested companies became potential customers, then they were passed on to sellers who were responsible for the closing and who were responsible for a financial goal.

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