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Blink PDF Summary

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Quick SummaryIn Blink, Gladwell proves that your intuition can often produce better decisions than extensive analysis. Your intuition can cut off all irrelevant information and focus only on the key factors. On the other hand, your gut instinct is also affected by all sorts of various factors such as biases that can lead you to bad decisions. 

The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

After breaking the ice with The Tipping Point (2000), Malcolm Gladwell cemented his status with Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, published in 2005.

This is neither a theoretical book nor a collection of essays. It is a mélange of true stories and research findings, brilliantly woven together by Malcolm Gladwell.

He relies on these real-life examples to show both the bright and the dark side of our decision-making.

As the author himself stated, Blink is divided between incredible success stories and tragic failures that have one significant thing in common: our process of thinking.


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“Blink PDF Summary”

Malcolm Gladwell’s main task is to convince us that “decisions made very quickly can be as good as decisions made cautiously and deliberately”.

The second task: to identify when conscious decision-making works better and when the unconscious one does.

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