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Tag: Book summary

Getting to Yes PDF Summary

MicroSummary: “Getting To Yes” is a guide to help you negotiate better and get what you want. In it, authors Roger Fischer and Bill Ury present a method, created by Harvard University, called ‘principled negotiation.’ If your goal is to […]

Superforecasting PDF Summary

MicroSummary: Would it not be great if you could accurately predict what happens on the stock exchange or what will be the result of a football game? In ‘Superforecasting,’ the authors present some techniques to improve their predictions and achieve […]

Brazillionaires PDF Summary

MicroSummary: There is so little written about Brazilian billionaires, the “Made in Brazil” fortunes. In Brazillionaires, Alex Cuadros explores the history of Brazilian billionaires. The book was considered one of the best books of the year 2016 by the Financial Times. […]