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Think and Grow Rich Summary

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The converging point of the old school with the new school of building successful businesses. The Landmark Bestseller updated and revised for the 21st century.

If Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is one of your first personal development books that you ever read, I bet you’ll ask almost louder:


Honestly, after reading Think and Grow Rich, I was extremely surprised by all the motivational speeches preached by Napoleon Hill, when? In 1937?

Revised and expanded by the nationally known author – Dr. Arthur R. Pell, Think and Grow Rich is still tremendously actual. In fact, by this revised edition. Dr. Pell only brings some examples from our current society of people that gained success following some of Napoleon Hill’s methods. But the structure of the book remains the same.

Who Should Read “Think And Grow Rich”? And Why?

The 21st century, known for its self-help madness, is a mere reflection of the 20th-century drive for salvation. A hundred years ago, Napoleon saw the little magic emerging from one’s mind.

He then, gently improvised, examined and observed the surroundings to get a realistic picture of what the society desperately needs. With the help of Andrew, a success formula was developed which later on will represent the foundation of every self-help material ever created.

For the most part, the author refers to real life-examples which people find them attractive, logical, and in some rare cases even laughable.

A time to expose your bad habits has come, don’t run away for cover – because instinctively the mind forces you to do precisely that.

For instance, if you’re working from sunrise to sunset, burning the midnight oil once in a while, then you are the perfect candidate for reading “Think and Grow Rich”. Whatever your story might be, if you are not feeling happy, don’t waste any time – use Andrew’s formula.

“The world needs a new race of people, called the happy ones. If you want to join the club, transform your mindset and become in-tune with yourself.

About Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hil

Who was Napoleon Hill? A successful consultant to business leaders, Lecturer. Author. But this book says more about him. About his approaches. About his ways of thinking.

Napoleon Hill was born on October 26, 1883, and passed away 87 years later on November 7th, 1970.

He was an American-born newspaper reporter, self-help writer, and a lawyer. Andrew Carnegie played a big part in Hill’s life; his ideas motivated him to write the “Think and Grow Rich” book.

Think and Grow Rich PDF Summary

Our book summary gives the readers a perspective related to – growing rich. There was a time when wealth was a hereditary trait. Nowadays, it’s more global; the world presents thousands of opportunities on a daily basis waiting to be seized.

You – as a money seeker should seriously reconsider your mediocre Mindset and change it to an aggressive but sober strategy because change requires persistence and devotion.

The business community during the late 90th and the start of the 20th century revealed that many people are leaving the safe-zone and start focusing on their personal millionaire-career.

This book summary is here to entice you to make the same step. Nothing stops you from being the next Steve Jobs, except you.

Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can be achieved.

Around this sentence, we can say that he built an empire in the early stages of personal development. And that’s long before we started thinking about concepts like positive thinking, the law of attraction or positive affirmations.

The book has 16 chapters structured in the shape of several steps that you need to take in order to get rich or obtain anything you want.

But this is beyond the theory. This is more about experience and success revealed by plenty of examples of successful approaches.

And the cool thing about this book is that you can take many of the ideas and apply them in other fields as well.

Every chapter of this book mentions the money-making secret that has made fortunes for more than 500 exceedingly wealthy people whom I have carefully analysed over a long period of years.

Power of thought. Desire and faith. Imagination. Sixth Sense. Those are the main key concepts that will guide your attention while you are reading Think and Grow Rich.

The book starts with this title: “The Power of Thought”. This chapter is about introspection and lessons learned. After reading it, step by step you’ll find out that the book is actually teaching us how we can transform thoughts into physical things.

Truly, ‘thoughts are things’, and powerful things at that, when mixed with purpose, persistence and a burning desire for their translation into riches or other material objects.

In the core of this writing, we find the process of transforming thoughts or dreams that we have into concrete plans. We’ll learn about how we could fire them up with an infinite amount of desire and transform them into reality. The concepts of Subconscious Mind and Autosuggestion are explained.

And that’s because we need to be, in a way, guardians of our thoughts. We need to use all the resources we have in order to obtain the desired success.

Think and Grow Rich PDF

There is one aspect that I think will impress all the readers. The personal story of the author and his experience with his son, who was born without ears and had major difficulties in his childhood because of this impairment.

You’ll definitely be impressed by the way Napoleon Hill reported himself and how he adjusted his attitude in order to face this situation. Just take this quote as an example of his perception of the handicap his son had:

Handicaps can be converted into stepping stones on which one may climb towards some worthy goal, unless they are accepted as obstacles and used as alibis.

I am sure you will be amazed by the power of faith and positive affirmations that you can distinguish from his story.

The chapters take us through the main steps that we have to take in order to gain the wealth or the position that we desire. In fact, Desire and Faith are clearly explained in two separate chapters of the book, along with little tips and tricks about how we can increase these elements:

Think and Grow Rich Summary

Napoleon Hill also talks about the importance of Imagination and how necessary it is in our way of achieving what we desire,

Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.

But even with all these aspects of faith, desire, imagination, there is still a need for more concrete action.

Definite purpose, and definite plans. These will be the prerogatives to achieve a set of actions in order to step in the right direction:

Ideas can be transmuted into cash through the power of definite purpose, plus definite plans.

You will also find advice on how to fight procrastination and, equally important, about how to be persistent in your actions.

The final chapters will help you immerse in a discussion about the brain and how our different types of thoughts are perceived. About the importance of understanding and taking into consideration the so-called “Sixth Sense”. And also about the importance of conquering our main fears.

Worry is a form of sustained fear caused by indecision, therefore it is a state of mind which can be controlled.

This book represents the basis of the concept Mastermind Group, which is still used today by leaders and managers around the world. It basically promotes the idea that in order to be successful you do not need to have all the information.

It is however imperative to surround yourself with people who have specialized knowledge in various fields. And it’s important to have regular meetings with them in order to develop business ideas or innovative concepts/things.

“The Devil’s Workshop”- the concept of negative influences and how you can protect yourself from them. This will be the last station in the journey of reading Think and Grow Rich.

Your mind is your spiritual estate! Protect and use it with the care to which divine royalty is entitled. You were given a willpower for this purpose.

Throughout the entire book, as concepts are explained, you will also have access to examples of people who applied those concepts. After reading it you’ll be able to understand how they managed to transform their financial situation and gain wealth.

This is not my first personal development book. But from my perspective “Think and Grow Rich” offers the most logical explanations about how we act and react when it comes to money.

And it provides us with a clear plan for what we can do in order to make our dreams become reality.

The fact that it has such a rich basis and documentation of decades of interviews makes it even more valuable.

Think and Grow Rich Review

Key Lessons from “Think and Grow Rich”

1.      Master your mind and feel the power
2.      Sexual energy has business purposes
3.      Guide yourself by your Imagination

Master your mind and feel the power

The mind has no shortage of layers. Group cohesion is better than any individual talent that separates from the team productiveness and functions individually.

The combination of thoughts, plans, ideas, vision, strategies is proven to be one very resilient force, which can lead people to prosperity.

Sexual energy has business purposes

Sexual desire has stimulant effects on businesses, not to mention happiness. The ability to transfer your sexual energy into organization tasks can lift up the company in so many ways.

If properly applied, there is little room for failure because passion can drive your business forward, better than anything else. Use this vigilant energy, to evoke change in others as well.

Guide yourself by your Imagination

Nothing in this world can even compare with the impact of imagination. It acts as a mind-factory which plays on two fields: rationality and creativity.

Merging of these two can create a “deadly” force for improving the generating-ideas potential.

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Our Critical Review

Initially, this book was considered more like an experiment, or very elaborate research. With the help of Andrew Carnegie, one of the most successful business people of that time, Napoleon Hill managed to get access to wealthier people.

And so, he had the opportunity to interview 500 of them and extract the main ideas that they had in common about being successful, handling failure or gaining wealth.

Gambling is an integral part of any business. Money-makers have proven that in order for a person to abandon the safe-zone it must have that inner spark for money. This book is all about that.

| NEW / Extended | Think and Grow Rich Summary

In “Think and Grow Rich,” author Napoleon Hill investigated the lives of countless millionaires in American history and discovered what common denominators were in their trajectories and how they accumulated wealth. This reading is mandatory if you think about getting rich; and even if you do not think about it, the teachings of this microbook can help you succeed in any area of your life! It has numerous powerful tips and tools that you can use with persistence to be successful. Want to go far and achieve success in your life? Come with us to dive into this microbook!

Everything Begins With Desire

It may seem obvious, but getting rich starts with the desire to be rich. However, just wanting or waiting does not bring riches. It is not merely about wanting something, but about an intense obsession that must be sustained by a plan and persistence.

This desire is capable of generating a physical change, which can influence our subconsciousness to achieve what we want.

You need to follow the six steps to developing this kind of desire:

  1. Fix your mind on the exact amount of money you want.
  2. Determine exactly what you intend to offer in return for the money you want (what you are willing to do).
  3. Set a definite date for when you want to have that money in your possession.
  4. Create a definite plan to achieve your desire and start by putting that plan into action, whether or not you’re ready for it.
  5. Write a concise statement about how much money you intend to acquire, the deadline to earn it, what you plan to give in exchange for the money, and a detailed description of your project.
  6. Read this statement out loud, twice a day, morning and evening, and imagine what it will be like when you have that money.

Remember, there are no limitations to your mind except those we recognize.

Transforming Desire Into Reality Through Faith

Faith, along with your thoughts, stimulates the subconscious to turn desire into reality. Before acting, our subconscious must believe that something is possible.

Faith can be defined as a state of mind that can be induced or created by repeated affirmations and instructions to the subconscious through the principles of self-suggestion.

In other words, repeating positive affirmations to your subconscious is the most efficient method for developing faith. It is through this exercise that you can persuade him to turn desire into practice.

Remember that the subconscious will turn your positive or negative thoughts into real attitudes. Each person is a result of their dominant thoughts.

So if you want to succeed, make a conscious effort to have positive thoughts and eliminate negative thoughts whenever you can. A conscious choice influences your subconscious, which is responsible for transforming the results into the external world.

The easiest way to consistently generate positive thoughts, to “trick” your subconscious and achieve what you want, is to become self-reliant. Self-confidence can be developed in five steps:

  1. Know that you can achieve the object of your desire. Be persistent and take action.
  2. Acknowledge the fact that the dominant thoughts of your mind will reproduce physical attitudes and will gradually become a physical reality. Create a mental picture of who you want to become and what you want to achieve.
  3. Know that through the principle of self-suggestion, any desire persistently kept in your mind will eventually bear fruit.
  4. Write down your purpose and your goals and never stop trying until you conquer them.
  5. Engage in activities or situations that bring benefits to everyone. Encourage others to serve you by assisting you. Eliminate hatred, malice, envy, and selfishness by developing a love for others, because negativity will never bring you success. Believe in others, and they will believe you.

How To Influence Your Subconscious

Self-suggestion is the act of communicating with yourself, using your conscious, with the intent of influencing your subconscious. In other words, self-suggestion can be

defined as the suggestion of thoughts sent through the conscious to the subconscious.

As human beings, we can exercise complete control over what reaches our subconscious, but most people rarely use this power. Using it requires conscious attention and a mixture of emotion, faith, and belief in what you say to yourself.

The subconscious acts according to these affirmations, which are combined with faith and repetition.

Reading aloud and viewing yourself in possession of a particular amount of money is one of the most efficient methods of self-suggestion.

By repeating this practice, you create thought patterns and habits that are favorable for your efforts to turn your desire into its monetary equivalent.

Eventually, this will activate your subconscious to give you the inspiration needed to create specific plans that will help you reach your goal.

Here’s how you can practice the auto-suggestion process:

  1. Find some quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Close your eyes and repeat aloud the statement you wrote about the amount of money you intend on acquiring, the time limit, and the description of the service or product you intend to give in return for the money.
    As you follow these instructions, it is important that you see yourself with the money.
  2. Repeat this practice every morning and evening, after waking up and before bed.
  3. Keep a written copy of your statement in an accessible place that you can see many times a day until you memorize it.

Do not forget that your ability to apply the principle of auto-suggestion will depend on your ability to stay focused on your desire until it becomes a constant obsession.

Getting Specialized Knowledge

There are two types of knowledge: general knowledge and expertise.

General knowledge is not useful for accumulating wealth. On the other hand, specialized knowledge is. You must have specific knowledge and practical skills to create something of value and get paid for it.

We have all heard the saying “knowledge is power.” However, the truth is a bit different: knowledge is a potential power. Knowledge becomes power only if it is organized and directed intelligently through attitudes to achieve a particular goal.

Knowledge alone will not attract money. Contrary to popular belief, general and formal

Successful people never stop educating themselves by acquiring specialized knowledge related to their purposes, business or profession. Unsuccessful people make the mistake of believing that knowledge ends after they have received a formal education.

Obviously, it is not necessary to have specific knowledge to accumulate wealth; it is possible to have access to people who have this knowledge.

When specific knowledge is beyond your abilities or capabilities, you can build a bridge to having the information by hiring individuals with that knowledge.

Synthetic And Creative Imagination

Man creates anything he can imagine. The main limitation of an individual is limited use of imagination.

There are two forms of imagination: the synthetic and the creative. The former rearranges existing ideas into new concepts, while the latter creates things out of nothing.

Synthetic imagination is a byproduct of old plans or ideas formed in new combinations. It is used by most inventors except for geniuses who rely on the creative imagination when they are unable to solve a problem by synthetic imagination.

On the other hand, the creative imagination is the source of our hunches and inspirations. It gives us new ideas created from scratch.

Turning desire into money requires specific plans, which usually come through the synthetic imagination. However, it is the creative imagination that normally revolutionizes the world.

Both the synthetic and the creative imagination become agiler as you use them, just as muscles develop with sports. The important thing is to exercise them.

There is a widespread belief that wealth comes from hard work; however, wealth is usually acquired as a result of the application of defined principles, when the creator of ideas and the seller of ideas unite their forces and work in harmony.

The ideas that are generated by imagination are the forces that turn desire into reality. You must add imagination to your specialized knowledge to become wealthy.

Count On The Help Of Other To Plan

The sixth step to achieving wealth depends on an alliance with a group of people to move forward with your plans.

You need to join a mastermind group. Infallible plans are essential for the creation of riches, and only the abilities and imaginations of many individuals will allow the development of perfect plans.

There are steps you must take to build this group and bring your plan to life:

  1. Ally yourself with as many people as needed for the creation and implementation of your plan for accumulating money.
  2. Before forming your “mastermind” team, define what advantages and benefits you can offer your team members in return for their cooperation. No one is going to work without some reward.
  3. Meet with your team at least twice a week, until you have perfected your plan for accumulating wealth.
  4. Maintain harmony between you and the other members of the group.

To succeed, you need to have plans that are infallible and well-designed.

Moreover, no person has sufficient skill, experience, education, and knowledge to secure the accumulation of wealth without the cooperation of others. It is normal for your first plan to fail, but it is important that you keep trying until you find a plan that works. Most people fail because they give up too soon.

Leader Or Follower?

There are two types of people in the world: leaders and followers. You need to decide which one you want to become because the difference is significant.

Followers should not expect to reach the level of compensation of a leader. Being a follower is not a disgrace, but it is not advantageous either.

Many great leaders begin as followers but are intelligent followers. They gain knowledge from their mentors and become leaders.

The primary attributes of leadership are unwavering courage, self-control, sense of justice, determination, defined plans and direction, sympathy, attention to detail, responsibility and cooperation with groups.

There are two main approaches to leadership: either by cooperation or by authority. Leadership based on cooperation is the most efficient.

Those who are prone to using leadership by force should either use a cooperative consent-based method or lose the support and respect of their subordinates.

The biggest causes of leadership failure are: inability to deal with details; lack of willpower to reach the goal; expectations of remuneration for what they know and not for what they do; fear of competition with subordinates; lack of imagination; selfishness; intemperance; lack of loyalty; arrogance; a concern with positions and titles.

Annual Autoanalysis Is Essential To Evolve And Grow Rich

It’s one thing to want more money, and another to deserve it. Many people feel entitled to have what they want without giving anything in return. Always remember that your real value is based on your ability to deliver value and useful services.

Every year you should recognize your strengths and weaknesses and whether any progress has been made or not.

Here are some questions to help you with this review process:

  • Did I achieve this year’s goal?
  • Did I live up to my abilities?
  • Was my behavior cooperative?
  • Did I allow procrastination to push me away from my goal?
  • Was I persistent?
  • Did I subvert selfishness?
  • Was I unfair to anyone?
  • If I bought my products, would I be satisfied with the purchase?
  • Am I on the right track?

The planning process must be continuous and persistent since you can fail many times before reaching success. For your “mastermind” group, you should select individuals who are persistent to help you succeed. Also, if you expect to lead these individuals, you must develop the qualities of a leader.

Overcome Procrastination

A big difference between successful people and those who never achieve success is indecision. Procrastination is a widespread mistake that you need to master if you want to be successful.

Without exception, all successful people tend to make decisions quickly and change them slowly. Individuals who make decisions immediately and confidently know what they want and usually get it.

On the other hand, people who can not accumulate wealth tend to make decisions slowly and change them constantly. Individuals who are easily influenced by others’ opinions do not have a burning desire of their own and are unlikely to succeed.

Great achievements come from the desire and ability to make bold decisions.

Fight to make decisions on your own and follow them. If necessary, accept advice from your Master Mind group.

Remember that everyone you interact with is also looking for money and opportunities. So you have to be careful. If you talk very openly about your plans or ideas, do not be surprised to discover that someone else put them into action.

The ability to make immediate decisions comes when you know what you want, and it’s that skill that defines leaders. Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut if you want to get into the habit of making immediate decisions.

People who talk a lot do little. Persistence is the key element in the process of transforming desire into reality. The power of willpower is the basis of persistence.

Persistence, like any other state of mind, can be cultivated and is based on the following factors:

  • Having a clear purpose – Knowing what you want is probably the most important step in developing persistence. A strong motive leads you to face many difficulties.
  • Feeding Your Desire – It is relatively easy to acquire and maintain persistence when you pursue the object of your desire.
  • Self-confidence – Belief in your abilities to follow a plan, encourage yourself to be persistent and do not give up until you have achieved your goal.
  • Have a definition of plans – Organized plans give you a direction, encouraging persistence.
  • Cooperation – sympathy, mutual support and harmonious cooperation with others develop persistence.
  • Willpower – The ability to focus your thoughts on creating plans for achieving a definite purpose leads to persistence.
  • Habit – persistence is a direct result of practice.

To form the habit of persistence you then need to have a definite purpose backed by a burning desire. Create a defined plan and act accordingly.

Close your mind against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions from family, friends, and acquaintances. Partner with individuals who will encourage you to move forward with your plan and purpose.

The Power Of Knowledge

For Napoleon Hill, there are three primary sources of knowledge:

  • Infinite intelligence – which you can access when you use the creative imagination.
  • The accumulated experience – formal and informal education.
  • Research and experiments – gathering, classifying and organizing new facts.

But knowledge itself does not represent power. To convert knowledge into power, you need to hold it into defined plans and act on those plans.

An organized effort is mainly produced through the harmonious organization of the efforts of two or more people, in pursuit of a defined common goal.

The Mystery Of Sexual Transmutation

The human mind responds to stimuli through which a person can increase their energy vibration.

Sex is undoubtedly the most powerful desire of all individuals. The desire for sexual contact is so high that many people risk destroying their reputations just for sex.

Sexual transmutation happens when sexual energy is directly linked to things of other natures. When it is stimulated, it can be used as a powerful force for success and for accumulating wealth. Of course, you need to have willpower, but the payoff is worth the effort.

Few people achieve success before age 40. Success is usually obtained in the 40’s, and 60’s when people learned to transmute their sexual energies appropriately.

Sexual desire is innate and should not be repressed or eliminated. However, it must be channeled to enrich the body, mind, and spirit of a person.

The emotion of sex is only a virtue if it is used wisely. Otherwise, it can be misused in such a way as to demean the body and mind.

Humans are the only creatures to violate the sexual laws of nature. While all other animals have sex in moderation, men seek sex all the time. Reckless attitudes in sex life can be as harmful as heavy drugs or alcoholism.

Genius can be achieved when you combine and channel sex, love, and romance. These three emotions, working together in harmony, can lead people to incredible paths.

The Use Of Our Subconsciousness

Our subconsciousness acts first in our desires that were mixed with faith and with emotion. It is not idle. If you do not feed it with positive thoughts and desires, it will process any other thoughts present in your consciousness.

There are seven main positive emotions that you should use to positively influence your sub-conscious: desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, and hope.

On the other hand, there are seven main negative emotions that you should avoid at all costs: fear, envy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition and anger.

Positive and negative emotions can’t occupy your mind simultaneously. Either one will dominate. So be sure that positive emotions dominate your thoughts through habit and self-suggestion.

The Brain As A Transmission And Receipt Station Of Thoughts

The human brain is a transmitting and receiving station for the vibration of thoughts. When stimulated, the brain becomes much more receptive to thought vibrations. This process of stimulation begins with desire and emotion.

Through strong feelings, the vibrations of thought can increase.

When it comes to intensity, sexual energy is at the top of the list of human emotions. The brain that has been stimulated by sexual desire vibrates at a much higher rate than when there is no sexual desire.

You can do three things to operate your mental broadcasting station: using the creative imagination, self-suggestion, and the subconscious. The subconscious acts as the receiver, while the imagination and the process of self-suggestion serve as the transmitter.

The methods of applying these three principles have already been discussed – the process begins with desire.

The Sixth Sense

The sixth sense is the part of the subconscious called the creative imagination, whereby you will be notified of opportunities in time to embrace them and warn you of dangers in time to avoid them. It is also what we call intuition.

The author describes a mental exercise that takes the concept of visualization further. Before bedtime, the author closes his eyes and interacts with an imaginary advisor’s advice, made up of people like Edison, Lincoln, Ford, Emerson, Napoleon, Newton, Darwin, Socrates, and Carnegie.

He has selected every man with specific characteristics that he would like to have and acts as if he were the president of this imaginary council.

This practice is the best way to get to your sixth sense since it feeds your subconscious with the particular characteristics you want to emulate.

Overcoming The Ghosts Of Fear

There are six basic fears that we all face:

  • The fear of poverty
  • The fear of criticism
  • Fear of diseases
  • The fear of losing someone loved
  • The fear of getting old
  • Fear of death

You must master all six to become wealthy. Fear impairs your judgment, impedes your imagination, weakens your enthusiasm, discourages your initiatives, kills your self-confidence, leads to uncertainties of purpose, encourages procrastination, and precludes self-control

Finally, fear is nothing more than a state of mind, and since you have control over your state of mind, it is always possible to exercise your will and banish fear, anxiety, worry, negativity and anything that justifies failure or lack of attitude.

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Final Notes

‘Think and Grow Rich’ provides you with all the tips you’ll need to do well in anything and to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

While the advice is usually on how to increase your income, you can apply these principles to achieve any other goals and enrich any other aspect of your life.

The next step is to take action right now!

These principles are the stimulus you need to have to manipulate your subconscious. Do not be discouraged by your failures. Remember you can influence your subconscious with habits and faith. Be patient and do not give up!

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