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Turn the Ship Around Summary

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Turn the Ship Around SummaryA True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders

Wouldn’t it be great if everybody in the world has equal chances and opportunities? And wouldn’t it be even better if there are no rigid hierarchies, so that you can be both a leader and a follower, depending on the situation?

Of course, it would. Except it isn’t.

In fact, the totally opposite is true. Some are usually expected to follow, and the ones who lead are almost always ruthless in their leadership.

We’ve already learned a thing or two about leadership from some the past greats, such as Lincoln and Washington. And we went over the 21 laws of leadership.

But, “Turn the Ship Around” is a bit different. It’s even more democratic than “The Leaders We Need.”

Quick – find out how!

Who Should Read “Turn the Ship Around”? And Why?

Most of the books you’ve so far read about leadership are written by leaders and about everybody. Their main goal is to teach you, a regular guy, how to become a leader not too dissimilar from the respective writer.

“Turn the Ship Around” doesn’t conform to this standard. It is a book with a much narrower audience, written by a leader for leaders. And it’s got a lot to do with military skills. Its outlook, however, is groundbreaking even in that area.

In short, a revolutionary book about leaders who want to disrupt the leader-follower paradigm by learning about the benefits from an unconventional source: The US Navy.

About L. David Marquet

L. David MarquetDavid Marquet is a former U. S. Navy captain and a successful author on articles and books about leaders and leadership. A 1981 U.S. Naval Academy graduate, he commandeered the nuclear-powered USS Santa Fe submarine from 1999 to 2001, turning its crew from “worst to best” by disturbing the standard practices.

He is a contributor to “Forbes”, and publishes the weekly YouTube motivational, “Leadership nudges”. You can reach him at his website: http://www.davidmarquet.com/.

Turn the Ship Around Summary

We’ve all been there:

You would give everything to not have to go to work tomorrow!

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