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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Summary

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success SummaryMicroSummary: In this book, author Deepak Chopra points out seven principles for achieving success, also showing daily applications for each of them. According to the author, success is not the result only of an accumulation of material goods or ambition. Success is related to personal fulfillment and well-being. If you want to understand a little about how the invisible forces of the universe will lead you to achieve your desires, then come read with us!

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Summary”

Finding Your True Self

There is a silent field, called the ‘pure potentiality’ in which all things flow, and that which is not manifest becomes revealed.

We are speaking of a pure state of consciousness, with pure knowledge, pure balance, invincibility, and ecstasy.

When you access this field, you can experience your true self, and you can see the futility and waste of life through your ego.

When you feel connected with your environment and with the people in it, you realize that it is not a separate entity that is disconnected from the rest of the world.

You can feel that the world is a connected energy field that connects all people and all beings on the planet.

This energy field is an unlimited source of power for the whole universe.

Once you feel this connection and realize that you are not a solitary human being, but an integral part of the complex wave of nature, you discover that your true-self has no limitations.

By using energy within your true self, you can achieve anything you desire, be it wealth and success or spiritual development.

Your ego is based on fear and a need for security: it is immune to criticism, does not like challenges, and feels superior to all.

To connect with your true self, you need to learn to nullify your ego. As you identify with it, you will continue to think that you are separated from the rest of the universe – a mere brain within a confined and limited physical body.

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