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Tag: Daniel Goleman

Primal Leadership Summary

Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence If you have read Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, you have a clue of how important it’s to be in harmony with yourself. If not, we suggest that you should get to work immediately. Who Should […]

Focus Summary | FREE PDF

MicroSummary: Has attention become the scarcest resource these days? This is the fundamental theme of Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, by author Daniel Goleman. The answer is simple. Yes, paying attention is a forgotten but increasingly valuable skill. As the […]

Ecological Intelligence Summary

The Hidden Impacts of What We Buy The environmental effects play a pivotal role in our community, regardless of our expertise on the subject. Daniel picks an argument linked to Ecological Intelligence and transparently offers solutions. Our book summary focuses […]

Social Intelligence PDF Summary

The New Science of Human Relationship Daniel Goleman takes the word “Intelligence” on another level by emphasizing interpersonal interactions and skills leading to a smooth communication. Let’s dive right in! Who Should Read “Social Intelligence”? And Why Social Intelligence will […]

The best mindfulness books are here!

We know how vital serenity and self-awareness can be for your well-being in the fast-paced and event-flooded world of today. And we’ve never forgotten how little time you might have to start reading the right books covering these topics. That’s […]