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Winning Summary – Jack Welch

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Winning Summary

The Ultimate Business How-To Book

Jack Welch knows how to win. When he retired from General Electric (GE) in 2001, he received history’s biggest bonus of 417 million dollars.

The reason? In his 20 years as CEO, he grew the company from $ 12 to $ 400 billion which also earned him a justified bonus of nearly half a billion dollars.

In his career at General Electric, he successfully led the company for many years as CEO. His honest and straightforward style has become a benchmark in management, always focusing on people, teamwork, and profits.

In Winning, he combines pragmatism with his philosophy of how to build a company to win.

His optimistic and practical style brings us fantastic insights and a unique way of thinking that allows us to understand how to manage for success. Shall we go?

Winning Summary”


Competition is fun, and you have to embrace it. That is Jack Welch’s advice to anyone who really wants to win and one of the key lessons that permeate the whole book. But how to win in business?

The answer to this question should be the mission of your company. Knowing what it is to succeed in your business means having clarity of the mission that it must pursue.

At GE, the mission was simple. Be the number one or number two in all the markets they operate by fixing or getting rid of each of their businesses where this was not the case. That is a powerful mission: specific and audacious.

Once you know what your mission is, your values will be the behaviors you use to be successful in your mission.

For GE, some values were: “Do not tolerate bureaucracy” and “See change as an opportunity for growth.”

For your mission and values to truly impact your business, you must always reward those who are faithful to them and punish those who are not.

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