Zig Ziglar – A Journey of 100 Steps

Zig Ziglar doesn’t need an introduction in most parts of the world.

His words touched the hearts of many, and his magnetism encouraged devotion and passion.

Find your new “I,” and embark on a new quest to conquer the world with your ideas.

Who is Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarZiglar’s journey or adventure can be divided into two or more stages. The late Zig Ziglar was more of a motivational keynote speaker, who made an effort to embolden his audience with encouraging tips, quotes, and messages.

As a person who spent many years traveling all across the globe, Ziglar didn’t lack the charisma to impress each and every one. In general, he tried to provoke a reaction by using humor as a weapon; an approach that helped many to find the beauty in everything.

From official sources, in the last 40 years of his life, Ziglar embarked on an unparalleled journey traveling day in and day out on a regular basis.

He stated that his main motive for igniting the passion within the hearts of those attending his seminars, was the success he experienced first-hand.

Ziglar merely wanted to share the idea of a better life and help others to enjoy life as he did.

He was born on November 6th, 1926 in Coffee County, Alabama. 86 years later he passed away, leaving a great legacy of hope for newcomers in the field of marketing, sales, leadership, self-help, etc.

At the age of 5, Ziglar moved to Mississippi, where he spent most of his young days. His family left Alabama because Ziglar’s Father accepted a job offer to work at a Mississippi farm, as a manager.

In 1932, only a year after they moved to Yazoo City, Mississippi, his father died of a heart stroke.

One of the milestones of Ziglar’s life that are worth mentioning is the participation in the Navy V-12 Team between 1943 and 1945.

He is remembered as one of the world’s greatest influencers, and public speakers, ever to set foot on Earth. A person who dazzled the public with its insightful tips that were powerful enough to break any cultural, political, or mental barrier.  

Even today, many people praise Ziglar’s contribution to the society. Hailed as the one who managed to awake the potential and uniqueness of every individual, by delivering challenging and life-altering ideas. The books he wrote, continue to inspire us in the same fashion, even after his death.

A thing or two about Ziglar’s personal life:

In 1944, at the height of WW2, Ziglar met his long-term life-companion and partner that will provide unconditional support and love throughout his entire career.

Jean was only 16 at the time, and Zig was 17. They married two years later in 1946 and had four children Tom, Suzan, Julie, and Cindy.

Ziglar was a Republican, and he publicly expressed his sympathies for the former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee during the presidential nomination in 2008.

Let’s finish it in style:

It’s not accurate to label Mr. Ziglar as a writer. He was more of an all-around life-changer, who used humor, books, quotes, and seminars to alter many concepts such as: leadership, sales, marketing, motivation, family, and success.

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.

Best Zig Ziglar Books

#1. Ziglar on Selling Summary: The Ultimate Handbook for the Complete Sales Professional

How about we start thinking about profits! Oh, wait, that’s only step number 2.

A lot of salespeople are exposing their agenda too quickly. They go in from person to person trying to sell a product using the same annoying technique.

Ziglar on numerous occasion has stated that – Identifying your target audience is a much more valuable process than many salespersons think.

No one likes to be disturbed, so before you start your presentation, see if that individual can be converted into a long-term client. Don’t waste your time, because you are unprepared and unequipped.

Following these simple ground rules can make a world of difference for anyone. So, don’t drift around, define your goals, design a blueprint, get ready, and start selling.

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.

#2. Secrets of Closing the Sale Summary: For Anyone Who Must Get Others to Say Yes!

Many salespeople have reported that the last stage is always the hardest one. But what if, everything you’ve been taught is inaccurate and wrong? Don’t throw caution to the wind, and take a firm stand to protect your interest.

So why you got rejected once more?

The most annoying thing that can happen to a salesperson is – Your potential customer, loves the product, wants to have it, has money to buy it, it will save him/her money, but at the end, he/she rejects to make a transaction.

You must be thinking what the hell is wrong now?

Zig Ziglar lays out several key reasons that make your clients reluctant to plunge into a long-term deal. No need, lack of money, not in a hurry, no strong desire, and absolutely the worst one of them all – NO TRUST!

Gain that trust, dress nicely, shake their world with your appearance. Invest in yourself, and soon you’ll be able to increase your percentage of your sales rate!

It is unwise to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money, that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing what it was bought to do.

#3. Selling 101 Summary: What Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to Know

This book is like a beginner’s guide to sales.

Whether you are starting off in a big company, or a small one, every salesperson has pretty much the same symptoms when it comes to taking action.

Making profits is the only process that is visible, all the other ones are in the background.

So, how to approach it?

“Rookies” in the sales business, experience all types of uncertainty and doubt. Fear no more, such behavior is typical for newcomers, and you don’t need to worry too much.

Overcoming call reluctance, fear of rejection, and nonconformity of asking for help is the very first step. Once you get used to the fact that not every call ends up in revenues, your life will unfold much easier.

Don’t take any rejection too personally, learn from it, design a plan to cope with each reaction, and response.

These easy-to-follow mental tricks, will uplift your career and make you an indispensable member of your organization.

Personalize the benefits for the prospect.

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“Zig Ziglar Quotes”

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily. Click To Tweet Remember that failure is an event, not a person. Click To Tweet What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Click To Tweet You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Click To Tweet Remember that failure is an event, not a person. Click To Tweet

Final Notes

What more can we say about a man who changed thousands of lives?

He’ll remain in the hearts of those who reached a new stage of happiness and success.

Don’t hesitate, take action and deal with your problems – once and for all.

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Ziglar on Selling Summary

Ziglar on Selling SummaryThe Ultimate Handbook for the Complete Sales Professional

Even if your career doesn’t explode in a matter of years, don’t feel discouraged. Many sales superstars had humble beginnings, and that’s precisely what “Ziglar on Selling” clarifies.

About Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar was a sales expert and the author of many bestsellers such as Secrets of Closing the Sale, Selling 101, See you At the Top, etc.

“Ziglar on Selling Summary”

Ziglar’s rule that every salesperson should follow is “Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection.” In 1947, he had his first sales encounter with an old lady. After he knocked on the door, Zig Ziglar wasn’t expecting a positive response, but that’s how it all started.

The Father of sales emphasizes several elements that constitute the road to success. In all of his books, Zig pinpoints the real value and underlines many misleading theories that are triggering all sorts of misfortune.

For instance, in a race against time, salespeople take profits or closing in for sale – as the most vital aspect of doing business.

In reality, finding prospects, presenting your ideas and making good first impressions are elements of a more pressing nature. Without well-defined target audience and IBP (ideal buying persona), not even the greatest salesman can cut ice.

Until you find the ideal customer, you can say goodbye to all strategies and ideas. Prospecting is the alpha and omega in sales, and every expert is aware of this reality. Think of it this way, absent prospects all the talks and deals mean absolutely nothing.

Reading the minds of the customers and giving the people a sense of freedom to decide what is right for them – is what makes a competent sales team.

Successful salespersons are not persuaders nor influencers, they fall into “I love my job” category, and the profits come only as a result of such commitment and passion.

Are you reluctant to make the first step? Do you hesitate to pick up the phone?

Such tendencies are normal for beginners, but it’s not something that you should build up your career on. Stay direct and confident, is it too hard to simply say “Do you like our goods”? You’ve got nothing to lose.

You should not feel guilty if at some point you also suffer from a call-reluctance “disease.” Just remember, such attitude will reduce not only your profits but your influence in the market as well. Overcome this weakness by staying true to what you believe in.

Good salespeople don’t want to scare people off. With this in mind, they’ve developed a routine to ask the right questions and anticipate the answers. Sometimes this inquiry is nothing but a decoy; testing the preferences of the prospect.  

Key Lessons from “Ziglar on Selling”

1.      Be flexible, don’t stick to one method
2.      Embrace objections and their meaning
3.      Develop into the right person for the job

Be flexible, don’t stick to one method

There are endless approaches that are equally effective when it comes to closing a sale. There are two particularly useful ones that you ought to take into consideration:

The Probability Close – is choosing the right question, after the presentation.

The Summary Close – After you presented the details of your product, simply go back to clarify the elements that your prospect expressed interest in.

Embrace objections and their meaning

Truly, no one wants to receive complaints and handle new, unnecessary paperwork due to unfulfilled promises.

However, look at it this way – objections indicate that someone is interested in your services.

Develop into the right person for the job

Your aura radiates the energy of your heart and being. Becoming a salesperson of high stature is a tricky business. In general, you must live up to the expectations of those requiring your services.

Clothing, behavior, family all of these aspects ignite or hinder your influence as an independent salesperson.

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“Ziglar on Selling” Quotes

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. Click To Tweet If extras are in the best interests of your clients, you certainly have a professional responsibility to offer them and encourage your prospects to act upon them. Click To Tweet Your role is to become an assistant buyer and help the prospects make the purchase – not to make them feel you have just sold them. Click To Tweet You are thinking prospecting all the time, and when you do, it’s amazing how potential buyers will pop up in the most unlikely places. Click To Tweet You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want! Click To Tweet

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Steps to the Top PDF Summary

Steps to the Top PDF

Reaching the heights takes more than just superficial sacrifices. It’s a mix of talent, attitude, knowledge, and wisdom.

We briefly explain all aspects, which are presented in the most transparent way possible.

About Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar is an award-winning author and a sales expert who wrote many books such as Selling 101, Secrets of Closing The Sale, and others.

“Steps to the Top PDF Summary”

  • Getting to the top takes guts and courage. Apparently, working on your attitude is critical.
  • Miserable and depressive persons rarely make an impact.
  • Work on yourself, and control mood swings.
  • Regardless of the current situation, never let your guard down.
  • Setting high goals must be imperative to you.
  • Be around people that really worry about well-being. Their presence will give you strength and energy.

For a person to understand how to apply unique practices, it must pay more attention to the “Steps to the Top.” These seven phases explain all elements a person must comprehend in order to find peacefulness and prosperity.

We throw light on these seven central areas to demonstrate Ziglar’s creativity and know-how.


In reality, we are the creators of our destiny. Whatsoever troubles your peace, it is self-made. Good or bad all derives from your emotional state. Attitude is not fixated on your external circumstances; it can be developed, modified and altered.

Having the winner’s edge takes more than just preparations. It also requires a mindset that is not concerned with others’ achievements and focuses exquisitely on itself.


Apparently, being depressed reduces your chances of getting the desired results. Emotional outbursts and physical conflicts are your biggest enemy when choosing a career, life-partner, etc. Although sadness and depression are not the same, mood swings are dangerously decreasing your ability to make the right calls.

Counter depression in three ways:

  • Control your temper
  • Organize your assignments wisely and outline the most important tasks
  • Help others – Try not to become selfish


Are you a fighter? Underachievers tend to give up in the midst of crisis or when things get a little out of hand. Nurture that fighting spirit and show your eagerness to get what you crave for.

Such attitude isn’t typical, and one must be prepared to take drastic measures to keep its chin up – regardless of the situation.


Everything that has been said would mean nothing, without a list of goals. Record all your agendas and plans, determine whether your blueprint is feasible and does it require adjustment.

In general, many people after fulfilling this step, fail to put an extra effort because they are busy making hundreds of excuses.

Learning “How To”

Take advantage of any situation by exploiting your potential. Don’t be afraid of new opportunities, embrace uncertainty and walk fearlessly. First and foremost, you must be open to new ideas, before your mind can accept such viewpoints, one must be willing to transform its behavior.


Nothing comes close to being capable of spreading love, compassion, and understanding. Showing signs of empathy will give you energy and motivation to proceed and follow your dreams.


Some people are misled with the idea that knowledge is key to success. In fact, the real strength emerges from true determination just like the heavyweight boxing champion James J. “Gentleman Jim” described – the ability to stand up and fight one more round.

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“Steps to the Top Quotes”

Nothing in life includes an absolute guarantee, and opportunity is no exception. Click To Tweet You can criticize a cow in the cornfield all day, and it will neither increase its milk production, nor stay out of the cornfield. Click To Tweet You can’t change the cards life has dealt you, but you can determine the way you’ll play them. Click To Tweet There are moments in all of our lives when we feel below par and have brief moments of doubt. Click To Tweet Intense belief in a goal is one of the most powerful forces on earth. Click To Tweet

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Selling 101 Summary

Selling 101 SummaryWhat Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to Know

In a world of almost no geographic barriers and free markets, differentiating is harder than ever.

In such regards, one must take into account every scenario and focus on the sales team to avoid bankruptcy and collapse.

About Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar was a renowned sales expert and the author of several bestsellers including “Secrets of Closing a Sale”.

“Selling 101 Summary”

Zig Ziglar, unlike other experts, presents a walkthrough that any newcomer in sales can easily follow. “Selling 101” gives instructions that would turn you into an indispensable member of your organization. Finding clients, overcoming “call reluctance” is only a small portion of the package deal.

All examples are drawn from personal experiences and other stories that are suitable for the situation.

  • Without sales, profits can hardly increase and exist.
  • Successful salespeople are not on hold; they always look for a new challenge.
  • Don’t be shy to build new relationships. You can spread your influence by politely asking one of your partners to tell others about your goods.
  • Next, “call reluctance” is typical for beginners, but developing a routine to overcome this awkward feeling is critical.

Sales professionals must not take rejection too personally. If you’re inclined to believe that each of your calls will end up in revenues, you are living in an imaginary world. In general, fearing such offensive reaction will get you nowhere, you must prepare for all scenarios and adjust your strategy on a case-to-case basis.  

First and foremost, making a sale is out of the question, if you fail to find a prospect.  You don’t know what a prospect is?! – It’s a person or a target group that can convert your regular call into an income. Prominent salespeople are always on the lookout for such parties.

Before “going pro” all salespeople must become aware of how hard it is to make an impact and very good first impression via the phone. Moreover, around 85% of all sales professionals are reluctant or at least experience some feeling of hesitation before making the decisive call.

If you believe that sales are merely a result of luck, you will not improve. Designing a blueprint that is composed of a list of responses to any reaction in order to anticipate every possible outcome – is what distinguishes a professional from a rookie.

There are four steps for creating the perfect sales process that brings positive results.

“Need Analysis”

It’s only logical that people have a tendency of purchasing specifically outlined commodities that they require.

Need Awareness”

Once you understand the client’s necessities, it is critical that you explain the features of your product and how those are complementary to their needs.

“Need Solution”

Talking about your products or services is the next step. Offer a solution and don’t be afraid of being rejected.

Need Satisfaction

Get feedback and see whether your product truly has proven its worth.

Key Lessons from “Selling 101

1.      What does my target audience want?
2.      Understand their demands
3.      “No” for an answer

What does my target audience want?

Conducting a needs analysis can be done in many ways for you to elicit requirements. Burst the routine bubble and try to provoke an emotional reaction while supervising the investigations.

In reality, people are rarely guided by logic; emotions mostly drive their decision-making.

Understand their demands

After the comprehensive analysis, you can begin designing your strategy, right? No!

The game never ends, and if you don’t want to trail behind, you must continuously invest in understanding the behavior of your potential customers.

“No” for an answer

What to do if you cannot get out of the “no” zone?

Some sales experts including Zig Ziglar, declare that only after being rejected five times, you can delete that potential client from the list, not before.

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“Selling 101” Quotes

Personalize the benefits for the prospect. Click To Tweet Organization, discipline and commitment make for consistent high-volume production. Click To Tweet True selling professionals don’t talk about ethics; they live ethically. Click To Tweet I strongly encourage those in the world of selling to deal with a product or service they cannot help talking about! Click To Tweet To be the winner you are capable of becoming, you must plan to win; you must prepare to win, and then you have every right to expect to win. Click To Tweet

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Top Sales Books

Are you in the sales business? If you’re living in the United States, you’re very likely to answer “yes” to this question. Because 1 in 9 Americans works as a sales rep.

But, as a book on this list suggests, the other 8 do this as well. Yes, that includes you, too! The only thing is that you don’t know it yet. But, whether it’s ideas or yourself, you’re selling things on a daily basis.

And these 15 books are the best to teach you how your technique. Really. The best sales books!

#1. “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling SummaryIf you know Dale Carnegie – which we suppose you do – then we’re sure that him endorsing Frank Bettger’s debut book is a recommendation enough for “How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling”.

If not – well, just look at the title! Who doesn’t want a good success story?

And Bettger’s is the ultimate one. At 29 he was a failed insurance salesman; however, at 40, he could have well retired. This book explains what he started doing differently.

And it covers everything from conquering fear and winning confidence to the seven essential rules for closing a sale.

#2. “Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness” by Jeffrey Gitomer

Little Red Book of Selling SummaryA college dropout with a background in languages, Jeffrey Gitomer doesn’t sound like someone who’d author a sales bestseller. And yet he has – few of them, as a matter of fact.

The “Little Red Book of Selling” is the most famous and celebrated among them, both among regular salespeople and experts in the field. What’s best about it is that it’s more than accessible!

Just as its title suggests, it’s small (both in terms of size and in terms of length) and unconventional as hell. There are amusing cartoons on almost every page and a mini-content before every chapter. And, boy, Gitomer’s style is maniacally enthusiastic!

So much so, that even if you’re not a salesperson, you might want to become one.

#3. “The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation” by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

The Challenger Sale SummaryDubbed “the most important advance in selling for many years,” “The Challenger Sale” is an exceptional book. Its main idea: that the times have changed and that there’s a better way to sell in the 21st century!

Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson claim that there are five different types of salespeople: hard workers, relationship builders, lone wolves, reactive problem solvers, and challengers. So far, the science of selling has favored the relationship builders.

In “The Challenger Sale,” Dixon and Adamson claim otherwise: it’s the time of the challengers. And what’s so different about them?

Read this book to find out.

#4. “Be a Sales Superstar: 21 Great Ways to Sell More, Faster, Easier in Tough Markets” by Brian Tracy

Brian TracyBe a Sales Superstar Summary is somewhat of a legend in the field of self-help and sales books. He has authored more than seventy of them (if anyone counts), and most of them have been translated into many languages.

And, sure, you’ll find his 1988 classic, “The Psychology of Selling,” on most of the lists similar to this one. But, after we did some thinking, we decided that we’ll opt for “Be a Sales Superstar” in ours.

You know why?

Because it’s less theory and more practice. Because it’s a straightforward manual and a great handbook for tough times and for busy people. And, finally, because it covers everything, from getting more appointments, to closing sales faster.

Tracy at his best.

#5. “The Science of Selling: Proven Strategies to Make Your Pitch, Influence Decisions, and Close the Deal” by David Hoffeld

The Science of Selling SummarySelling is not really a science. And yet, David Hoffeld, chief sales trainer at research-based firm, Hoffeld Group, claims that, with the right advice, it can be!

In “The Science of Selling” he makes his case. Combining many findings coming from fields as diverse as social psychology, behavioral economics, psychology and neuroscience, Hoffeld explicates how our brains are preprogrammed to act in accordance with some external impulses.

And through anecdotes and personal experience, he delves into these external factors which trigger the right buying decisions.

He’s on our list – as well as many others – so you can bet he does a great job!

#6. “The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 Million” by Mark Roberge

The Sales Acceleration Formula SummaryTalking about science!

Mark Roberge introduces into selling a word you’d only expect to see in the most exact sciences. Yes, formula! And he stands by his decision on each of the 200 densely written graphics-filled, data-driven pages of his book!

The main idea: selling is not an art, but a science. And just like any other scientifically proven experiment, you can reproduce the same results over and over again. Of course, the only prerequisite is to follow the same rules.

Roberge’s are mostly interested in sales scaling – the most difficult part of business. And, more than mostly, work.

#7. “Secrets of Closing the Sale” by Zig Ziglar

Secrets of Closing the Sale SummaryRecently deceased, Zig Ziglar was a world-renowned salesman and motivational speaker, an author of over 30 oft-cited books.

“Secrets of Closing the Sale” is much more than another book about how to get your buyers to say “Yes.” It’s a book which understands that selling is a part of your everyday activities. Because, as that great scene in “The Big Kahuna” taught us, most of the time we’re selling reps.

And, whether it’s ideology or merely talking someone into rooting for your favorite team, you need to find a way to convince other people to say “Yes.”

“Secrets of Closing the Sale” is the right way to start.

#8. “To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others” by Daniel H. Pink

To Sell Is Human SummaryWe’ve already featured Daniel H. Pink’s “Drive” on our Top 15 Psychology book list. But, we couldn’t resist including his “To Sell is Human” in this list as well.

He further expands on Zig Ziglar’s idea that we’re all sellers (and buyers). And to see where it would lead him, he rummages the Malcolm-Gladwell-way through a wealth of social studies and researches.

The result?

Hundreds of contra-intuitive insights you’d swear are total bonkers if not proven otherwise by Pink. And numerous rewritten rules in the sales bible.

Yes, including the ABC of selling!

#9. “Spin Selling: Situation Problem Implication Need-Payoff” by Neil Rackham

Spin Selling SummarySelling small has been examined volume after volume; but selling big is an altogether different matter. And as far as it is concerned, a recent two-chaptered “Forbes” column by Jayna Cooke put it best: “If You Aren’t SPIN Selling, It’s Time to Start.”


Well, because the author of “Spin Selling,” Neil Rackham, has advised Xerox, Honeywell and IBM, and because his techniques have been employed by many other companies, since the publication of this book.

SPIN is a groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting big sales model, based on an extensive research covering over 35,000 complicated sales calls.

And you can acquire it by… well, first acquiring this book.

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#10. “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert B. Cialdini

Influence SummaryIt may feel like we’re cheating (because, we included “Influence” in our Top 15 Psychology book list), but – who cares? After all, what kind of a best sales books list would this one be without Cialdini’s classic?

Considered to be the seminal study in the ever-growing field of the psychology of persuasion, “Influence” is quite an outstanding book. It has been quoted and requoted by so many sales book authors since its publication you might already know that there are six persuasion principles.

We’ll leave the rest to Cialdini. He has a way with words.

#11. “7L: The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals” by Michael J. Maher

The Seven Levels of Communication SummaryMichael J. Maher (pronounced like “Mayor”) is “North America’s Most Referred Real Estate Professional.” And “7L” is the book which explains how he got there.

A bit unconventionally, the book is actually an allegorical novel. It tells the story of down-on-his-luck property broker, Rick Masters. Rick meets a successful mortgage professional, Jay Michaels, who tells him that he can build a conglomerate without almost no personal promotion.

Soon, he is appointed a personal coach and he learns everything there is to know about the Seven Levels of Communication and the Spectrum of Solutions.

True, as a novel, “7L” is sloppily written and too long for its sake. But, as a sales guidebook – it’s a must read!

#12. “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino

The Greatest Salesman in the World SummaryOg Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World” is the least specialist book on this list. But, that isn’t a setback; on the contrary, in fact: the book is universally loved and deemed as inspiring by almost everybody.

Mandino’s biography is inspirational in itself. A poor insurance salesman, he was on the brink of suicide, when he discovered the power of self-help books to actually change your life. So, he started writing them.

And in “The Greatest Salesman in the World” he went as far as possible. Telling the story of Hafid, the book is actually a ten-scroll guidebook which contains as many advices, ranging from “I will form good habits and become their slave” to “I will act now.”

“No one who follows these principles will ever fail as a salesman,” says a review by Paul J. Meyer. And he will definitely become a better person. That’s our addition.

#13. “Ultimate Selling Power: How to Create and Enjoy a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Career” by Donald Moine and Ken Lloyd

Ultimate Selling Power SummaryWhen we were writing our summary, we warned you that if you’re planning on entering the sales world, it’s not a good idea to miss “Ultimate Selling Power.”

A few months later, we’re even more confident of our initial judgment.

Offering great step-by-step instructions on how to increase your sales, this book will become your go-to place for many other things sales-related. Because, it also includes practical tips and tricks on creating the perfect marketing presentations, as well as many other on using the power of promotion to reach your target audience.

And it doesn’t hurt that Donald Moine and Ken Lloyd write engagingly and straightforwardly, does it?

#14. “Perfect Selling: Open the Door, Close the Deal” by Linda Richardson

Perfect Selling SummaryThis book is meant to be your favorite Sales 101. And it is written by one of the top three sales consultants in the world. Can you ask for something more in a book?

Straightforwardly written, “Perfect Selling” explicates a straightforward 5-step program to master sales. First, you need to immediately connect to your customer. Then, you have to explore his needs. Thirdly, you need to persuasively leverage your solutions. Resolving your customer’s dilemmas is the penultimate step. Acting and closing the sale is the last.

Sounds too complicated?

Don’t worry: it’s simple when Linda Richardson explains it.

#15. “Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions: A Tactical Playbook for Managers and Executives” by Keith Rosen

Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions SummaryAs Brian Tracy says, if you want to boost the sales of your company, sales coaching is the best place to start. And when it comes to sales coaching, there’s no better book than Keith Rosen’s “Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions.”

Well-written and jam-packed with case studies, Keith Rosen’s coaching classic has everything you might expect from it. Strategies, templates, scripts, coaching questions – as well as many reasons why to look no further than it.

And five of them are not even inside the book. They’re international best book awards.

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10 must-read marketing and sales books

marketing and sales cover

How can you attract new customers and increase sales? What’s going on in your customers’ minds when they decide whether to buy your product? Why is small data more important than big data? Our favorite sales and marketing books have all the answers!

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Secrets of Closing the Sale Summary | Zig Ziglar | PDF Download

“Secrets of Closing the Sale Summary”

What is the key aspect of doing business? – Belief, not believing in yourself but radiating trust. Only a person capable of imparting true knowledge while speaking is ready to become the next sales-master.

The Client must feel like the most important person in the world, don’t focus on what you are selling, focus on whom you are selling it! GetNugget’s book summary alludes to all aspects of the selling process.

Zig Ziglar’s theory of sale places the client’s needs on a pedestal – meaning it represents the key point to which the seller should orient itself.

I think every salesperson and maybe even every entrepreneur has read at least one book written by Zig Ziglar. We can easily call him a guru in his field.

Even in his final years, he continued to travel the world and teach the art of selling to, always integrating his Christian side into his speeches.

Secrets of Closing the Sale” is not the kind of book that you just read and put back on the shelf. It’s the kind of book summary that you can learn something valuable.

The next step is the price? How to set-up the perfect ratio value-price for your products? It is a challenging task even for an experienced salesperson.

To get the best out of these situations, improve product’s bad sides, listen and ask for feedback.

The advantages are obvious; the flaws are the difference between you and your competition! Customers want to feel important; our book summary endorses Ziglar’s method of making the sale a practical matter just like anything else.

It is training, just like anything else, in time you’ll be able to use all of Secrets of Closing the Sale.

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