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Tag: Brian Tracy

Best Motivational Books

Down on your luck? Need some motivation to get out of bed? How about grabbing a book? Let us guess: you would, but you’re out of ideas regarding its author or title. Worry not: we’re here to help! Just bookmark […]

Brian Tracy – A Journey of 100 steps

Many assume that Brian is closing in on discovering the fountain of joy, but even for him, that’s too optimistic. Nevertheless, he has shown us that life can be different and better if we alter our habits and mental patterns. […]

The Psychology of Selling Summary

Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible “The Psychology of Selling” is a guide, written to help beginners in sales to improve their communication and sales-skills for the purpose of influencing the potential customers. About Brian […]

No Excuses! Summary

The Power of Self-Discipline Being successful and happy is tricky if not impossible for those who make excuses. It sounds logical, nothing extraordinary. “No Excuses!” displays 21 easy-to-follow and implement, self-control methods that are crucial for mastering your craft. About […]