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Category: Sales

Scientific Advertising PDF

Scientific Advertising PDF Summary

Advertising isn’t an art. It’s science. And Claude C. Hopkins set the foundations of “Scientific Advertising“ a century ago. Ignore him at your peril. Who Should Read “Scientific Advertising”? And Why? We have a great way to answer this question. It’s […]

Ziglar on Selling Summary

The Ultimate Handbook for the Complete Sales Professional Even if your career doesn’t explode in a matter of years, don’t feel discouraged. Many sales superstars had humble beginnings, and that’s precisely what “Ziglar on Selling” clarifies. About Zig Ziglar Zig […]

The Psychology of Selling Summary

Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible “The Psychology of Selling” is a guide, written to help beginners in sales to improve their communication and sales-skills for the purpose of influencing the potential customers. About Brian […]

Selling 101 Summary

What Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to Know In a world of almost no geographic barriers and free markets, differentiating is harder than ever. In such regards, one must take into account every scenario and focus on the sales team […]