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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Summary

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success SummaryMicroSummary: In this book, author Deepak Chopra points out seven principles for achieving success, also showing daily applications for each of them. According to the author, success is not the result only of an accumulation of material goods or ambition. Success is related to personal fulfillment and well-being. If you want to understand a little about how the invisible forces of the universe will lead you to achieve your desires, then come read with us!

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Summary”

Finding Your True Self

There is a silent field, called the ‘pure potentiality’ in which all things flow, and that which is not manifest becomes revealed.

We are speaking of a pure state of consciousness, with pure knowledge, pure balance, invincibility, and ecstasy.

When you access this field, you can experience your true self, and you can see the futility and waste of life through your ego.

When you feel connected with your environment and with the people in it, you realize that it is not a separate entity that is disconnected from the rest of the world.

You can feel that the world is a connected energy field that connects all people and all beings on the planet.

This energy field is an unlimited source of power for the whole universe.

Once you feel this connection and realize that you are not a solitary human being, but an integral part of the complex wave of nature, you discover that your true-self has no limitations.

By using energy within your true self, you can achieve anything you desire, be it wealth and success or spiritual development.

Your ego is based on fear and a need for security: it is immune to criticism, does not like challenges, and feels superior to all.

To connect with your true self, you need to learn to nullify your ego. As you identify with it, you will continue to think that you are separated from the rest of the universe – a mere brain within a confined and limited physical body.

Thanks to this narrow point of view, you will continue to be afraid, to be obsessed with survival, and to focus on external things like social status and what others think of you.

We can access the field of potentiality through meditation, silence, and spending time in nature.

Once you know the field, you can always connect with it and feel independent of situations, feelings, people and things. There is a constant flow of creativity and abundance out of the field.

Pure consciousness is the source of all creation. Commit to separate a time every day to be silent, just existing. Practice silent meditation at least twice a day for about 30 minutes in the morning and evening.

Separate also a time to relate to nature and to witness the intelligence within each created being. Watch the sunset or listen to the sound of the ocean, smell the scent of a flower.

And finally, practice nonjudging others and situations. Begin your day by stating “I will not judge any situation today. “And seek to pass the day without judgments.

Giving And Receiving Helps You Keep The Universe’s Natural Flow

Have you noticed the more you give, the more you get? Funny, right?

Our minds and bodies are in a constant state of giving and receiving from the universe.

Creating, loving, and growing to keep the flow steady; When you stop giving, the flow also stops. So the more we give, the more we get involved with the energy flow of the universe, and the more we will receive back in the form of love, material things, or earthly experiences.

It’s true that money makes the world go round, but that only happens when we give as much as we get!

If you want to be blessed, bless someone silently sending positive thoughts. If you do not have money, provide a service. We are not limited, we can give many things because the human being is abundant!

Nature gives us everything we need and the field of potentiality frees us from intelligence and creativity to produce more and more!

Rather than saving, a better path to success is to let your money circulate the world. Do not interrupt the natural flow of the give and take universe.

In fact, the root of the word “currency” in Latin means “to circulate or to flow.” That shows that even the ancient Greeks and Roman civilizations understood that money owes to society and to people to thrive. And that’s why investments are more profitable than savings.

For example, let’s say you spend your life earning a minimum wage and put away most of your salary into a bank.

Although your account balance will increase, you will not get rich. But if you invest your money in a continuing education and do the right classes, you can eventually become the CEO of your own business.

By investing wisely in your studies, much more money will circulate back to you, making you earn more money than saving could.

Obviously, we’re not just talking about money. But also of love, friendship, support and all the things that involve social exchanges.

If you use this social currency to give others what you expect to receive, you can be greatly rewarded for it. The more love people give to society, the more love will be shared with others, and that love will continue to grow.

The universe operates through a dynamic exchange; giving and receiving are aspects of the energy flow in the universe. When you are willing to give, you ensure that the abundance of the universe continues to circulate in your life.

So wherever you go, try to give someone a gift. It could be a compliment, a flower or a prayer.

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Give something to everyone you have contact with; this way you will start to circulate the joy, wealth, and love in your life and the lives of other people.

Accept Life And Stop Defending

The reality is that people spend a lot of time and energy worrying about their circumstances. And even when things change, concerns do not end; they just change as well.

The first step in improving this situation is acceptable. We can not expect the universe to use its infinite power if we are fighting everything. In every difficult situation, try to think ‘this situation is exactly as it should.’

For example, imagine that you work with a complicated colleague; he steals your ideas and makes decisions without asking for your opinion.

That is a complicated situation, and some people may even think about giving up work. But this will cost your time and money, so what is the best way to solve this problem?

The answer: do not struggle with the problem. Instead, face it and accept it. You can always learn a lesson from complicated situations, and the people who make your life harder are there to teach you something.

In that case, you can learn how to position yourself or how to be less affected by other people’s attitudes. If you accept the situation, you can begin to learn from it and grow.

The second step, which will help you to take and save your energy, is to stop defending yourself. To stop defending means to get rid of the need and the desire to convince other people that your opinion is correct and not theirs.

For example, you have probably witnessed or even participated in some political discussion about right and left in your country. These debates are a waste of energy, and neither side is likely to be convinced of anything.

If you stop defending yourself, you erase the need to convince others of your point of view. Thus allowing a real exchange of ideas on a topic, without nervousness or dogmatism along the way.

In the above example, stopping defending would mean that both parties could share their ideas openly, explaining their opinions without the feeling that they are being judged, and without anyone being defensive or hostile.

To Achieve Your Objectives, Learn to Detach

You may have positive intentions, but if you do not let go, nothing will happen. When we cling to a particular result, we are afraid and insecure about the possibility that it will not occur. A person attuned to his true self, despite having desires and intentions, is not allowed to be carried away by the possible results.

Let’s say you’ve always dreamed of having a mansion.

You imagine that once you have saved and bought the dream house, your life will be happy and fulfilled. However, it may be that this burning connection with the home leaves you extremely distressed.

That is because when you attach yourself to material things, you are disconnecting yourself from the universe – and this leads to anxiety.

After all, a life spent accumulating wealth and material goods in search of security will end in a sad realization: material possessions cannot provide safety and protection.

For example, no matter how much money you spare, everything can be lost in an economic crisis. Think of people who lost their wealth after the 2008 financial crisis.

Real security can be achieved by recognizing your true self. As you see your true nature, you will find that even the fear of death can disappear. Body and mind dissolve, and your true self will remain in the energy field that is the source of all new life in the universe.

While it may seem counterintuitive, you will also find that your desires can only come true when you disconnect from them.

Commit yourself today to detachment. Understand that uncertainty is an essential ingredient in your life experience. Find your security in this uncertainty, for it is your path to freedom. Embrace all possibilities and remember that there are infinite ways.

So practice acceptance. Try to accept people and circumstances today. Do not fight the universe at this time and achieve full acceptance.

Accept that things are as they are, not as you would have them be. Also, take responsibility for the situation or problem. Do not blame anyone for what is happening and see each problem as an opportunity.

Also, receive with gratitude the gifts that life offers you. Receive the gifts of nature: the light of the sun, the sound of birds singing and the flowers of spring. And be open also to receive from others, be it gifts, praise, or a prayer.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success pdf

Your Choices Influence Your Success

Every action you perform generates a force of energy that is returned to you. When we choose to have attitudes that bring happiness and success to others, we will receive success and happiness back as well.

So for you to enjoy your life to the fullest (rather than just doing something), it is important to consider which is the most advantageous choice when making a decision. And this will help you make more conscious decisions.

After all, we make decisions the whole time; sometimes we do not even know we’re making decisions. In fact, most of our choices are unconscious.

For example, when you are shopping, you can buy bags full of unhealthy foods, without considering the impact on your health or the environment. Unfortunately, this unconscious behavior is natural to us, as our survival instinct tells us to stock large quantities of cheap food.

So, to make the right decisions, stop for a moment and consider the impact of your attitudes, for yourself and others. For example, how could you avoid the habit of buying foods that are unhealthy?

First, consider your budget, so within your constraints choose products that are beneficial to your health and have not harmed animals, people, and the environment.

To continue making right decisions in your daily life, choose the attitudes that will bring more enjoyment and well-being to others.

In some cases, the choice may seem obvious. For example, if you were invited to a birthday party but decided to be absent, you should realize that you are only considering your needs.

So acknowledge that the birthday boy can be happy to be surrounded by his friends on a special day.

In other cases, the choice may be a little more complicated. If someone insults you, you have two options: you can be offended and seek revenge or may refuse to let it affect you.

By choosing the second option, you avoid subjecting yourself to unpleasant emotions and treat your offender as you would like to be treated.

Think about the choices you make every day, and whenever you make a decision ask yourself: What are the consequences of this? Will this decision bring satisfaction and happiness to all those affected?

Positive Intentions And Focus

Intelligence allows us to model our mind so that we can reach our desires freely. And this happens through a process of attention and intention.

You can improve your quality of life by introducing positive intentions into your thoughts.

The positivity that arises from these ideas is part of the infinite field of potential energy that governs the universe. So by introducing an intention or desire into this area of energy, you affect the universe around you.

Let’s say you want a new job, but always think about it in negative terms because your emotions are tied to your current job – you do not like it.

And you think you’ll never get the job of your dreams. When you think about it, it gives negative energy to the universe; and of course, the universe will not give you positive energy back.

So accept and be grateful for the job you have, and visualize the changes that could make your life even better. The universe will capture these positive thoughts and make them come true.

If you are dissatisfied with your job, you may have negative thoughts about how incompetent you are and how you feel worthless. That requires constant attention during the day so that these negative patterns are replaced by positive patterns.

If you can see when your thinking is moving in the wrong direction, stop for a moment and think consciously about your accomplishments; discover at least one constructive feature about you.

Even if it’s as simple as ‘writing an efficient and careful email’, you can focus on that thinking and stay positive.

Try to make a list with your wishes and upload that list with you. Before performing your silent meditation and before bed or waking up, take a look at the list. And finally, do not let obstacles get your full attention.

Find Your Purpose And Serve Your Neighbors

Everyone has a purpose in life. A unique gift or a special talent to contribute to the world.

And when we unite that unique talent with the possibility of serving others, we can experience joy in our spirit. So do not ask what the universe can do for you, but rather what you can do for the universe.

You may have the dream of becoming a famous singer. After all, it is a very beautiful profession, and you admire the special talent needed to create art that inspires people and makes them happier and wiser.

But the truth is, not all people have musical talents for this, and if that is your case, you may end up sad or depressed, feeling that you can not contribute anything of value to society.

But do not despair! Instead, be honest and discover the truth within you. It is never too late to recognize the purpose of your life and to connect with the unlimited force of energy that the universe provides.

You may be wondering if your current job is the best way to contribute to the well-being of humanity and the planet.

There is a simple way to get that answer. When you find the right job, you find you have an infinite source of energy to complete your work.

That is the feeling you have when you are aligned with the cosmic plane, which was your destiny from the beginning.

The universe begins to support you and give you the energy you need. And that explains how some people can work without much effort and joy for long hours, while others feel exhausted after a few hours in an office.

Make a list of your unique talents; everyone has something to contribute. And after that, make a list of the things you love to do to express those talents. And finally, ask yourself daily how you can serve people and the universe.

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“The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” Quotes

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Final Notes:

All things in the universe are intertwined, and when you open yourself to it, you receive unlimited power that leads you to success.

By practicing each of these laws, you will be able to relate better to yourself and others, on your way to receiving the success you desire.

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